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Locations: Galactic Center & Near the Center

Table Of Contents
  • Milky Way Galactic Centre
  • Near the Galactic Core
  • Milky Way Galactic Centre

    The exact distance from the Sun to the Galactic center is uncertain.

    26,000 ly from Sol: Sagittarius A*

    A bright and very compact astronomical radio source that is part of a larger astronomical feature known as Sagittarius A, which is believed to be the location of a supermassive black hole.

    The Central Parsec (3.26 ly) around Sagittarius A*

    Contains a stellar population of thousands of stars.

    Vast, Deep, Open Jet-Black Hole

    A beautiful, yet heartrending enigmatic melody flows from the depths of the dark hole. Unknown if it's a natural development or if intelligent life lives on the other side of the hole. In order to confirm what's causing it, the Megaroad-01 entered the hole.

    Megaroad-01 Emigration Fleet

    25,000-28,000 ly from Sol: Bar

    Extends across the Galactic center. Its nature is also actively debated. Some advocate that the Galaxy features two distinct bars, one nestled within the other.

    25,000 ly from Sol: Pistol Star

    30,000 to 49,000 ly LBV 1806-20

    Near the Galactic Core

    The M7, M7D and MF stories take place here. Their exact locations aren't known.

    Alpha 1101

    Varohta 3198XE

    "Frontier" Planet

    A frontier planet whose name is unknown. Inhabited by Unified Government emigrants. Mining of Balnezium has continued on the planet for the past 20 years.


    A binary star system. A strong solar wind blows in the system.

    Gas Giant (Planet)

    Location of the Frontier Fleet at the start of "Macross Frontier".

    M55NGC6909 Planetary Cluster

    Pukirases Star System

    Raks (GGT)

    Vajra Homeworld


    A Unified Goverment Emigrant Planet. Homeworld of the Zolans and the Galactic Whales Graveyard. ZZNKQB National Broadcast.

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