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Locations: Zentrādi Control Zone

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  • ZentradiArmourLight (107K) StandardBattleship (47K)
    Description—in the context of the Macross 2069 & M45-3 Campaigns—

  • Main Unified Government Territories Map
    - Sector M45-3 & Vicinity Map
  • Part of Sectors M35-1 to -5 and Sectors M45-1 to -3, and -5.
  • The nearby Zentrādi are a mix of culture influenced (humanized) Zentrādi, and "rogue" fleets (pure Zentrādi). Some of the humanized Zentrādi were unsatisfied with human society, and are seeking to create their own. During that development of the Zentrādi Control Zone, feuds between the different groups broke out, and the zone is currently fractured into different camps experiencing a kind of civil war.

    Each camp is a different type of society that battles with the other. This has opened a pandora's box of various Zentrādi factions with various motives and allies that harass each other and Sector M45-3's inhabitants.

    Some of the 'pure' Zentrādi act like the "Reevers", and are very territorial minded. Some of 'contaminated' Zentrādi don't really bother Sector M45-3's inhabitants. Other 'contaminated' Zentrādi would, but their ships are too damaged to go out on a full war of conquest. In many cases, their warlords are too busy fighting amongst themselves to threaten Sector M45-3 and other nearby sectors.

    Some of the humanized Zentrādi have developed trade links with Sector M45-3's inhabitants, but trade is inhibited by the other groups who either resent the trade, or don't like humans or the incursion into their territory. These factions sometimes even dispatch troops to attack shipping routes inside Sector M45-3 that lead to the culture influenced ('contaminated') Zentrādi.

    And then there are the "rogue" Fleets that occasionally pop up out of the blue, and attack anyone that's not a 'pure' Zentrādi.



    The politics, economy, and response to outsiders (non-Zentrādi) are varied. Broadly speaking, they can be divided into 4 different kinds.

    Refer to the individual factions for specific details.

    Sometimes help or dispatch rogue fleets on rivals and neighbours.

  • Darnya
  • Elpis
  • Vasu

  • 'Pure' Zentrādi
    Act like Reevers—very territorial.

  • Chi
  • Aodh
  • Herodion

  • Pro-Zentrādi humanized Zentrādi
    Friendly... if you're Zentrādi.

  • Cadogan
  • Elissa
  • Fedlimid

  • Humanized Zentrādi
    With trade links to nearby (human) sectors.

  • Hulda
  • Priscus

  • Top


    The Zentrādi Control Zone has its origins in the arrival of another Zentrādi Grand Fleet - the Margaid Main Fleet, in the Local Spur in the early 2020's. Surviving remnants from the Bodol Main Fleet, who had fled from the Earth at the end of the First Interstellar War, hooked up with the Margaid Fleet, and told its leaders of the fate of the Bodol Fleet at Earth. The Margaid Fleet retreated about 300 light years, and dispatched emissaries to the Earth to negotiate.

    A peace was concluded with Commander Margaid, who wished to maintain the old ways, while slowly developing a true Zentrādi culture, and eventually a Zentrādi civilization. In order to do that, he deemed that his Zentrādi must be kept free of cultural contamination, under the guise of continuing to follow the order of the Protocultures to avoid the Protoculture, and protect the area from the Inspection Forces.

    The Margaid Fleet spread out into an expansive area, setting up the Zentrādi Control Zone. From the early 2020's until around 2045, the zone was off-limits to Unified Government personnel and shipping, by treaty with the Zentrādi Commander. Commander Margaid put great efforts into constantly patrolling and controlling the area to protect his Zentrādi from other grand fleets, and to limit their interactions with Earthlings.

    Throughout the years, there was a steady stream of culturally 'contaminated' Zentrādi, who had left the Unified Government in dissatisfaction, in search of the rumoured Zentrādi paradise in the control zone. Most of them were rounded up, and settled in colonies and Emigrant planets along the borders of the control zone. Those places became hotbeds of dissatisfaction and resentment, and many plans for future revolts were plotted, and preparations made.

    For a decade starting in approximately 2040, those rogue Zentrādi that had emigrated from the Unified Government territories into the control zone rebelled, and openly waged war with the Margaid Grand Fleet. As the fleet was steadily depleted, more and more Earthlings began to be active in the zone, eventually stirring the simmering conflict between pure and 'contaminated' Zentrādi into a boil.

    In 2045, the Margaid Fleet collapsed into conflict between the various factions within it, and the rogue Zentrādi rebels took advantage of that to carve out their own territories within the zone. It took until the end of the decade for the territories and conflict to solidify, with all sides exhausted, and biding their time to rebuild their forces.


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