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Equipment that's appeared in Macross

Table Of Contents - SDFM Era:
  • Hand Light
  • Micro-video Camera
  • Nocto-video Binoculars
  • Personal Radio
  • Portable Communication Apparatus (giant)
  • Suny Video System
  • Timeyz 3807 Watch
  • Vicor: KDD-99 Radio
  • Video Phone
  • Word Processor Computer
  • Wrist Watch
  • Yonyo Motto-72 CD Player

  • Hand Light

    Heavy-duty high-powered flashlight. Comes with a built in shoulder strap. The handle can be rotated providing a stable base for mounting on the ground.
    • Range: 150 m
    • Cost: 500
    handlight (27K)

    Micro-video Camera

    Extremely compact and lightweight video camera. Records on a removable flash memory card. Records video, still pictures and audio.
    • Cost: 10,000; wide availability.
    microvideo (89K)

    Nocto-video Binoculars

    High-powered optical enhancement device with noctovision (infared), video capabilities, cross-hair indicator lines, and a digital readout of estimated distance and rate of travel. The binoculars can also record video and still images.
    • Range: 3 km
    • Cost: 12,000; wide availability.
    noctovideobinoculars (38K)

    Personal Radio

    Radio with built-in speaker.
    • Reception: AM & FM
    • Cost: ¥1,500; wide availability
    personalradio (14K)

    Portable Communication Apparatus (giant)

    Zentraadi sized video, audio and data communications device.
    • Range: 30 km
    • Cost: 50,000; availability limited to areas frequented by macron-Zentraadi.
    ZenCommAparatus (49K)

    Suny SL009 F-11 Video System

    Robust TV screen, video player. Plays video discs, CD-R, DVD-R, BR, and video plates (pictured).
    • Cost: 25,000; wide availability
    videosystem (23K)

    Timeyz 3807 Watch

    Luxury watch with stopwatch, timer, day & date functions.
    • Cost: 75,000; wide availability
    timeyzwatch (24K)

    Vicor: KDD-99 Radio

    Large-sized, portable military radio.
    • Range: 50 km or to the extent of a communications network
    • Cost: ¥25,000; wide availability
    vicorradio (16K)

    Video Phone

    Lightweight, portable video-telephone.
    • Range: 25 km or to the extent of a communications (cellular, etc.) system
    • Cost: 10,000; wide availability
    videophone (21K)

    Word Processor Computer

    Comes with printer and additional external hard drive.
    • Cost: 25,000; wide availability
    wordprocessor (25K)

    Wrist Watch

    Standard watch with countdown timer, stopwatch, date, and has a built in magnetic compass.
    • Cost: ¥12,500; wide availability
    wristwatch (20K)

    Yonyo Motto-72 CD Player

    Light, portable radio, CD and MD player. Long life batteries included.
    • Cost: ¥2,500; wide availability
    cdplayer (23K)

  • Macross Perfect Memory. Tokyo: Minori Library, Oct. 1984

  • © Aaron Sketchley