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Glossary 01A: Armoured Pack - Atlantis Dome

• "Glossary Sheet 01." Macross Chronicle. 09 Jul. 2009: 25-26.
• "Glossary Sheet 01A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 15 Jan. 2013: 21-22.

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Armoured Pack [ZERO, M, 7, F, Ai]
Caption: "Armoured Pack" Although initially the equipment could only be operated in Battroid form, from the VF-25, VFs could change completely into other forms while equipped with an Armoured Pack.

In general, they are an increased armour and expanded firearms system for VFs. They might also be named Armoured Parts and Armoured Equipment. Although this optional VF equipment possesses high bullet-resistance and great firepower, they have limited use as they are expensive equipment. Also, due to a purge function, the equipment can be instantaneously removed, and action can be continued like a regular VF.

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Armoured Valkyrie [M, Ai]
Caption: "Armoured Valkyrie" With the exception of the special forces, this equipment isn't approved for general use—as it has a high cost due to the dramatic improvement in bullet-resistance and firepower.

The nickname of a Battroid form VF-1 when it is equipped with the exclusive GBP-1S Protector Weapon System. The GBP-1S is something that was developed with the purpose of improving the performance of the VF-1's close-combat weapons with high bullet-resistance, and a great number of internally mounted projectiles. However, because the VF-1's transformation system is spoiled when the GBP-1S is installed, the equipment must be purged in situations where a pilot must transform to Fighter, GERWALK and so on.

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Caption: "ARMD" It's said that the Unified Forces were constructing up to an 8th ship. Although they were attached to the Defence Force in Earth's satellite orbit, they were defeated by the Bodoru Main Fleet's simultaneous attack.

The Space Carrier constructed with the prerequisite of coordinating with the SDF-1 Macross. Though ARMD 01 and ARMD 02 were scheduled to operate docked with the main body of the Macross, they were destroyed by the Zentrādi Forces' Buritai Fleet, which appeared in 2009 on the very day of the Macross Space Launch Ceremony. The main carrier-based aircraft on the ARMD are the SF-3A Lancer II and the QF-3000E Ghost.

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Caption: "ARMD" ARMD-01 is connected on the port side of Macross, and 02 is connected on the starboard side. They form the VF-1 mother-ship part of the SDF-1's tactical system.

01 and 02 are Space Carriers that were remodelled during construction as space-fighter Space Rigs, and were diverted into the SDF-1's tactical system as stations for its carrier-borne force. They were operated connected to the Macross as the ARMD System. They are equipped with a lot of carrier-borne aircraft, such as the VF-1 and the QF-3000E.

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ARMD 362 Maizuru [7, F]
Caption: "ARMD 362 Maizuru" A lot of ships with the same shape were mass produced and deployed as the main carrier of the Macross 7 Fleet in 2045.

The Guantánamo class Stealth Space Carrier is the successor model of the ARMD class. Although the basic structure is not greatly different from that of the founding ARMD class, because they have a Fold System built into it, they can cruise by Space Fold on their own. This class of carrier is suitable for mass production, is deployed in great numbers as the main carrier of the Emigrant Fleets, and it even played an active role in the Macross Frontier Fleet in the 2050's.

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Arlington Cemetery [F]
Caption: "Arlington Cemetery" A grand combined funeral service for the personnel of the New Unified Forces was held in the Macross Frontier Fleet, where there had been many casualties from the battles with the Vajra.

The public cemetery for memorializing war dead in Macross Frontier Fleet's Island 1. In addition to the memorial cenotaph, there is a Remains Processing Facility that disassembles the remains of the deceased into resources [for the Fleet].

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RC-4E Rabbit [Ai]
Caption: "RC-4E Rabbit" Hayase Misa, accompanied by Lynn Kaifun, used one to call back Lynn Minmei and Ichijo Hikaru—who had used a Valkyrie without permission for a date. Their RC-4E Rabbit was captured by the Zentrādi Forces after that.

A small long-range liaison craft loaded aboard the SDF-1. As it can reproduce the high-speed of an average fighter craft, the RC-4E was also called the "Timid Bunny". Several kinds of variations in fuselage exist, with such things as long-range radar equipment, or light armaments.

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Do You Remember Love? [7, F]

The title of the theatrically released film, whose theme depicted the First Interstellar War and Lynn Minmei's love. It is also the title of the song that Lynn Minmei sings during the production. Such things as mankind's role, the characters' last moments, the uniforms of the armed forces, and the VF designs depicted in the movie also seem to have differing parts from the historical facts.

In addition to Fire Bomber's Mylene Flare Jīnasu singing the song when they encountered the Lost Zentrādi, Ranka Lee covered it on her first single as a song for couples to get together.

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Do You Remember Love? [Ai]
Caption: "Do You Remember Love?" Ranka Lee, when she was manipulated by Grace O'Conner, sang it to drive the Vajra to fight.

A love song that was a popular song in the era that the Protoculture flourished in. The song was completed with the music that was on a memorial plate—which had been handed down in the Zentrādi Forces—and the song lyrics that were on a Protoculture music plate that was discovered in Arutira. Lynn Minmei sang this song in the decisive battle with Goru Bodoruzā, and led the human race to victory.

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Caption: "ISC" The VF-25, which has had the inertial buffer installed, essentially realized the possibility of a manned craft attaining high manoeuvrability with Gs that a pilot wouldn't ordinarily be able to endure.

Inertia Store Converter (ISC). The common names for the transforming system and inertia storer that was adopted into the VF-25 and VF-27 are such things as Inertial Buffer, and Inertia Buffer. Properly speaking, ISC enables pilots to excessively exceed the inertial endurance limits of the aircraft and the human body with a contrivance that takes and redistributes the inertia that is certainly taken all at once in a manoeuvre. A portion of that inertia that the airframe and pilot are unable to endure is changed into dimensionally distorted energy, and is temporarily stored; to be gradually returned to the airframe and pilot.

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Ai-kun [F]
Caption: Ai-kun could find Ranka immediately following the commotion it caused in the Mihoshi Academy High School grounds, when it accidentally ensnared itself in Sheryl Nome's panties.

The Vajra larva that Ranka Lee unknowingly kept. It was named "Ai-kun"—after Ranka's favourite song "Aimo"—and its basket in Ranka's room had "Ai-Kun❤" written on it. Ranka received Burera Stern's aid and left the Macross Frontier Fleet in order to return Ai-kun to the Vajra homeworld, after it had molted and become a 2nd Stage Larva. In those circumstances, Ai-kun led Ranka to the homeworld.

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Love Flows [M]
Caption: "Love Flows" It was sung in the Zentrādi Forces befuddling operation that later came to be called "the Minmei Attack". It was the last number performed when Bodoruzā was defeated.

One of the song's in Lynn Minmei's repertoire. It was first introduced in the concert "Lovely Concert 2010", held in the interior of the Macross ship. Furthermore, "Love Flows" was sung when the Macross decisively charged inside the Furubusu Barensu Flagship in the decisive battle with the Bodoru Main Fleet.

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Aimo [F]
Caption: "Aimo" The origin of the song is said to be a song of love, calling out "aimo" (= dear), that the Vajra sing for mating—once every hundred million years—with other groups of Vajra that live in other galaxies.

The song sung to Ranka Lee when she was a child by her mother, and is the only song that she remembered when she lost her memory. Multiple variations exist. Officially, her second single release was the "Aimo O.C." version, produced by her at-the-time manger Grace O'Conner, and used for the Ranka Attack. Even though "Aimo ~ Bird Human"—another version—was used as the ending theme of the theatrical movie "Tori No Hito–Bird Human–", it wasn't released as a single due to Ranka's wishes.

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Aimo Anniversary [F]
Caption: "Aimo Anniversary" "Ranka Lee Live in Mihoshi Academy High School" was held on that very day in the afternoon. The concert commemorated the enactment of the Aimo Anniversary Day.

A holiday enacted in commemoration of the success of the Seventh Super Long-range Fold of the Macross Frontier Fleet. It is named in connection with the Space Fold that the fleet used to successfully shake free of the Vajra, as well as "Aimo"—the song used in the Ranka Attack. Although a parade with the fourth President Howard Glass was scheduled on the morning of that day, Ranka was absent from the ceremony. Also, the holiday became a day of calamity when a large amount of Vajra sprang out within the Frontier Fleet. It is also the day when President Howard was assassinated.

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Island Cluster Class [F]

Island 1 is a fifth-generation model gigantic Emigrant Ship—an enlarged New Macross class—used by the Macross Frontier Fleet. The Emigrant Ship, which has a 10 million-person sized capacity, employs a closed circuit biotechnology plant. A lot of Environment Ships accompany Island 1, the fleet flagship, and form a consecutive resource circulation system.

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Island 3 [F]
Caption: "Island 3" It also has such things as the artificial island that was used for filming "Bird Human -Tori No Hito-", and Kabagyu [Hippo-cow] farms; and is one of the Macross Frontier Fleet's tourist attractions.

One of the Environment Ships of the Macross Frontier Fleet. Zentrādi are permitted to live as giants in it, and there is the commercial facility "Forumo"—which has giant-sized merchandise sitting in rows. Also, placed within Island 3 is the Alien Biological Research Institute. Even though it is a private institute, it houses the Vajra Research Facility. When there was the mass outbreak of Vajra in the Frontier Fleet, Island 3 was chosen as the place to attract all the Vajra, and annihilate them in a clean sweep with a Fold Bomb.

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Island 1 [F]
Caption: "Island 1" Residential areas that simultaneously serve as amusement facilities and sightseeing areas are on the surface inside the dome, and there are several areas modelled on various cities on Earth.

As the flagship of the Macross Frontier Fleet, government functions and the nexus of the Escort Fleet are placed within the ship. The dome-shaped giant Emigrant Ship has a total length of 15 km and a height of 2,000 m, and about half of the fleet's total population of 10 million people reside within it. In addition to accommodation space, there are such facilities as various kinds of lifelines and industrial plant groups, reprocessing and power generation facilities, and the Battle Frontier docks at the pointed end of the ship. The Battle Frontier is both the flagship and the headquarters of the Frontier Fleet's New Unified Forces Escort Fleet.

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Auerstädt [ZERO]
Caption: "Auerstädt" It was brought into the operation to seize the Bird Human. The submarine was raised into the sky by the rampaging Bird Human's power, and the crew lost control of the submarine's reactor.

The Anti Unification Alliance's submersible carrier. It is a former-Russian Forces' super-large missile carrying nuclear submarine, which has been remodelled as the mother-ship that operates the SV-51—which has a short cruising range. While the SV-51 can be shot out from underwater, the submarine surfaces to recovery them.

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Aoi Tsuwabuki [Other]
Caption: "Aoi Tsuwabuki" She is a quiet girl that doesn't reveal her feelings in public. She is the youngest member of the Milky Dolls, and was 14 at the time of the incident.

A member of the idol group "Milky Dolls". While her words are few, she acts as the core of the group as she conceals passionate emotions in heart. The Zentrādi rebel forces that abducted the Milky Dolls in 2047 took them to the Rebel Forces' Mobile Fortress. Aoi Tsuwabuki guided the ace pilot of the Valhalla III to the center of the enemy forces with songs.
[Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Blue Wind [M]
Caption: "Blue Wind" Warera (left), Rory (center) and Konda (right) came into contact with the Earthling's culture by starting the reconnaissance mission in the Macross, and that culture came to hold their interest.

The codename used when starting the mission inside the Macross warship to intercept and record transmissions by the 8th Reconnaissance-in-Force Corps 099—a reconnaissance company that belonged to Buritai's Fleet—also known as Warera Nantesu, Rory Doseru and Konda Buromuko.

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Akiko Lips Label [7]

The music office where Akiko Hojo—who won fame with every project—acted as executive producer. Rock band Fire Bomber belonged to this label.

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Akusho [7, 7Gin, D7]
Caption: "Akusho" Although it has an environment that is maintained only with a minimal lifeline, it is also the place that turned out major artists one after another—such as Fire Bomber, and Alice Holiday.

An unregistered area which occupies one of the Macross 7 Fleet's City 7's side docking bays. Therefore, it is not a regular supplementary dome, and its inhabitants are not registered as emigrants of the Macross 7 [Fleet]. Akusho seems to have originated in the ruins of what was once a self-navigating Colonization Colony Capsule.

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Atlantis Dome [PLUS]
Caption: The dome was built facing the bay-coast part of [Eden's] Capital City. The Atlantis Dome is where they held the Eden performance of the Sharon Apple Galaxy Tour.

The Macross Commemorative Concert Hall on Planet Eden. The retractable-style dome stadium features a Sauro-bird monument.

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