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Glossary 02A: Your Sound - We're Friends Now

• "Glossary Sheet 02." Macross Chronicle. 23 Jul. 2009: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 02A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 12 Feb. 2013: 19-20.

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A•I•U•E•O いうえお Row (con't)

Your Sound [F]
Caption: [Your Sound] In the decisive battle of the Vajra Homeworld, this Ranka song exhibited the power to release the Vajra who were being manipulated by Grace.

One of the songs in Ranka Lee's repertoire. It is the single that was announced in accordance with "Ranka Lee Live in Mihoshi Academy High School"—where the Aimo memorial day was held. It had the effect of quickening the Vajra moulting, and there's also a rumour that the Frontier Government temporarily prohibited its performance.

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Anima Spiritia [7, 7Gin]
Caption: [Anima Spiritia] Basara was referred to as having Anima Spiritia by the Protodevilun, and was regarded as dangerous. Basara's songs&mdashl;being amplified by the Sound Energy System&mdashl;manifested a power to the degree that they inflicted physical damage to the Protodevilun.

Although Anima Spiritia is fundamentally the same as Spiritia—the Protodevilun's energy source—it seems that that higher dimensional energy has a bipolar nature that the owner of which selects the polarity of. The Protodevilun referred to Fire Bomber's Nekki Basara as having Anima Spiritia. Anima Spiritia is assumed to have confined the rampaging Protodevilun on the ice planet of the Varōta Star System in the ancient Protoculture era. The Varōta Forces seem to have thought of Basara as having Anima Spiritia, and regarded him as dangerous.

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Amusement Ship Hollywood [7]
Caption: [Amusement Ship Hollywood] With an aggregation of sensors and communication systems, the ship exhibited functions as the eyes and ears in the Macross 7 Fleet.

One of the core ships that accompanied the Macross 7 Fleet. In addition to the instillation of several amusement facilities, the ship has powerful Fold Transmission equipment; and also carries out such things as relay broadcasting for the Galaxy Network. Also, the fleet's data processing facilities—both civilian and military—are concentrated in the ship.

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Alaska Headquarters [M]
Caption: [Alaska Headquarters] Although only the facilities for the arrival and departure of aircraft were on the surface, the underground was developed to a great depth. In addition to such things as the body of the Grand Cannon and the military headquarters, residential areas were also established in the base.

The General Command Headquarters of the Unified Forces; constructed in Earth's North America continent. Most of the facilities were created underground, and the vast base facilities themselves were also the Grand Cannon—an extra-large beam weapon that was developed by the Unified Forces for the defence of the Earth. However, the headquarters base was destroyed in the fighting with the Bodoru Main Fleet. At that time, Admiral Hayase, Hayase Misa's father, also died.

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Aries Turner [Zero]
Caption: [Aries Turner] She is a senior in Roy Fokker's university period; and while she was also his lover, Aries had to leave him to become an apprentice of Dr. Hasford.

A cultural anthropologist who supports and investigates the Human Protoculture Interference Hypothesis. While she is a talented woman with a high IQ, she is a woman who has a gentle atmosphere. When she was 26, Aries joined the carrier Asuka, and visited Mayan Island to investigate the alien relic Eiphos. In so doing, she reunited with Roy Fokker—her junior during her university days—on the Asuka. She was swallowed up into the dispute between the Unified Forces and the Anti Unification Alliance concerning the Bird Man, and lost her life.

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Alice Holiday [7]
Caption: [Alice Holiday] Mylene said that because she admired Alice, she chose the path to music. Alice heard Mylene's songs and recovered her Spiritia, and escaping from her slump; once more energetically conducted musical activities.

A talented rock singer who had her name entered at the top of the Galaxy Hit Chart. She is a composed, adult woman, and her good looks were also a part of her popularity. At the time that she fell into a slump, she was used as a guinea pig for the self-regeneration of Spiritia by the Varōta Forces that had attacked the Macross 7 Fleet. In so doing, she got out of her slump from the opportunity that came with meeting Fire Bomber's Mylene Jīnasu.

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Arusu Nova [II]
Caption: [Arusu Nova] Arusu Nova Erinshe tried to brainwash Ishtar, who had been contaminated by Earth's culture. However, even though it was her errand, Erinshe seemed to question the act of suppressing Ishtar because Ishtar's will recovered. Erinshe also sometimes displayed a distressed expression during the "baptism".

The Mardūk Psalm* Mother. She is in the Shrine Priest class, and she exists to teach the Songs of War to the Emulators—who are the Song Shrine Maidens. Also, she has the role of brainwashing the Emulators who had been "contaminated" by foreign cultures, in the "Arusu Nova Baptism".

* Translator's note: the original (教歌母) is closer to "Religious Song Mother"—mother itself also having a meaning close to that of the leader of a convent.

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Boat of the Arusu [II]
Caption: [Boat of the Arusu] The "Boat of the Arusu" that is talked about in Mardūk legends has an outward appearance that differs from that of the Macross. However, Ishtar—who had experienced Earth's culture and knew of Earth's wonderful love songs—seems to have been convinced that the Macross was surely the "Boat of Arusu" that is clearly expressed in the Mardūk legends.

The boat appears in Mardūk folklore, and is thought of by them to be what leads the Mardūk people—who wander about between the stars. Even though the Mardūk emulator Ishtar concluded that the Macross was surely the "Boat of the Arusu" that is clearly expressed in Mardūk legends, it is unknown whether or not that is the truth.

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Altira [Ai]
Caption: [Altira] Altira was left behind when the Protoculture left the Earth, and it remained on Earth sunk to the bottom of the ocean. However, Altira made its reappearance after several hundred thousand years, when it rose to the surface because the controlling computer mistook the Zentrādi invasion for the return of the Protoculture.

The City Space Ship that the Protoculture apparently boarded when they came to the ancient Earth. The Protoculture, who genetically restructured the native creatures, had an eye on producing a Sub-Protoculture human race that would adjust the planetary environment in preparation for future Protoculture immigration. They appear to have sailed the galaxy in this sort of large space ship. For that reason, precious data concerning the Protoculture (as well as the Zentrādi) was left inside the Altira; and Ichijo Hikaru and Hayase Misa—who had visited Altira—caught a glimpse of a part of that data.

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Alpha-Bombay [Zero]
Caption: [Alpha Bombay] Because the people who inherit this blood type not only exhibit paranormal power through the medium of song but can also mentally interact with the AFOS, they are revered as shrine maidens. Dr. Hasford, who knew these facts, collected the blood of young Sara and left a deep trauma in her mind.

The unique blood type of the Mayan Shrine Maiden Sara Nome and her younger sister Mao Nome. In addition, this same blood type was detected from the body fluids of the Protoculture relic (Eiphos) that slept on Mayan Island. For that reason, Alpha Bombay became one of the foundations of the Protoculture Interference Hypothesis. The people who have this blood type are not normal Earthlings, and it appears like it is inherited only by blood relatives. When Mao once needed a blood transfusion, the body fluid of the Eiphos was transfused as an emergency measure, because no one had a matching blood type.

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Antares Squadron [F]
Caption [appears at the top of the reverse side]: [Antares Squadron] Together with S.M.S., Antares Squadron carried out the operation to verify whether or not the Vajra react to Ranka Lee's singing voice. Brera displayed an especially overwhelming ability, and he successively shot down the Vajra that attempted to approach Ranka.

Brera Sterne is the squadron leader of this combat squadron composed of VF-27 and belonging to the Macross Galaxy Fleet. Although only the squadron leader's craft has been giving a purple colour, the other aircraft have a uniformly light brown series of paint. After the Macross Galaxy Fleet was destroyed by the Vajra, Antares Squadron came to merge with the Macross Frontier Fleet. Incidentally, even though the call-sign of Brera's craft after merging is "Antares 1", it was called "Purple 1" by Grace O'Conner.

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A•I•U•E•O あうえお Row

Aegis Pack Kai [F]
Caption: [Aegis Pack Kai] The pack is composed of a large radome and a stabilizer fin, which become a radome carried on the dorsal surface of the aircraft in Fighter. Incidentally, the radome is a convertible type, and parts around the circumference of the radome deploy in order to manifest the radome's maximum search abilities (a radius of approximately 1 light day).

AP-SF-01+ is the model designation of the special equipment for the RVF-25 Messiah, which specialized in search operations and electronic warfare. Based on the additional equipment pack made by Hughes, this pack had anti-Vajra improvements applied to it by the L.A.I. Co. The Fold Quartz that was used in the core of the system enabled faster-than-light search operations by Fold Waves. Also, 2,048 targets can be identified at the same time in combat, and the pack can guide offensive armaments to 128 targets. In addition, by using the Fold Communication Guidance System, a maximum of 6 (usually 3) QF-4000 Ghosts can receive control guidance from the pack at the same time.

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Isamu Dyson [Plus]
Caption: [Isamu Dyson] Isamu naturally persists in his own principles and position—without considering the surrounding trouble. On the other hand, he prizes friendship. In the incident where his childhood friend Guld Goa Bowman assaulted Myung Fang Lone, even though Isamu knew the truth, it seems that he didn't blame Guld because he took into account the parentage of his Zentrādi descended companion.

Isamu was the person chosen to be the YF-19's test pilot in the Next Main Variable Fighter Adoption Competition "Project Super Nova", conducted at the New Edwards Base on Planet Eden. His skill as a pilot is supreme, and he has a background where it's said that he was awarded the Roy Fokker Decoration—the proof of being an ace pilot—3 times. On the other hand, he has a free and uncontrolled character, and because Isamu is considered to be a repeat offender who ignores orders and breaks military discipline, he was treated as a parasite by his unit. However, when he was posted to New Edwards Base, Isamu managed the YF-19 (it had sent all of his predecessors to the hospital) and hammered out a test outcome that outdid the YF-21; the YF-19's opponent in the competition. Also, his real ability can also be surmised from his liberalization of Macross City from occupation by the virtual singer Sharon Apple.

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Ishtar [II]
Caption: [Ishtar] Even though Ishtar—who advocated the magnificence of Earth's culture—happened to be brainwashed by friendly troops, her assertions weren't changed even by that. Ishtar knew nothing but the songs of battle. However, as far as she is concerned, it seems that Earth's songs, which sing of peace and love, were astounding to that aforementioned degree.

One of the Song Shrine Maidens (Emulators) who belongs to the Mardūk Forces. She accompanied the Mardūk Advance Fleet—which had started the invasion of the Earth—and using the "Song of Battle", spurred on the soldiers (brainwashed Zentrādi) in her own forces on the battlefield. However, she was brought to Earth by Hibiki Kanzaki (he had unexpectedly slipped into her ship in the midst of battle) and suffered a shock from Earth's culture. Ishtar, who was particularly moved by the splendour of Earth's songs, enthusiastically sang a "Love Song" against the global all-out attack by Fleet Commander Ingusu. Together with the friendly troops who empathized with her song and rose in revolt, Ishtar destroyed Ingusu, and became a peaceful messenger who mediated between the Mardūk and the Earthlings.

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Alien Life Research Institute [F]
Caption: [Alien Life Research Institute] A Vajra corpse that had been recovered 10-odd years ago was preserved in the research institute. However, that individual had only entered into a dormant state, and was awakened by Ranka Lee's singing voice. The reawakening showed the vitality of the Vajra.

One of the research facilities that was installed in Island 3, attached to the Macross Frontier Fleet. Although the original main purpose of the facility was the study of the varied alien life-forms that were discovered during the fleet's voyage, the institute carried out the investigative analysis of the Vajra after the fleet came into contact with them. The group of researchers that was composed of the surviving former members of the 117th Research Fleet—which had suffered a Vajra attack—appeared to have been analyzing recovered Vajra remains at the institute.

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Hikaru Ichijo [SDFM]
Caption: [Hikaru Ichijo] Having lost his mother early or because he was brought up in an all-male household, Hikaru often uttered frank words that left others in anger, and quarrelled with Misa each time they met. However, in contrast, he had a bravery where he didn't fear danger and a tenderness where he sympathized with his subordinates—which seems to have been Hikaru's attractiveness.

A pilot that was swallowed up in the maelstrom of the First Interstellar War. Although he made a living as an acrobat pilot, Hikaru was struck by the Zentrādi invasion when he visited the Macross Space Launch Ceremony. In order to protect Lynn Minmei—who he met at that time—Hikaru enlisted into the Unified Forces in the Macross and became a pilot. Although he initially was repeatedly insubordinate to and violated the orders of superior officer Misa Hayase, Hikaru became aware of Misa as the opposite sex starting from when they became prisoners of the Zentrādi Forces. On the other hand, although Hikaru also worried about the distance that developed with Minmei after she made her debut, he grew as a human through the intensifying combat with the Zentrādi. In the end, he confessed his feelings to Misa. Hikaru also improved upon his abilities as a pilot, and came to be entrusted with a unit as the leader of Skull Squadron by way of commanding Vermilion Platoon. In addition, he assumed the office of wing commander on the Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet Megaroad 01 after the war. Together with Misa and Minmei, they embarked aimed in the direction of the galactic center.

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Hikaru Ichijo [Ai]
Caption: [Hikaru Ichijo] Although Hikaru wavered between Minmei and superior officer Misa Hayase—who was taken prisoner together with him—he professed his love to Misa just before the decisive battle with the Bodoru Main Fleet when she had come to visit his personal room. He indicated his own decision, and revealed it to her.

A Unified Forces pilot attached to Space Carrier ARMD 01's Skull Squadron. Although his skill as a pilot is excellent, according to such things as when he was take prisoner by the Zentrādi Forces when he acted carelessly to make the idol singer Lynn Minmei happy (he had met her completely by chance), he was able to peep at the part of the Zentrādi that is like a very young human. Still, he became aware that his actions forced sacrifices in his surroundings, and he grew up a lot through all that—to the extent that Hikaru came to play a central role in the attacking forces on the Bodoru Main Fleet in the decisive battle.

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Sagittarius ☆ 9 PM Don't be Late [F]
Caption: [Sagittarius ☆ 9 PM Don't Be late] During a performance in the Frontier Fleet, an accident occurred in the middle of this song when Sheryl lost her balance due to Aruto Saotome—while he was forcing an impossible stunt—and fell from the stage. However, Sheryl was rescued by Aruto, and didn't stop singing, conversely exciting the spectators.

The song boasts an absolute popularity on the Galaxy Network, and is one of the hits of Sheryl Nome—who is known as the "Galactic Fairy". This song was the first one sung when Sheryl appeared in the Macross Frontier Fleet as part of her Galactic Concert Tour. In addition, Ranka Lee performed it in the competitive singing contest in the final decisive battle at the Vajra Homeworld.

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We're Friends Now [7, II]
Caption: [We're Friends Now] Wendy singing in the Moon Festival—held to avert the human spirit from the menace of the Mardūk Forces. However, as they sustained a raid by the Mardūk Forces in the middle of concert, the intent of the Unified Forces failed.

One of the songs of Wendy Ryder, the idol singer who symbolizes Earth's culture. This song was sung in the "Moon Festival—a concert on the Moon's surface that was held as part of the Unified Forces' propaganda measures—and it stirred up the spectators.

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