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Glossary 04A: AIF-9V - SF-3A Lancer II

• "Glossary Sheet 04." Macross Chronicle. 20 Aug. 2009: 25-26.
• "Glossary Sheet 04A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 26 Mar. 2013: 19-20.

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AIF-9V [F]
Caption: [AIF-9V] In the battle around the Vajra homeworld, Grace O'conner freely used a large quantity of this fighter craft, and a violent battle unfolded with their opponents—the Macross Frontier Fleet.

The main unmanned fighter craft deployed in the Macross Galaxy Fleet, the 21st Super Long Range Emigration Fleet. Its nickname is "V-9 (Vee-nine)". Although it seeks the highest performance levels in the 2050's, as the deployment of this craft isn't formally recognized by the New Unified Forces, on paper it's handled as a technology proving aircraft.

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AIF-7S [F]
Caption: [AIF-7S] The QF-4000 (bottom) are AIF-7S (top) that were hurriedly equipped with a Fold Communication guidance system in order to oppose the Vajra. No differences can be seen in their outward appearance, other than their colour.

A variant of the Ghost unmanned fighter aircraft. Even though it was widely deployed in the 2050's as the cornerstone of the tactics used by the New Unified Forces, autonomous actions were restrained to some degree based on the lessons from the Sharon Apple Insident* that occurred in 2040. Operations adopt a semi-automatic style with autonomous action by the AI and remote control from the mothership. Nevertheless, it was an excellent aircraft that did such things as exceed the basic performance of, and suppress the manufacturing and operating costs to about one-third that of the VF-171 Nightmare Plus, the main manned fighter aircraft of the same period. However, because the AIF-7S couldn't freely act autonomously and were disempowered in front of the Vajra's jamming, the QF-4000 was equipped with a Fold Communication guidance system as part of its anti-Vajra equipment, and were test deployed in S.M.S.—the private military provider affiliated with the Macross Frontier Fleet.

* Translator's note: deliberate spelling error due to the host's TOS.

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ASS-1 [Zero, M]
Caption: [ASS-1] The ASS-1 immediately after falling was in a state that seemed just like an abandoned ship, due to the damage incurred in battle and the shock of atmospheric entry. As it took 10 years time to restore, one can infer the kind of damages to it.

The codename given to the alien vessel that fell to Earth in 1999 A.D. Its formal name is Alien Star Ship-1. The reality is that it is presumed to be an Inspection Forces space-combat warship. This warship, which was partially damaged in battle with the Zentrādi Forces in a sector of space near the Earth, separated from its main squadron and after Defolding in the neighbourhood of the Earth, fell to South Ataria Island in the Pacific Ocean. Mankind recognized the existence of giant-sized intelligent life because of the ASS-1, and founded the Unified Government. Also, the ASS-1 was investigated and restored, and Over-Technology (OTM) was placed into mankind's hands. Incidentally, the restoration of the ASS-1 takes 10 years time, and the ship that was reborn in a new guise was given the name "SDF-1 Macross".

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Aegis Fokker [Other]
Caption: [Aegis Fokker] A free and uncontrolled hot-blooded man, and although he became heated, he was also frequently chided by Gilliam. After assuming the position of commander, however, he restrained his subordinates who were apt to act arbitrarily on their own authority, and demonstrated his composure. Incidentally, due to his unequalled fondness for women, it's said that "he'd fall for a woman even sooner than he would to the enemy".

An ace pilot admired as "the Angel Ace" in the Unified Forces Beneb Star System District AVFF (Advance Variable Fighter Force, popularly named Angel Wing). Afterwards, he was lured away into the 727th Independent Squadron VF-X Ravens in 2050 A.D. Although he suffered the humiliating treatment immediately after changing posts by being called "an embryonic bastard lower than a greenhorn" by his superior officer Gilliam Angreat, he distinguished himself through rigorous training and duties. And when Gilliam went missing during an operational mobilization, he was selected as the new commander of the Ravens. He landed many military gains against the Raven's opponents: the Vinderance and Black Rainbow anti-government organizations. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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HRW-00 Mk II Monster [M, Plus, 7]
Caption: [HRW-00 Mk II Monster] The Monster's firepower became a valuable fighting strength for the Macross, which was forced to make an emergency departure from the Earth and experienced a difficult war. In the battle with the Bodoru Main Fleet, this Destroid is also confirmed to have been deployed to both sides of the Macross's bridge.

The super long-range bombardment type Destroid that the Unified Ground Forces—who had obtained OTM—spent many years developing on the basis of the idea of "repulsing giant alien armaments with great fire power". Its manoeuvrability is very bad, because its 285 t weight walks on two legs, and it can do only slow-speed movement at best. On the other hand, it has tremendous offensive power, and it demonstrated a firepower comparable to several divisions of strategic bombers with its main armament: 4 liquid-propellant 40 cm cannons that are also able to be loaded with Reaction Weapons. However, the number produced went no further than an exceedingly small amount due to the fact that it was judged to be difficult to operationally mobilize without an escort unit—even in 2010 A.D., when the Macross had its space launch, only 2 Monsters were deployed in combat. The line was retired after the First Interstellar War, and one was used as a target for live ammunition testing on planet Eden, and another was kept by the Macross 7 Fleet. Nonetheless, its non-standard offensive power is valued, and the VB-6 König Monster Variable Bomber was later developed for local fighting.

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HRW-00 Mk I Monster [Zero]
Caption: [HWR-00 Mk I Monster] The Unified Forces put the HRW-00 Mk I into the midst of the battle with the Anti Unification Alliance that broke out on Mayan Island, in order to destroy the Protoculture relic (the AFOS)—which was running out of control. Although the AFOS was shelled with coordinated detonation-type Reaction Weapon Shells, they didn't destroy the AFOS.

One of the early Destroids that were developed in the middle of the Unification War, it is the advance test model which became the ancestor of the HRW-00 Mk II Monster. Although its outward appearance is close to that of the HRW-00 MkII, both arms are claw-hands for controlling the recoil when it fires its guns. When firing, these claws support the Destroid, and are a means for suppressing the recoil. Although there are hardly any remains of this Monster's operational record, it is known that it was loaded aboard the carrier Asuka and put it into the battle concerning the Mayan Island Protoculture relic.

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AFOS [Zero]
Caption: [AFOS] Although the head and body are separated at the time the AFOS was discovered (top picture), it combined like it was responding to Sara's intentions. In addition, it took a new form by absorbing and reconstructing chemical elements from within the atmosphere (bottom picture). That form was the "Bird Man", which is talked about in the legends of Mayan, and brings about the song of the destruction of the world.

The name given by the Unified Forces to the Protoculture relic that was salvaged from the coastal waters of Mayan Island. It was discovered by the space-time fluctuation radar "Cyclops" from the perception of a [space-time] reaction that resembled the ASS-1 (later called Macross). A violent struggle took place between the Anti Unification Alliance and the Unified Forces, who aimed at acquiring new Over Technology. However, in the middle of the battle, the AFOS activated in a form that responded to the intentions of the Mayan Island shrine maiden Sara Nome. Thereafter, although the details of the AFOS's abilities are unknown as it flew away beyond the Earth, according to one theory, the Protoculture are considered to have produced it imitating the appearance of a Vajra Queen.

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Amy Crocks [Other]
Caption: [Amy Crocks] She behaves stubbornly, and while her coworkers accepted dates with Aegis one after another, only she dealt with him seriously until the end.

An operator in the 727th Independent Squadron VF-X, which was formed in 2050 A.D. She is calm and has excellent judgement, and sends accurate instructions to Aegis Fokker et al, who are on the front line. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Amy Rock [II]
Caption: [Amy Rock] An active woman whose single point of a short haircut and a heart mark stuck to her right cheek suit her well. Notwithstanding her small stature, she has the ability to take action, and she stands out in both public and private matters.

A female pilot attached to the Unified Forces Valkyrie II squadron "Fairy Leader". She is scolded by her squadron leader, Silvie Jīna, as she pointlessly chatters whenever there is something, due to her unendingly cheerful character—even to the extent of saying jokes while fighting. However, she has definite abilities as a pilot, and she ranks next to Silvie in the squadron.

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Az-130A Panzerzorn [7]
Caption: [Az-130A Panzerzorn] It demonstrates an excellent manoeuvrability that doesn't suit its large build. In addition, even though it was initially a craft piloted only by the squadron leader class because its armaments were also enhanced, it was later produced in a large quantity. However, they were often forced to withdrawal in the face of Sound Force's attacks.

One of the Variable Attack Craft that the Varōta Forces operate. It's guessed that the Az-130A is a remodelled VA-14, which was the main fighter craft of the Macross 5's Flying Corps. Just like the other aircraft of the Varōta Forces, the Az-130A has a silhouette mainly composed of curves. A large radar is built into the nose (the parts that correspond to the head when in Battroid), which greatly projects from the airframe and is the feature of the aircraft. Even though it is an attack craft, it demonstrated excellent enemy search abilities. Also, the armaments are enhanced [from the VA-14], and in addition to its stowable gun pod and 3-barrel beam guns, it has 2 large machine-guns that boast of wide-ranging attacks as their gun barrels can be swivelled.

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ADR-04 Mk X Defender [M, 7, Ai]
Caption: [ADR-04 Mk X Defender] Although the weaknesses of the air defence ability was identified in the Macross—which was forced to make an emergency takeoff due to a Zentrādi raid—the Defender, which was deployed instead of anti-aircraft gun platforms, participated actively in the role of enemy Mobile Weapon interception.

A Destroid that specializes in anti-aircraft attack abilities. By exchanging the left and right manipulators for twin-barrel 78 mm liquid-cooled high-speed automatic guns, the Defender is also able to attain a rapid-fire rate of 500 rounds per minute. Attempting an improvement in the shooting performance, a precision radar sighting system was installed on the back, which enables super long-range shooting in outer space. However, it has the weakness of its tracking function not catching up with targets that have gotten closer, which doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't able to effectively shoot at enemy aircraft. A barrage formation ability, which used the Defender's rapid-fire ability, seems to have been valued in the Defender. Also, on the production cost side, the precision radar was a burden, and the number of Defenders that were deployed wasn't that numerous. However, it's certain that they became a valuable fighting strength for the Macross.

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Exsedor Formo [M, 7]
Caption: [Exsedor Formo] Although Exsedor was thin and had bony features around the time of the First Interstellar War, his outward appearance was roughly unchanged from a human. On the other hand, his head had swelled up greatly when he participated in the Macross 7 Fleet, like he was another person. Although the reason why he changed his appearance that much is uncertain, he may have attempted to increase his brain capacity at the same time as he was changed back into a giant.

The Zentrādi who carries out the duties of something like an aide to Buritai Kuridaniku, the commander of the 67th Gurumaru class Branch Fleet. He is a recording staff officer type of Zentrādi in the position of Zemu First Class Recording Officer, and demonstrates excellent knowledge and memory—in exchange for low combat abilities—and plans the campaigns of the fleet. He shows a strong interest in Earth's cultures, and advises Buritai to carefully examine and analyze before carrying out proactive combat. When Buritai decided on a ceasefire, Exsedor himself was micronized and proceeded toward the ceasefire negotiations. When they were forced to battle with the Bodoru Main Fleet that they were attached to, Exsedor offered intelligence on the main fleet and countermeasures concerning the result to the Unified Forces. Even after the war, he remained as is in the Miclone form in the Unified Forces, and cooperated in the revival of the Earth. However, because he concluded that "my brain's storage capacity decreases when I'm Miclonized", he changed into a giant once more before the year 2038 A.D. He started on the journey with the Macross 7 Fleet as the fleet's staff officer and observer.

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Exsedor 4970 [Ai]
Caption: [Exsedor 4970] It seems that the bodies of the Zentrādi have been genetically manipulated and restructured according to the post they belong to and their rank, and the bizarre appearance of Exsedor 4970 might also have been the result of the pursuit of the optimum body for the functions of a recording staff officer.

The recording staff officer of the Buritai 7018 Adokurasu Fleet, belonging to the Zentrādi Forces 425th Main Fleet. His large brain is bigger than that of the other Zentrādi, and he uses tentacles to operate machinery and tools. He doesn't directly fight, and demonstrates abilities that excel in such duties as analyzing and documenting the progress of battle.

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EX-Gear [F]
Caption: [EX-Gear] In emergencies and when the pilot acts independent from the VF, the EX-Gear can fly on its own, making free use of the small engines and wings that are installed on its back. EX-Gear is tied together with an improvement in pilot survivability, because it can be used irregardless of being in an atmosphere or outer space.

A G-proof suit introduced into the next generation Variable Fighters, represented by the VF-25 Messiah. The EX-Gear System is the general term used to refer to EX-Gear and a cockpit that can support it. The pilots who wear EX-Gear demonstrate a G resistance ability that exceeds those of existing pilot suits, as outside of a VF the EX-Gear is an enhanced exoskeleton style powered suit. Also, as a part of the master-slave system is introduced into the EX-Gear's control system and the pilot's movements are traced in GERWALK and Battroid Forms, EX-Gear also enables the remote control of a VF using IFF (an existing identification signal system). Incidentally, flight training in Mihoshi Academy's Pilot Training Course takes place using a simplified model of EX-Gear that has the same basic standards as the one for military use.

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Excegran Gilli [II]
Caption: [Excegran Gilli] Although Excegran designated a hotel as a clandestine meeting place in order to exchange opinions with Silvie, the meeting was scooped by the news, and his influence in the armed forces decreased because of that.

A noble career soldier who serves as the Supreme Commander of the Unified Forces. He is anxious about the decay in the upper echelons of the armed forces, who overestimate the ability of the "Minmei Attack" and are drowning in their own power, and appreciates the reports of Silvie Jīna, who has the same opinion. However, he's unable to improve the structure of the armed forces, as Excegran is concerned about an unrelated matter, which results in allowing the Mardūk Forces to invade the Earth.

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A broadcasting station that extensively handles regular news to entertainment news. Its formal name is "Scramble News Network". On the scale of broadcasting stations, it's large, to the degree that they take care of Variable Craft (the SNN Valkyrie) on the rooftop of their headquarters office building. Although Kanzaki Hibiki, an SNN entertainment reporter, scooped the battle between the Unified Forces and the Mardūk Forces before any other station did, the televised content was altered because the upper echelons of the armed forces weren't comfortable with it, and SNN broadcast only the content that was convenient for the Unified Forces.

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SNN Valkyrie [II]
Caption: [SNN Valkyrie] The aircraft owned by the TV Station SNN, which Kanzaki Hibiki belongs to. It is used as the legs to quickly get on-scene to cover an event. This aircraft was certainly suitable for Hibiki to get the scoop on the battle between the Unified Forces and Marduk Forces.

A Variable craft that puts the technology of the Unified Forces main Variable Fighter to civilian use. In contrast to the Valkyries that can transform to the 3 forms of Fighter, GERWALK and Battroid, this Valkyrie's transformation is only to the 2 forms of Fighter and GERWALK. Also, armaments weren't added to it because it's a civilian craft. Still, it has favourable flight performance, and can also leave the atmosphere on its own by installing an external booster onto it.

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SF-3A Lancer II [M]
Caption: [SF-3A Lancer II] When the beam machine-guns are included, it has a slim shape, which seems to have been the origin of the aircraft name "Lancer"—which means spear cavalryman.

The Earth Unified Forces Space Forces main fighter craft before the Variable Fighter was operationally deployed. OTM isn't installed in it, and it has a simple structure of only a large-output thruster and dual-beam machine-guns installed in the front and rear of a cockpit. On the other hand, its fecundity is extremely great, and in the battle with the Bodoru Main Fleet a great number of Lancer II sortied along with the Valkyrie squadrons, in order to augment the Unified Force's fighting capabilities even a little bit.

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