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Glossary 05A: S.M.S. - Emiria Jīnasu

• "Glossary Sheet 05." Macross Chronicle. 03 Sept. 2009: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 05A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 16 Apr. 2013: 19-20.

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A•I•U•E•O あいうお Row (con't)

S.M.S. [F]

The formal name for the private military provider stationed in the Macross Frontier Fleet is "Strategic Military Services". Based on its contract with the Frontier government, its main duties in peace time are advance scouting of the fleet's planned route, guarding important persons, evaluation testing of military equipment, and support actions for such things as supplies to and the supply train for the New Unified Forces. It is a powerful military organization that uses close relationships with military enterprises, such as the president and L.A.I. Corp., is furnished with trial fighter aircraft, and the group members' morale and degree of training surpasses that of the New Unified Forces. On the other hand, they aren't given the privileges and rewards that are given to regular servicemen—being killed in the line of duty is treated as an accidental death—and they aren't given such honours as being buried in the graveyard for those that have fallen in battle. This is because S.M.S. is a private organization to the bitter end. Incidentally, S.M.S.'s parent organization is an interstellar transportation company that is managed by the organization's owner Richard Buriler, and S.M.S. was originally a private army group that had the purpose of guarding and defending that transportation firm. However, the Frontier government zeroed in on the organization, and eventually made a contract with S.M.S. as one of the countermeasures for the Vajra, who were sooner or later surely going to fight the fleet.

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SLV-111 Daedalus [M]
Caption: [SLV-111 Daedalus] The bow of the Daedalus was made strong, as it was designed as an Assault Landing Ship—it was also able to pierce the armour of the Zentrādi warships if the Pinpoint Barriers were concentrated there. The attack that used it is the "Daedalus Attack".

A Large Assault Landing Ship that was attached to the Earth Unified Naval Forces Pacific Fleet. A great number of Destroid units were loaded aboard it, and its original role was to land Destroid units after making an assault landing on an enemy position. In February 2009, it was deployed to the ocean area of South Ataria Island, and was guarding the Macross—which was preparing for the Space Launch Ceremony. However, in the middle of the battle with the Zentrādi, the Daedalus was swallowed up in the Macross's Fold, and Defolded in the orbit of the Pluto. At that time, the stern of the ship was mended in an emergency procedure and it was connected to the Macross's starboard docking port, taking the place of an ARMD Space Carrier. Thereafter, the Daedalus was operated as the Macross's "right arm". With it, things were invented, such as the "Daedalus Attack", where an enemy ship was destroyed from within by plunging the Daedalus into it. Although the Daedalus remained connected to the Macross even after returning to the Earth, it was seriously damaged when the Macross was hit by Kamjin's ship's ramming attack during the First Macross City Defensive Battle in 2012.

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SWAG [Zero, M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F, Ai, Other]
Caption: [SWAG] SWAG was also introduced into the VF-0, the initial Variable Fighter, and it was able to withstand being shot by up to small calibre machine gun fire. However, it was defeated by being strafed by a 55 mm Gun Pod, which it couldn't withstand.

Energy Conversion Armour. A technology developed by applying alien Over Technology (OTM) obtained from the Macross, which diverts surplus engine output into a defensive capability. Although it is widely used in such things as Variable Fighters, Destroids, and warships, as it needs a lot of energy when operating, it ceased operating in an auxiliary role in fighter aircraft and Destroids that didn't have surplus output (because of that, additional armour was developed for Variable Fighters). Nonetheless, it's certain that an aircraft's defensive capabilities are improved due to the introduction of SWAG, and SWAG became essential equipment for Variable Fighters—which have especially frail airframes that are loaded with variable armour. For that reason, SWAG has been repeatedly improved, is used in a lot of aircraft, and is widely used even in the 2050's.

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Caption: [SDFN] The "Global" that was discovered on the planet Gaul 4 was also one of the SDFN series. At the time it was discovered, it had already been turned into ruins and a Vajra Semi-Queen had built a nest inside of it.

Emigrant ships that were built with the purposes of investigating the planned routes before the departure of the Super Long Range Emigrant Ship Megaroad 01, and guaranteeing safety. They are the mass production model of the SDF-1 Macross, their outward appearance is approximately the same as the SDF-1, and they can also transform. Although they were small-scale as Emigrant Fleets, with a total crew of about 10,000 military personnel and civilians, they are thought to have been endowed with units that were sent in advance of the ship.

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SDF-2 Megaroad-01 [FB, 7, F]
Caption: [SDF-2 Megaroad-01] Compared with the SDF-1 Macross—an improved upon alien military vessel—the SDF-2 was a ship newly designed by mankind. Even though its basic silhouette emulated that of the Macross, it was scaled up to a total length of 1,770 m and was 30.3 million tons fully equipped.*

* In the originally edition, the line started with: "For that reason,".


A large space ship that became the flagship of the First Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet that was implemented in order to preserve mankind and the culture of the Earth. Originally its construction progressed in the Moon base as the SDF-1 Macross's No.2 warship, and it was scheduled to be commissioned 4 years after the Macross's space launch. However, the plans were changed because Earth and mankind had been driven to the verge of extinction due to the First Interstellar War. It was reborn as a large interstellar emigration ship, and the ship class was altered from the Macross class to the Megaroad class. The First Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet, led by the Megaroad-01, departed the Earth in September, 2012. The fleet started on the journey to the central area of the galaxy seeking star systems where mankind would be able to reside in. However, right after ceasing communication around July 2016, its subsequent whereabouts were unknown.

The Megaroad-01 penetrated a dark hole to search for the true identity of an unknown melody, and although there is informal information that the fleet was transported to another galaxy, the details of that are unknown.*

* In the originally edition, the line started with: "According to one theory,".

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SDF-1 Macross [M]
Caption: [SDF-1 Macross] Normally the Macross is in Battleship Form (also called a Fortress Ship), and the Assault Landing Craft Daedalus and the Attack Carrier Prometheus are connected to the docking ports on both sides of the ship. It is possible to transform the Macross into a giant humanoid (Storming Attack Form), by rearranging the blocks that compose the hull. This function was also inherited into the succeeding battleships of the Emigrant Fleets.*

*Originally was: "This function was also inherited into the succeeding Macross Class ships".


The ASS-1 Space Battleship, which was left behind by aliens (the Inspection Forces), was restored and built by Earthlings. On the one hand, it brought Over Technology (OTM)—such as Gravity Control Technology and Fold Navigation to Earth—on the other hand it was evidence that a full-scale war was being carried out in the universe. The ship has advanced modularization in order to enhance the hull's survivability, and the main nuclear power reactor, Fold System, and other essential devices are concentrated in the central block, where the defensive abilities are the highest. Most of the warship's bow is the main gun unit, and when firing, a large output beam is shot from the space between the ship's bow, which splits in two. On the other side, the propulsion system (the main engines are a thermonuclear reactors) is arranged in the stern, and it is used for interplanetary navigation. Also, interstellar navigation is possible with the Fold System, which enables dimensional trans-positioning. However, as a lot of functionally unclear components exist in it as the Macross was [re]built in approximately no time, they caused the systems to run out of control and other unforeseen situations.

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SDF-1 Macross [Ai]
Caption: [SDF-1 Macross] The Macross returned to Earth, and even though it suffered great damage in the battle with the Miria warship of the Meltrandi Forces—where the Macross lost its main gun—it faced the Bodoru Main Fleet in the decisive battle as-is.

A left-behind Meltrandi Forces Medium Gunship that Earth's mankind restored into a space battleship. The ARMD 01 and 02 space carriers were connected to the docking ports on both sides of the ship, and it functioned as a space battleship. Also, it's possible to transform the ship from Battleship Form (Fortress Form) to Humanoid (Storming Attack Form) by rearranging the blocks that compose the ship's hull.

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SDF-1 Macross [II]
Caption: [SDF-1 Macross] It surfaced when the Mardūk Forces invaded the Earth, and although the Macross commenced an attack with its main gun, it was seriously damaged when it sustained the counterattack. However, the main bridge successfully escaped, as it had a separation mechanism.

A space battleship that is preserved in Culture Park within Macross City. In 2090, after the passage of 80 years from the conclusion of the First Interstellar War, it had become a monument commemorating the end of the war. However, its functions as a ship were maintained, and it sometimes fired its main gun as its energy ran wild.

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Sv-51 [Zero]
Caption: [Sv-51] In Fighter Form (above), the Sv-51 has a silhouette that follows in the tradition of old Russian fighter aircraft like the Su-27. It features a large build that exceeds 22 m, and a form composed of curves. Even in Battroid Form (bottom), the Sv-51's has a form that makes a clear distinction from other aircraft. Incidentally, the Sv-51's transformation mechanism is a complex one, to the extent that it competes for first and second place [in complexity] even among the successive generations of Variable Fighters.

The Variable Fighter that the Anti Unification Alliance threw into combat in the Unification War. Although OTM is introduced into it—starting with SWAG (Energy Conversion Armour)—because the completion of the thermonuclear turbine engines that the Sv-51 was planned to be loaded with were delayed, existing engines that were tuned up to the limit were used as substitutes. Therefore, even though there is the problem that the time for intense operational actions is short due to fuel consumption, this aircraft, which excelled in manoeuvrability, possessed higher reliability than the VF-0, the Unified Forces Variable Fighter that was operated in the same era. On the other hand, with a total production number of about 40 craft, besides the "α Model" for general soldiers, only the "γ Model" for ace pilots existed. The specially tuned γ model (which pursued higher speed and higher manoeuvrability) had an especially small production number, to the extent that there are records of only the craft for D.D. Ivanov (black aircraft colouring) and Nora Polanski (wine red aircraft colouring), who participated in the battles over the coastal waters of Mayan Island.

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X-9 [Plus]
Caption: [X-9] The X-9 freely shoots down target aircraft one by one by making good use of 5 laser guns and high-manoeuvrability missiles. The X-9 was expected to become the main fighter of the Unified Forces, if it weren't for the Sharon Apple Insident*. In that situation, manned fighter aircraft may have become relics of the past.

* Translator's note: deliberate spelling error due to the host's TOS.


The unmanned combat air vehicle who's development was advanced by the Unified Forces in the shadow of the Next Main Variable Fighter Selection Trial "Project Super Nova". Its nickname is "Ghost Bird". Loaded with an autonomous artificial intelligence that applies the data obtained from the virtual idol Sharon Apple, the X-9 demonstrated acceleration performance and combat abilities that exceed those of manned aircraft. As it produced favourable military results in mock battles, it was unofficially offered as the Unified Forces Next Main Fighter. It was arranged to be exhibited to the public in the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of the First Interstellar War, which was celebrated in 2040. However, the X-9 was manipulated by Sharon Apple, who had control over the central functions of the Unified Forces—which included transmission equipment—and it fought the 2 experimental manned fighter aircraft (the YF-19 and YF-21) that had descended to Earth. The X-9 was shot down when it suffered a ramming attack by the YF-21, which had been released from its limiter. Although the adoption of the X-9 was cancelled from a review on the dependence on artificial intelligence in this affair, the development of unmanned combat aircraft continued to advanced after it.

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Edgar LaSalle [Zero]
Caption: [Edgar LaSalle] Even though Shin—who was shot down in a battle over the coastal waters of Mayan Island—thought that Edgar had died when they were shot down, Edgar himself was shrewdly rescued by an allied ship. Shin teased Edgar at that unexpected happening, and Edgar, who received the teasing, also didn't try to conceal his happiness at the unexpected behaviour of his usually composed pal.

A Unified Forces radar operator. He mans the fighter craft as the buddy of pilot Kudo Shin—who is his colleague and comrade in arms—and is in charge of search operations and communication control. His character is cheerful and open, and he is one of the very few friends of Shin, who receives others with a cool attitude.

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Ehvil Series [7]

The general term for the bio-weapon group that was developed by the Protoculture as the armaments that come after the Zentrādi. Although the problem of their power source isn't solved at first and interrupts their development, it is resolved by using the great energy that fills the newly discovered different dimensional universe (the sub-universe) as their source of power. Several Ehvil Series bodies were completed. However, energy life forms that had their own intentions penetrated from the sub-universe during the operational testing and possessed the Ehvil Series, and begun making attacks against the Protoculture. For that reason, the Ehvil Series were thereafter referred to as the "Protodevilun" and were sealed away on the fourth planet in the Varōta Star System by Anima Spiritia. Incidentally, the imprinting of extreme fear of the Ehvil Series has been applied to the Zentrādi genes, and their minds are assumed to suffer the influence of that fear when they come into contact with the Ehvil Series (and Protodevilun).

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The broadcasting office that relayed Sheryl Nome's concert—who had appeared in the Frontier Fleet as part of her Galaxy Tour. Its formal name is "Frontier Music Channel". In that concert, Aruto Saotome was making a formation flight in EX-Gear and had an accident where he came into contact with Sheryl. FMC caught the appearance of Sheryl, who kept singing while being held by Aruto Saotome after accident on camera, and that kicked out a record-setting audience for FMC.

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F-14A+ [Zero]
Caption: [F-14A+] The aircraft of Kudo Shin—a Unified Forces pilot who participated in the battles over the coastal waters of Mayan Island—was also an F-14A+. Although the F-14A+, coupled with Shin's abilities, shot down several MiG-29, he lost to Nora Polanski's Sv-51.

A shipboard attack craft that introduced OTM into the F-14 Tomcat, a 4th generation jet fighter that was developed by the Grumman Corp. Two turbofan jet engines that boast of a great output are installed in it, and while the conventional aircraft feature of the variable wings—main wings that change their swept-back angle according to the speed—remains. Its thought that pilot survivability has been enhanced with the adoption of SWAG (Energy Conversion Armour). Incidentally, although the internal layout of this aircraft's cockpit is unchanged from the F-14, its outward appearance is closer in shape to the F-14D (Super Tomcat), which had exchanged its radar system for an improved one.

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Fz-109 Elgerzorn [7]
Caption: [Fz-109 Elgerzorn] A Spiritia Absorption Beam firing device is included in the head, and Fz-109 were seen absorbing the Spiritia from the pilots of enemy craft that were captured during battle.

The Variable Fighter that became the main fighter of the Varōta Forces. It seems that it's an aircraft that is an improved-upon Unified Forces VF-14 Vampire Variable Fighter, which was seized by the Varōta Forces. The Fz-109 can transform into the three forms of Fighter, GERWALK and Battroid, like the base fighter craft. However, its outward appearance has been greatly changed, and its form seems to be that of the Varōta Forces, which adopts a lot of curves. Also, its output and firepower have also been improved, and the Fz-109 was shown successively crushing the VF-11C Thunderbolt, which was the main fighter of the Macross 7 Fleet. The Fz-109 is classified into differing models depending on the specification, and the F model for commanders and A model for general soldiers have been confirmed.

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FBz-99G Zaubergeran [7]
Caption: [FBz-99G Zaubergeran] Although Gabiru personally possessed overwhelming fighting abilities as a Protodevilun, he often appeared in battle piloting the FBz-99G, because it had peculiar aesthetics in the battles.

A large Variable Fighter retained by the Varōta Forces. Its guessed that the aircraft is an improved upon VAB-2D Variable Fighter-Bomber of the Macross 5 Fleet. It is loaded with additional armaments in each part of the airframe, such as Spiritia Spark Guns and missile launchers. However, the number of aircraft aren't very many, and the "G model"—operated by the Protodevilun Gabiru—seems to have been a high-grade aircraft that was especially rare and given to commander-class pilots.

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Emilia Jīnasu [7Gin]
Caption: [Emilia Jīnasu ] Her repertoire is "Flash In The Dark" and "Heart & Soul". Her speciality is displaying a powerful singing voice while strumming the bass guitar.

In the daughters (5 girls) that were born by the marriage of Maximilian Jīnasu and Miria Farīna, she is the elder sister of Mylene Flare Jīnasu. She left her parents' home yearning for the legendary singer Lynn Minmei, and continued training to sing in the mountain recesses of a frontier planet. Emilia has considerable abilities as a singer, to the extent that Nekki Basara came to the frontier planet attracted by her Song Energy. Although Emilia admitted her own defeat at the end when she competed with Basara's singing, the matter awoke the essence of her singing. And though at first she fought against the Protodevilun who attacked the frontier planet with a Quadoran Kiruka, she later opposed them with songs sung with Basara.

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