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Glossary 07A: Onogi City - Gabigura

• "Glossary Sheet 07." Macross Chronicle. 01 Oct. 2009: 32-32.
• "Glossary Sheet 07A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 28 May. 2013: 21-22.

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A•I•U•E•O あいうえ Row (con't)

Onogi City [M]
Caption: [Onogi City] The Unified Forces squad stationed in Onogi City were not able to mount an effective counterattack against Kamujin's forces, who had launched a surprise attack from underwater. Hikaru Ichijō and his men rushed to the rescue, but Kamujin's forces were successfully got away.

One of the cities rebuilt on the Earth, which had been burnt to the ground during the First Interstellar War. The city's coastal industrial zone produced valuable parts, such as power capacitors necessary for spaceship flight. However, the city was attacked and a power condenser was seized by malcontent Zentrādi led by Kamujin, who had zeroed in on those condensers.

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Operation Iconoclasm [Zero]
Caption: [Operation Iconoclasm] The fleet's commander decided to launch "Operation Iconoclasm" against the AFOS, which had initiated an attack to purge the human race as it couldn't get rid of warfare. Even though the Prototype Destroid Monster carried out a Reaction Missile attack, it failed to destroy the AFOS.

Secret orders received in advance by the Unified Forces fleet that was investigating the Protoculture relic AFOS (the Bird Man) that was lying dormant on Mayan Island. If the fleet failed to acquire the AFOS, or if the revived AFOS was deemed to be uncontrollable and dangerous, it was to be completely destroyed. For this reason, the Unified Forces fleet that went to investigate had prepared variable-yield Reaction Warheads in advance. Incidentally, "Iconoclasm" refers to a movement to destroy sacred images (icons) that took place in the Christian world during the 8th and 9th centuries, and it is an appropriate name for an operation aiming to destroy the AFOS.

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Operation Carnival [F]
Caption: [Operation Carnival] Since Grace called Sheryl "Fairy 9", it is assumed that there were other test subjects besides Sheryl. On the other hand, Ranka was called "Code Q", which may indicate "Queen".

The operation was carried out in absolute secrecy by Sheryl Nome's manager Grace O'Connor. Even though the details have not been revealed, it is believed that the operation was to control the Vajra by using Sheryl—who has the V-type infection—as a test subject, and have them attack the Frontier Fleet. The fact that the timing of Sheryl's arrival in the Frontier Fleet coincides with the time that the Frontier Fleet was attacked by Vajra is considered to be evidence that substantiates the existence of this operation. However, since the Frontier Fleet had Ranka Lee, who had qualities that substituted for a Vajra Queen, Grace changed her plans. It seems that the operation was switched to Sheryl being disposed of and Rank being used as the new test subject.

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Operation Stargazer [7]
Caption: [Operation Stargazer] The raiding party led by Max was accompanied by Irīna Hayakawa—who had once been manipulated by the — Forces—and successfully descended to the fourth planet. The unit set their sights on the cave that was considered to be the enemy's central hub, however the resistance by the Protodevilun far exceeded the expectations of the raiding party.

An operation planned and carried out by Maximilian (Max) Jīnasu, Captain of the Macross 7 Fleet, who had been ordered by the Earth Unified Government to destroy the Protodevilun. The Stealth Frigate "Stargazer" defolded directly above the fourth planet of the Varōta Star System—considered to be the Protodevilun's home planet—and a unit of 12 Variable Fighters launched from the frigate and raided the cave (code name: Polar Star) where the Protodevilun were sealed away. The plan was to launch a reaction weapon into the innermost part of the cave and annihilate the Protodevilun. It seemed like the operation would just barely succeed, however the reaction weapon was used against them, and the raiding party was taken prisoner. On top of that, Gamlin Kizaki went missing during the battle with Gabiru, and Nekki Basara's voice was also muzzled.

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Operation Minmei [II]
Caption: [Operation Minmei] Although extremely effective against the Zentrādi Forces—who have had no experience with culture or songs—it was not effective against the Mardūk Forces, who have their own Song Shrine Maidens (Emulators).

A sonic attack that was considered to be a trump card by the Unified Forces in the 2090's, and is also known as the "Minmei Defence". It is believed to have been so named because of the effectiveness of Lynn Minmei's singing in the First Interstellar War. Songs are played at the same time as holographic images of Wendy Ryder and other idol singers are projected into the sector where the battle takes place, confusing the enemy. However, overconfident in its effectiveness, the military's upper echelons let their guard down, which led to the invasion by the Mardūk Forces.

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Ontario Autonomous Region [M]
Caption: [Ontario Autonomous Region] The Ontario Autonomous Region was swallowed up by the runaway Omnidirectional Barrier, and an area extending several kilometres in a direct line from the Macross was lost, resulting in the loss of the city's facilities and the lives of many of its citizens.

An independent self-governing territory on the Hudson Bay coast in North America. They announced that they would welcome the Macross and its refugees, who had been refused acceptance by the Unified Government. Immediately after that, however, the Macross was attacked by the Zentrādi Forces, and its Omnidirectional Barrier went haywire, obliterating most of the surrounding urban areas. As a result, the Zentrādi Forces were successfully repelled, but the Ontario Autonomous Region refused to accept the Macross. On top of that, the Unified Government ordered the Macross to leave the Earth.

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Ka•Ki•Ku•Ke•Ko きくけこ Row

Kaitos [F]
Caption: [Kaitos] Typical for the ships from the Galaxy Fleet—which excelled in mechanical technology such as implants—the Kaitos has a silhouette that sets it apart from the other ships of the New Unified Forces. Incidentally, the ship's name is derived from the name of a star in the Deneb star system, and it is sometimes referred to as the "Deneb Kaitos".

The name of a Deneb-class Heavy Space Cruiser belonging to the Macross Galaxy Fleet, the 51st Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet. It was a main ship in the Galaxy Fleet's defences, and many similar ships were built and commissioned. However, during its voyage, the fleet was attacked by the Vajra and destroyed. The surviving Kaitos called for help from the Macross Frontier Fleet, but was instantly destroyed by a direct hit from a Vajra aircraft carrier.

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GERWALK [Zero, M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F, Ai, II, Other]
Caption: [GERWALK] Flight is possible even in the GERWALK form (upper picture). By pointing the legs—which house the main engines—downward, the Valkyrie gains VTOL functionality and hovering abilities. In the normal GERWALK form, the arms are unfolded, but they can also be left folded away (lower picture). This form, which can be considered a cross between Fighter and GERWALK, was called "GERWALK Fighter" by some.*

* Translator's note: the "(lower picture)" was placed after "GERWALK Fighter" in the original Ed.


Its official name is "Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint (Winged Ground Effect Support Weapon with Mobile Knee-joint)". It is one of the transformation modes of the Variable Fighters developed by the Unified Forces, and is midway between the Fighter and Battroid forms. As a result, it looks like an "aircraft with manipulators and legs". At the beginning of the Valkyrie's development, the GERWALK form was not considered, however the effectiveness of this form was accidentally discovered during a prototype's test flight (when forced to make an emergency landing due to a defective transformation mechanism, it was able to avoid danger by hovering and skating), and has since been adopted in earnest. This form, which was not as difficult to operate as the Battroid form and had superior stability during high-speed skating, was used in a variety of war situations, and was particularly favoured by pilots who had converted from piloting fighter jets.

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Gerwalkroid [II]
Caption: [Gerwalkroid] Since it cannot transform into Fighter form, the Gerwalkroid is not suitable for long-range travel or preemptive strikes. For that reason, in combat against the Mardūk Forces, the Gerwalkroid was deployed on the Unified Forces battleships and had the role of guarding the allied warships from the surface of the vessels.

An aircraft deployed in combat by the Unified Forces around 2090 AD. It was designed to operate only in GERWALK form, eliminating the variable mechanism of the Valkyries—which has a complex structure—and was mainly used for escort missions at low altitude. However, it was not as powerful as a Valkyrie in terms of military strength, and it seems that not so many of them were deployed.

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Hayao Kakizaki [M]
Caption: [Hayao Kakizaki] He is an unparalleled glutton and his favourite food is beefsteak. In the Ontario Autonomous Region, where the Macross had been accepted after its return to the Earth, a scramble was issued before Hayao could eat the beefsteak he had ordered, so he sortied after haven eaten only a single bite. On top of that, Hayao lost his life in this battle.

The pilot of the No.2 craft in the Unified Forces Valkyrie Force's Vermilion Flight. When Hikaru Ichijō was appointed flight leader, Hayao and Maximilian Jīnasu (Max) were assigned as Hikaru's subordinates. While he respects Hikaru by calling him "chief", Hayao exaggerates in combat, and is often saved by Hikaru and Max. However, he has a somewhat lovable personality and sets the mood for the Flight as the fierce battles continue.

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Hayao Kakizaki [Ai]
Caption: [Hayao Kakizaki] He is a cheerful, easygoing person who has a tendency to be nothing but talk. Perhaps because of that, during the battle to intercept the Meltrandi Forces, Hayao was killed by a direct hit from the enemy ace (Miria 639) while he was making fun of Hikaru.

The pilot of the No.3 craft in the Unified Forces Valkyrie Force's Skull Flight. He is a colleague of Hikaru Ichijō and Maximilian Jīnasu (Max), who all served as Roy Fokker's subordinates. After Fokker's death in battle, the Flight was reorganized with Hayao as Max's subordinate.

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Katasumi Park [7]
Caption: [Katasumi Park] Katasumi Park was the venue for Mylene Jīnasu's live debut concert when she joined Fire Bomber. However, the curveball of the Varōta Forces attacking the venue happened during the concert. In addition, Basara Nekki, the band's vocalist, flew out into the battlefield in the Fire Valkyrie, and it seemed to have been a particularly bad debut.

A park set up in the Macross 7 Fleet. Contrary to the name "Katasumi"1, the site is large, with a vast lawn and an abundance of trees, and an outdoor stage has been set up in one part of the park.

1 Translator's note: literally means 'corner' or 'nook'.

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Kadun [Zero]
Caption: [Kadun] To Sara Nome, the Shrine Maiden of the Wind who had been taken by the AFOS (left picture), the battle between the Unified Forces and the Anti Unification Alliance that was raging in the skies over Mayan Island was seen as the "Kadun of Strife" (right picture). It seems that the negative emotions, such as anger and fear, emitted by the pilots were seen in her eyes as beings that awakened the Wind of Doom.

Spirit-like beings that are spoken of in the folklore of Mayan Island, a solitary island in the south seas. They are believed to be similar to the animistic belief that divinity resides in all things in the world, and there are such Kaduns as the "Iron Kadun" and the "Fire Kadun". It was also believed that some of the Kadun had a negative influence on humans, and those who violated taboos were thought to have been possessed by a "Curse Kadun". It is also said that when the "Kadun of Strife" arrives from beyond the seas and blows the Wind of Doom, the "Bird Man" (AFOS) will awaken and destroy the world.

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Canaria Berstein [7]
Caption: [Canaria Berstein] In addition to being an active pilot, Canaria is also a licensed physician and serves as a medic in peacetime. For that reason, she provides treatment and counselling for Ranka, who had lost her memory, and has also become a good advisor for Ozuma Lee, who is struggling with his relationship with Ranka.

A female pilot in private military provider SMS, which is stationed in the Macross Frontier Fleet. Her code name is "Rabbit 1". She is usually known for her quiet personality and farsighted thinking, but in battle she is a fierce fighter who pilots a König Monster Variable Bomber. She is married and has a son named Eddie. To Canaria, Eddie is the apple of her eye, and she has a photo of her son on the control console of her bomber.

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Michelle Kaneko [7]
Caption: [Michelle Kaneko] Long, straight hair is Michelle Kaneko's signature feature. Since she was selected as a member of Jamming Birds through an addition, Michelle must have had a certain amount of Song Energy. However, it seems that she wasn't strong enough for the Protodevilun.

A member of the "Jamming Birds" civilian cooperative unit, which was formed by the Unified Forces when they were satisfied with Sound Force's military gains. Michelle was scheduled to sortie in the co-pilot seat of the two-seater VF-11D Thunderbolt, and sing with her colleagues Ripple Chitose and Marilyn Linkerbell, in order to support Sound Force in their fight against the Protodevilun. However, due to her fear of the battlefield and a lack of Song Energy, she didn't achieve the expected results.

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Kabagyu [Hippocow] [F]
Caption: [Kabagyu] Given that the Kabagyu are so large that they are taller than a human, they must have walked very slowly. However, the Zentrādi who were in charge of herding the cattle carried the Kabagyu under their arms, so the animal's slow gait doesn't seem to have been a problem.

Livestock raised in "Island 3", an Environmental Ship that belongs to the Macross Frontier Fleet and is in charge of agriculture and cattle raising. The Kabagyu look like a cross between a hippopotamus and a cow, and even though they are quite large, they have mild-mannered personalities. In addition, the special ice cream made from Kabagyu milk is a specialty of Island 3.

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Gabigura [7]
Caption: [Gabigura] The fusion is completed with Gabiru's lower body being buried between Gurabiru's eyebrows. For that reason, even though it looks almost exactly like Gurabiru, Gabigura's capabilities have improved dramatically, and they acquired a defensive capability that could even withstand a direct hit from a Macross Cannon.

The combined form of the Protodevilun Gabiru and Gurabiru. In fact, Gabigura is the original form, and Gurabiru, who constitutes the physical body, was controlled by Gabiru, who presides over the intellect. For that reason, it was irregular for Gabiru awaken all by himself, however this is considered to have been largely due to the influence of the Anima Spiritia. Also, their consumption of Spiritia increases dramatically when they combine, so it appears that they are usually kept separate in order to suppress that consumption. Nevertheless, the abilities gained through merging are tremendous, and Gabigura was powerful enough to destroy a moon-sized celestial body by itself.

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