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Glossary 08A: Gabigurago - Kim Kabirov

• "Glossary Sheet 08." Macross Chronicle. 15 Oct. 2009: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 08A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 11 Jun. 2013: 19-20.

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Ka•Ki•Ku•Ke•Ko きくけこ Row

Gabigurago [7 Gin]
Caption: [Gabigurago] Gabiru's intelligence, Gurabiru's power, and Natta-Barugo's sound wave resistance enabled Gabigurago to exhibit devastating capabilities. It's tough body, which can withstand some amount of Song Energy, seems to have been the result of having taken combat against Anima Spiritia into account.

The combined form of the three Protodeviluns Natta-Barugo—who was revived by mechanizing his damaged parts—Gabiru, and Gurabiru. Under Gabiru's control, Gabigurago exhibited devastating abilities. In particular, its defensive capabilities were so great that not only physical attacks from real weapons but even sound waves could be nullified.

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Gabiru [7, 7Gin]
Caption: [Gabiru] Gabiru has a unique sense of beauty, and he is fond of adding "beauty" to every sentence when he finds beauty in an object. For this reason, in battle he is known to give strange opinions such as, "Absolute beauty!", and "The beauty of destruction!"

One of the Protodevilun sealed up on the fourth planet of the Varōta Star System. Covered entirely in white feathers, Gabiru has a boyish appearance with wings that he can unfurl and fold up at will on his back, and an antenna on his forehead that is used to absorb Spiritia and transmit commands. Because he isn't very strong, Gabiru often pilots an Fbz-99G Zaubergeran in combat. He harbours a personal hatred for Gamlin Kizaki, who has repeatedly shot down Gabiru's aircraft and interfered with his missions.

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Kamujin Kraveshera [M]
Caption: [Kamujin Kraveshera] Even though he had a bad reputation among his superiors, he was admired by some of his subordinates as "The Boss" due to his courageous and daring fighting spirit.

A Zentrādi who holds the position of Commander of the 109th Branch Fleet's 7th Space Armoured Division. However, because of his impulsive battle commands that don't take his surroundings into consideration and the enormous damage he inflicts on both friend and foe, he is often nicknamed "Kamujin, the Ally Killer" by his comrades. Kamujin was deployed to the front lines as reinforcements in the fight against the Macross, and he repeatedly engaged them in combat. However, he joined the Macross's side during the decisive battle against the Bodoru Main Fleet. Despite that, two years after the end of the war, Kamujin was unable to adapt to Earth's culture, and he gathered a group of malcontent Zentrādi together to plot a rebellion. He repaired an abandoned Medium Gunship and launched a surprise attack on Macross City, sharing his fate with the ship in a desperate kamikaze attack.

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Kamujin 03350 [Ai]
Caption: [Kamujin 03350] He was given command of a platoon, and his skills as a soldier are thought to have been above average.

A pilot belonging to the Zentrādi Force's Buritai 7018 Adokurasu Fleet. He was in charge of the operation to capture the Unified Forces craft (the VT-1 Ostrich piloted by Hikaru Ichijō and Lynn Minmei) that was flying in the Saturn sector. After that, when Hikaru and the others were attempting to escape, Kamujin ambushed Roy Fokker's VF-1S Valkyrie. Kamujin crushed the cockpit and mortally wounded his opponent, but was immediately hit by a counterattack, and the two killed each other.

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Gamlin Kizaki [7,D7]
Caption: [Gamlin Kizaki] Gamlin's features include a hairstyle with spiky sides, and a wide forehead. In addition, he was born in HG Wells City on Mars, which earned him the nickname "The Martian" when he was a student.

A pilot in "Diamond Force", a special attack squadron belonging to the Macross 7 Fleet. He is a serious-minded person, and had no interest in romance since he had led a life devoted to the military. However, he fell in love at first sight with Mylene Jīnasu, the other person in an interview with a prospective spouse. Thereafter, as they went on more dates together, his love for her gradually deepened. He detests Basara Nekki, who often barges into the battlefield. When Gamlin found out that Mylene was a member of that same "Fire Bomber" rock band, he became jealous and had many harsh confrontations with Basara. However, Gamlin gradually came to understand Basara, and even though he had mixed feelings, Gamlin ended up working with him.

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Gaul 4 [F]
Caption: [Gaul 4] Although unsuitable for habitation, the planet developed a unique and rich ecosystem on the surface. However, nearly half of the planet was destroyed by the "Dimension Eater" that Grace O'Conner set off.

A planet in the Gaul Star System located near the centre of the galaxy. Because its rotation and orbital periods coincide, the same surface always faces toward the red giant Gaul 1, so there is no day or night on the planet. Therefore, even though it has a breathable atmosphere, Gaul 4 is not suitable for habitation. In addition, there are Fold Faults around the Gaul Star System, which makes it difficult to travel to even from neighbouring sectors of space. As a result, there aren't any emigration projects underway on the planet, and only the New Unified Forces 33rd Marine Force is stationed on the planet. However, it seems that control over the marines wasn't always perfect, and some soldiers led by Temujin—who was not happy with Earth's culture—detained Sheryl Nome when she visited Gaul 4. An unspecified incident occurred in which some of the Marines attempted a mutiny with Sheryl as their hostage.

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Kariba [D7]
Caption: [Kariba] He is a strong-willed person who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and prepared a military force comparable to the Patrol Corps to carry out poaching. Incidentally, the eye patch over his right eye and the scar on his left cheek are said to have been made at the end of a fierce battle with the Galactic Whales, but the details are unknown.

The leader of the Galactic Whale poaching group. Following the dying wish of his father, a Galactic Whale hunter, Kariba has been expanding the organization. When Kariba realized that the leader of the pod, a white Galactic Whale, is interfering with their fishing, he obtained a Reaction Weapon through black-market channels. Using that, Kariba tried to obliterate the white whale, but failed to do so.

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Cultune Plaza [II]
Caption: [Cultune Plaza] Despite being a monument, the Macross displayed in the park occasionally caused unexplained spontaneous energy outbursts. At such times, an evacuation advisory called a "Macross Alert" was issued, urging people visiting the park to be cautious.

The name of a nature park (Culture Park) established on Earth in 2090 AD. It is known as a place for citizens to rest and relax, with rest areas and recreational facilities scattered here and there throughout its abundant forests. In addition, a battleship (the SDF-1 Macross)—said to have been active in the great war 80 years ago—is preserved as a monument in one part of the park.

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Guld Goa Bowman [Plus]
Caption: [Guld Goa Bowman (in the back of the picture)] Guld, who had feelings for Myung, thought that Isamu had hurt Myung and was antagonistic towards him. However, Isamu—who was thinking of Guld's sake—dared not to tell the truth, which made Guld's resentment even stronger.

A development chief and test pilot at General Galaxy, who was in charge of the YF-21 that was deployed in the Next Main Variable Fighter Development Project (Project Super Nova). Guld is half-Zentrādi—born to a Zentrādi father and an Earthling mother—and the genetic traits of both races gave him a clear mind and a strong body. At the same time, however, he also inherited the aggressive impulses characteristic of the Zentrādi. Because of that, he violently attacked his childhood friend Myung Fang Lone. He blocked out his memories of the attack, which led him to believe that Isamu Dyson was responsible for that incident. However, his memories were restored during the battle against Isamu, and Guld made peace with him. Shortly afterwards, Guld and the Ghost X-9 simultaneously shot each other down, and Guld's body was scattered in the great arch of the sky.

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Guld Works [F]

A Variable Fighter development arsenal set up within the Macross Galaxy Fleet. It has a licensing agreement with the Unified Government and completed the VF-27 Lucifer, a new Variable Fighter based on the YF-24 Evolution. Backed by the advanced technological capabilities of the Macross Galaxy Fleet, Guld Works introduced a number of ambitious technologies in the development of the VF-27. In addition to making the VF-27 a VF that can only be piloted by someone whose body has been mechanized by implants, a thought-using control system was used as its control system. This enabled complete control of the VF-27 based only on the pilot's thoughts.

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Karen Allen [Other]
Caption: [Karen Allen] A beautiful woman of French descent. Her semi-long hair with a light sauvage style gives her a mature ambience.

A female operator on the Special Forces ship "Valhalla III", which was deployed in the rescue operation (Operation Orpheus) that was launched by the Unified Forces to resolve the "Milky Dolls Kidnapping" that occurred in 2047 AD. As this operation was based on covert operations by a single ship, it must have placed a heavy burden even on the operators. However, Karen always gave calm and precise instructions no matter the circumstances. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Environment Ship [F]
Caption: [Environment Ship] There are over 20 Environment Ships in the Macross Frontier Fleet, and they are connected in the form of being towed by the gigantic Residential Ship (Island 1). Although it is difficult to grasp the scale of these vessels from a distance, one of them alone is enormous, with a length of 8,000 m and a diameter of 3,000 m.

The general term for the cylindrical vessels that make up the Fifth-Generation Emigrant Fleets, exemplified by the Macross Frontier Fleet. The Environment Ship consists of a closed bio-plant that enables long-distance voyages with minimal replenishment, and their efficiency is increased by circulating resources through the ships' connecting shafts. This allows the ecological balance of the Emigrant Fleet to be maintained at a certain level, however, it has the structural disadvantage of being vulnerable to external factors, such as combat. Therefore, when the environmental balance is disturbed, a control mode is issued and restrictions are placed on civilian life.

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Hibiki Kanzaki [II]
Caption: [Hibiki Kanzaki] During the war with the Mardūk Forces, Hibiki's self-centred words and actions stood out. However, he gradually came to see the conflict from a bigger perspective, and even started to establish an emotional bond with Sylvie, who he was initially antagonistic with.

An entertainment reporter for SNN, a TV station on Earth. In order to please his viewers, Hibiki is always after scandals, and doesn't care about the privacy of the people he reports on. However, he changed his conduct after covering a battle between the Unified Forces and the Mardūk Forces. Hibiki changed his way of thinking through encounters with Ishtar, a Song Shrine Maiden (Emulator) in the Mardūk Forces, and Sylvie Gina, a female pilot concerned about corruption in the Unified Forces. And after seeing the upper echelons of the Unified Forces covering up the truth, Hibiki became aware of his duty as a reporter.

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Inspection Forces [7, 7 Gin]
Caption: [Inspection Forces] The abandoned battleship discovered by Hikaru Ichijō and his companions when they went to take control of the Zentrādi Factory Satellite is considered to have also belonged to the Inspection Forces. However, because priority was given to the execution of the operation, an investigation of the abandoned battleship wasn't conducted, and detailed information on the Inspection Forces has not yet been obtained.

They have been fighting the Zentrādi Forces for as long as 500,000 cycles. Their true identity has been forgotten by the Zentrādi Forces, but they are believed to be a Zentrādi armed force that has been mentally controlled by Protodevilun. Nevertheless, the existence of the Inspection Forces has been proven (the ASS-1 that fell to Earth was an Inspection Forces battleship), and traces of the conflict with them have been left behind in the sectors of space in the neighbourhood of the Earth.

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Fleet Flagship Space Carrier [7, 7 Gin]
Caption: [Fleet Flagship Space Carrier] It has a unique "U" letter shape, with the bridge located in the centre. The bow sections that protrude to the left and right are used as docking space for storing and launching the ship's ship-borne aircraft.

The flagship of the Varōta Forces, commanded by Geperunicchi—the head of the Protodevilun. It is sometimes referred to as Geperunicchi's Ship. The carrier is a Unified Forces warship built with combat against a Zentrādi Flagship Fleet in mind, that has been modified for the Varōta Forces. The ship is 4,320 m long, and is equipped with large and small cannons in every part of its hull. The carrier also has a payload of 400 to 500 ship-borne aircraft, and has extremely great combat capabilities even as a single ship.

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Ka•Ki•Ku•Ke•Ko かくけこ Row

Gigamesh [II]
Caption: [Gigamesh] The Gigamesh for ordinary soldiers (pictured above) has a purple colouring. However, Feff's personal Gigamesh (pictured below) has a red colouring. Feff's Gigamesh's size is also slightly larger, and it has been customized for use as a commander's craft.

The main Battlesuit of the Mardūk Forces. It is a mobile weapon that was developed for the Mardūk people, and is equipped with telescopic wing-cutters on its shoulders. In addition, the Gigamesh is equipped with sharp claws on various parts of its body, and it excels in close-quarter combat using them. Due to that, even though it has great combat capabilities, the number of Gigamesh produced is small, and only a small number seem to have been deployed in combat.

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Gigiru [7]
Caption: [Gigiru] While borrowing Autre Mauer's body (pictured above), Gigiru looked no different from a human. However, his true form (pictured below) resembles a giant with abnormally long arms and legs. Gigiru is also capable of teleportation and creating a black hole-like void, and demonstrated enough power to destroy an entire planet by himself.

A Protodevilun subordinate to Geperunicchi. He possessed Autre Mauer—commander of the Unified Forces Ground Combat Unit (Blue Rhinoceros) that belonged to the Varōta Star System 4th Planet Research Group—and acted as the commander of the Varōta Forces. His personality tends to be impulsive, and he personally went to the front lines in the battles with the Macross 7 Fleet and enjoyed hunting under the guise of collecting Spiritia. However, Gigiru grew increasingly antagonistic toward Geperunicchi, who was using Gigiru for his personal advantage. Gigiru awakened the Protodevilun Sybil on his own initiative, and left the Varōta Forces to pursue her. Gigiru had used Basara Nekki's songs to awaken Sybil, when she had fallen into a deep sleep, but he gradually became aware of a friendship-like feeling toward him. In the end, Gigiru entrusted Sybil to Basara, and sacrificed his own life to protect her.

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Kim Kabirov [M]
Caption: [Kim Kabirov] She has a boyish appearance with a short haircut that suits her well. Kim is the type of person who separates her work and private lives. Due to the shortage of manpower, however, she was often called upon to perform various military assignments.

One of the bridge operators on the Macross, Kim is in charge of such things as shipboard control and communications. She has a sensible personality with a spirited side, and even though Kim isn't particularly enthusiastic about her work, she performs her duties flawlessly. After her colleagues Vanessa Laird and Shammy Milliome retired, Kim remained in the armed forces and followed a career path. In 2059, she was appointed captain of the Macross 13, responsible for the direct defence of the Earth. It's said that she fought of the Vajra that attacked the Earth that year.

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Kim Kabirov [Ai]
Caption: [Kim Kabirov (centre)] While Shammy tends to get easily worked up when discussing topics related to love, Kim always interacts with others in a mature manner and enjoys their reactions to that.

One of the three female officers who serve as bridge operators on the Macross. Kim is somewhat strong-willed and has a spirited side. Because of that, she would tease her younger colleague (Shammy Milliome) at every opportunity, and acted like her older sister.

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