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Glossary 09A: Kim Saint Laurent - Quadoran-Rō

• "Glossary Sheet 09." Macross Chronicle. 29 Oct. 2009: 27-28.
• "Glossary Sheet 09A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 25 Jun. 2013: 19-20.

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Ka•Ki•Ku•Ke•Ko かくけこ Row (con't)

Kim Saint Laurent [7]
Caption: [Kim Saint Laurent] Along with the simple-minded Dr. Chiba, who was delighted when Sound Force achieved results, Kim was also often delighted.

A female officer serving as a bridge operator on the Battle 7, the flagship of the Macross 7 Fleet. She is a graduate of the Navigational Information Analysis Department of the Unified Forces Military Academy, and was mainly in charge of searching for the enemy. However, she often switched seats with Dr. Chiba after Sound Force was deployed in battle, and in those cases, she followed Dr. Chiba's lead while keeping watch over the progress of battle. This led to her getting engaged to Dr. Chiba in February, 2046.

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Katheryn Glass [F]
Caption: [Katheryn Glass] She always presents the appearance of being calm, cool, and collected. However, she is somewhat of a late bloomer when it comes to lovers. During the battle with the Vajra, Katheryn seems to have shown her naive side during unexpected events, such as her face turning red when she heard Ozuma—who was risking his life to protect her—exclaim, "What kind of person is a man if he can't protect his younger sister or the woman he loves!"

A female officer belonging to the Unified Forces general staff, and the daughter of Howard Glass, the President of the Macross Frontier government. On top of that, Katheryn is a beautiful and intelligent woman who had also been selected in the past as the Semi-Miss for the Miss Macross Frontier contest.* She was the lover of Ozuma Lee—a pilot in S.M.S.—however, she broke up with him because of his attitude of only caring about Ranka Lee. Katheryn then became engaged to presidential aide Leon Mishima, but began to get back together with Ozuma when she was assigned to S.M.S. On the other hand, she became suspicious of Leon's behaviour when he came into contact with Grace O'Conner, and this created an opportunity to uncover their schemes.

* Translator's note: "Miss Frontier" in the original ed.

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Cat-snake [D7]
Caption: [Cat-snake] The Cat-snake usually stays motionless while wrapped around the neck of the symbiotic Zolan, making it look like an accessory to outsiders who are unaware of the situation. However, if one looks closely, one can observe the movements of the Cat-snake, and sometimes they can be seen moving independently, separate from the Zolan.

A general term for the creatures that have a symbiotic relationship with the native people (Zolans) of planet Zola, located in the galactic frontier. Cat-snakes and Zolans are inseparable, and one Zolan and one Cat-snake live together as a pair. Their appearance resembles that of a snake on Earth, but they have a third eye in their foreheads. They are also highly intelligent, and can communicate intent with the Zolans.

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Kyapī [D7]
Caption: [Kyapī] Elma, accustomed to being a singer like her mother, often told her dream of being a singer to Kyapī, and sang wherever she went.

The name of a creature (Cat-snake) that has a symbiotic relationship with Elma Hoily, a young girl native to the planet Zola. It looks almost the same as the other Cat-snakes, but it has a pale-yellow body and a blue forehead. Kyapī is able to read the ancient script left by the ancestors of the Zolans in the graveyard of the Galactic Whales, and read it out to Basara Nekki through Elma.

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Capital City [Plus]
Caption: [Capital City] The small island at the mouth of the river is the centrepiece of the sight-seeing area. In addition to rows of luxury villas, a musical hall with a retractable dome (the Macross Memorial Concert Hall / right photo) was built on a hill on the island and is known as a galaxy-class structure.

A city built on planet Eden. Modelled on the scenery around San Francisco on Earth, the city was built centred on both banks of a large river's estuary with a large waterfall sandwiched between them, creating a unique space in which a modern urban area is laid out in Eden's unique natural setting. The city's beauty is well known, and around 2040 AD, it has come into the limelight as a tourist attraction.

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Galaxy Network [7, F]

An ultra-wide-area information network that uses Fold Communication technology to cover the entire galaxy. In the 2040s, it relayed information in almost real-time from Emigrant Fleets and Emigrant Planets, providing information on culture, technology, trends, and customs. The enormous popularity of Fire Bomber from the Macross 7 Fleet and Sheryl Nome from the Macross Galaxy Fleet is largely due to the Galaxy Network. However, completely real-time communications hasn't been achieved yet, and there is still the problem of information loss due to Fold Faults. For that reason, a faction that included Grace O'Conner was planning to establish a new communication network that used Fold Quartz. They aimed at dominating the galaxy by controlling the information network.

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Gyararashi [7, 7Gin, D7]
Caption: [Gyararashi] Gubaba—a familiar face to Fire Bomber's vocalist and bassist Mylene Flare Jīnasu—is a Gyararashi that was attacked by a savage beast on the fifth planet of the Pukirasesu star system in 2036, separated from its pack, and rescued by Max, Mylene's father.

The generic name for the Galactic Long-haired Rat that inhabits the planets of the Pukirasesu star system in packs. The formal name of the species is Class: Astrogena / Order: Territus-dentes* / Family: Guriputinasu / Genus: Amorphous / Species: Hariguriputinasu subspecies Gyararashi. They have sympathetic abilities, and in addition to being kept as pets, they can also locate their owner at a distance.

* Translator's note: written as "guba" in Japanese; literally anxious tooth. Akin to the "gnawing tooth" order—aka rodentia—on Earth.

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QF-3000E [M]
Caption: [QF-3000E] Although the QF-3000E was superior to the VFs in terms of cost and manoeuvrability, as a consequence of its insufficient AI performance, it could only play the role of a support fighter that preceded the VF units into the space combat sector, and did such things as clearing the way or confining enemy fighters.

An aircraft in the Unified Forces unmanned fighter series, known as the "Ghosts". It is an unmanned air and space fighter-bomber manufactured by Northrom, and was used in the First Interstellar War against the Zentrādi Forces. As an aircraft that's far larger than the QF-2200 series1, it is loaded with and makes use of a small thermonuclear reaction engine that enables the fighter-bomber to operate in all regimes, both inside and outside of the atmosphere.2 The Ghost was expected to be the main fighter against the Zentrādi Forces due to its ability to exceed the limits of manned fighters without the risk of exhausting its pilot, however, it wasn't able to achieve the expected results due to insufficient AI performance. Nevertheless, the Ghost's impact on the tactical thinking of the Unified Forces was so great that the development of unmanned aircraft would continue.3

Translator's notes:
1 Errata. Originally was: "Even though it's an aircraft that's far smaller than the QF-2200 series..."
2 In the original ed., the sentence was: "Even though it's an aircraft that is far smaller than the QF-2200 series and expands on the "Super Bird" hypersonic lifting body unmanned fighter-bomber series, the Ghost was loaded with and makes use of a small thermonuclear engine that enables the fighter bomber to operate in all regimes, both inside and outside of the atmosphere."
3 Sentence added in the revised edition.

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QF-2200D-A1 [Zero]
Caption: [QF-2200D-A1] The QF-2200D-A was designed to be stealthy, small, and lightweight, making it difficult to detect or acquire on radar. It was also deployed in the battle against the Anti Unification Alliance around Mayan Island.

An early model Ghost, jointly developed by Northram and Itsubishi. It's a Unified Forces unmanned stealth fighter that was deployed in combat during the Unification War. The fuselage with forward-swept wings was designed with stealthiness in mind, and its shape was managed to make it as thin and flat as possible. The Ghost was designed and manufactured using conventional technology and hardly uses any OTM, and this fighter—which is equipped with a sensor on the nose—is called the A-type.2

Translator's notes:
11 Was merely "QF-2001" in the original ed.
2 In the original ed., the sentence was: "It's an aircraft whose design was produced with conventional technology and hardly uses any OTM, and is smaller in comparison to the "Super Bird" unmanned fighter-bomber series."

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QF-2200D-B* [Zero]
Caption [appears at the top of the reverse side]: [QF-2200D-B*] The QF-2200D-B was also converted into an additional booster for the heavily armed VF-0S. By utilizing the Ghost's variable nozzle, the VF-0S gained trickier manoeuvrability, and it was called the "Special Attack/Assault Specification".

An early model Ghost, jointly developed by Northrom and Itsubishi. Mass production of this compact, lightweight, and highly manoeuvrable unmanned stealth reconnaissance plane began in 2002. Deployed on the carrier Asuka and used in such things as combat with the Anti Unification Alliance, the Ghost was deployed to the front lines in large numbers by the Unified Forces, whose skilled pilots had been depleted due to the chaos at the beginning of the Unification War. Even though it was developed primarily for high-speed reconnaissance-in-force at relatively low altitude, its manoeuvrability exceeded the limits of manned aircraft—with an instantaneous maximum of over 25 Gs—and it even demonstrated combat capabilities greater than that of the main fighter in dogfights. Incidentally, many variants of the QF-2200D series exist, such as a low-speed, long-range reconnaissance model equipped with a fuel-efficient turbofan jet engine, and a high-altitude reconnaissance model equipped with a turbofan/ramjet engine.

* Translator's note: merely "QF-2200D" in the original ed.

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QF-4000 [F]
Caption: [QF-4000] The three QF-4000s, whose main roles were to escort the RVF-25 on patrol and to gather information on targets, had a locked "Judah System"—an improved version of the X-9's artificial intelligence. When the system was released, each Ghost became fully autonomous and manoeuvrable, and demonstrated astonishing combat capabilities.

A Ghost that was deployed for testing by the Macross Frontier's private military provider S.M.S. The QF-4000 is an AIF-7S—manufactured by General Galaxy—equipped with a newly developed Fold Communication Guidance System by L.A.I., which is designed to nullify ECM.

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Gilliam Angreat [Other]
Caption: [Gilliam Angreat] He also served as an instructor for the Ravens, and is nicknamed "the Oni (ogre) Instructor".

The commander of the 727th Independent Squadron VF-X Ravens, which had been set up by the Unified Forces. He holds the rank of Major. After learning of the tyranny of Lactence—a faction within the Unified Government that Gilliam had long harboured suspicions about—he defected from the Unified Forces and collaborated with Vinderance. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Kirutora Keruēru [M]
Caption: [Kirutora Keruēru] The huge hull, boasting an overall length of 3,000 m, is second only to the Noputi Baganisu. The ship was loaded with a large number of Mobile Weapons, such as the Nūjaderu-Gā, Rigādo, and Fighter Pods.

A Zentrādi Planetary Landing Assault Ship that has been used since the early stages of the Protoculture's Galactic Empire Fragmentation War. It was mainly tasked with transporting supplies to the front lines and deploying weapons and troops on hostile planets. Even though the ship itself had poor firepower, it was renown for its robust armour—which more than compensated for its firepower—and was regarded as one of the most famous Zentrādi vessels.

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Galactic Whale [D7]
Caption: [Galactic Whale] Since the Galactic Whales are sold on the black market at high prices, poaching groups that target them appear when they seasonal migrate to the sector of space around planet Zola. The poaching groups engage in fierce struggles with the Zolan Patrol Corps that tries to protect the whales.

A mysterious giant life-form that seasonally migrates to the sector of space around planet Zola once a year. According to the Galactic Academic Society's bio-investigation, the whales are energy bodies composed of interstellar matter with a vegetative structure, and are not considered to have free will. However, a white Galactic Whale, which was strikingly larger than the rest of the whales in the group, responded to Basara Nekki's songs and sang along with him, which revealed that the whales have free will.

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Galactic Cosmos [7Gin]
Caption: [Galactic Cosmos] The Galactic Cosmos seeds sprouted after 2,000 years thanks to the Song Energy of rock band Fire Bomber's Basara Nekki and Emilia Jīnasu, who was doing disciplined and dedicated singing practice on that frontier planet.

A plant that flowered on a frontier planet that used to be lush with vegetation. It is no longer seen due to that planet's global cooling. However, Pedro—a young boy living on that frontier planet—had Galactic Cosmos seeds as a memento of his father.

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Galaxy Pulitzer Prize [7]

A prestigious award given for journalism and the like. Janet Johnson, once a leading reporter for the gossip paper "Gala-Spo", quit the company and chose a freelance career in order to become a writer that reports the truth, and aimed at winning this award.

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Gala-spo [7]
Caption: [Gala-spo] Concerning the incidents where City 7 citizens were robbed of their bio-energy: Gala-Spo reported that it might have been the work of vampires. The real culprits behind the article were operatives from the Varōta Forces sent to gather up and investigate Spiritia in the Macross 7 Fleet.

An abbreviation of "Galaxy Sports", an entertainment gossip magazine famous for its gossip articles. Janet, the magazine's lead reporter, made headlines by fabricating a series of Basara-related scandal stories.

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Kinryu [7]
Caption: [Kinryu] Even though he has a rugged appearance with his trademark Kirin tattoo on his shaved head, he was well trusted by his subordinates. After he withdrew from the front lines, his beloved VF-17S became the Valkyrie manned by Gamlin Kizaki, his former subordinate.

The commanding officer of the Unified Forces' Diamond Force squadron in the Macross 7 Fleet. He holds the rank of captain. As a 34-year-old veteran pilot, he faithfully performs his duties with pride as a professional soldier. On the other hand, his relationships with women are flashy, and he is close to Miho and Sally, two Battle 7 operators. He was temporarily hospitalized after his Spiritia was stolen by the Protodevilun Sybil. Shortly after his recovery, however, he charged into an enemy ship to save the Battle 7 in the orbital battle over Planet Rax, blew up its power reactor, and met his end.

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Ka•Ki•Ku•Ke•Ko かきけこ Row

Quadoran-Kiruka [7Gin]
Caption: [Quadoran-Kiruka] It seems to have been uniquely enhanced with such things as an increase in power output and the addition of a colourful smokescreen spewing mechanism.

A rare mecha even in the Quadoran series. It combines heavy armaments and high manoeuvrability at a high level. It is the favourite mecha of Emiria Jīnasu, the fifth daughter of husband and wife Max and Miria, and it engaged in battle against the Protodevilun on the frontier planet together with Nekki Basara's Fire Valkyrie.

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Quadoran-Nona [Other]

A simplified version of the Quadoran-Rō—a battlesuit that chooses its rider—for use by ordinary soldiers. In addition to the camera-eye being made into a dual-lens type, changes such as having only one missile pod on the back were added to it. [Source: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Do You Remember Love? (a 3D Shooting Game with PS and SS versions)]

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Quadoran-Rea [F]
Caption: [Quadoran-Rea] It is operated by the Pixy Platoon in S.M.S., a private military provider in the Macross Frontier. Its manoeuvrability was on par with the VF-25, the latest Valkyrie model.

After the First Interstellar War, General Galaxy redesigned and modified the Quadoran-Rō. The Quadoran-Rea is equipped with a movable beam cannon on its back, and the arm triple-barrel laser pulse guns have also been strengthened. In addition, it has also been modified so that even male Zentrādi can pilot it without any problems.

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Quadoran-Rō [M, 7]
Caption: [Quadoran-Rō] The favourite mecha of Airman First Class Miria Farīna, nicknamed "Ace Miria". It fought an epic urban battle with the VF-1A of Maximilian Jīnasu, a genius pilot in the Unified Forces.

A battlesuit developed for female officers in the Zentrādi Forces. It has a unique shape with no torso part, and the legs are directly connected to the chest. The arms and chest are armed with laser machine-guns and other weapons, and the battlesuit has high-manoeuvrability similar to that of a Fighter Pod.

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