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Glossary 11A: Factory Ship Three Star - G

• "Glossary Sheet 11." Macross Chronicle. 26 Nov. 2009: 27-28.
• "Glossary Sheet 11A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 23 Jul. 2013: 19-20.

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Ka•Ki•Ku•Ke•Ko かきくけ Row (con't)

Factory Ship Three Star [7]
Caption: [Factory Ship Three Star] It is slightly smaller than the other accompanying ships in the Macross 7 Fleet. However, it has a heat-dissipating film—which is more than 1,500 m long—extending from the stern that discharges the large amount of heat emitted by the large reactor.

An industrial ship belonging to the Macross 7 Fleet. It's a ship with various manufacturing facilities centred on a large reactor, and produces all kinds of industrial products from daily necessities to spaceships. As a result, it looks more like a collection of industrial complexes rather than a ship.

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High-speed Raiding Cruiser [7]
Caption: [High-speed Raiding Cruiser] While the other Varōta ships have adopted multi-faceted stealthy structures, the cruiser retains a form with many curved surfaces, and is considered to be a somewhat older generation of ship.

One of the space battlecruisers operated by the Varōta Forces. Despite being rather small at 366 m in length, the number of ships deployed is estimated to be 92, and along with the Standard Battle-line Battleships, they form the core of the Varōta Forces. It specializes in highly-mobile combat that takes advantage of its small size, and they seem to have implemented the tactic of deploying shipboard aircraft while breaking through the centre of the enemy lines at high speed, thereby causing confusion in the enemy forces.

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Code Q1 [F]

The code-name given to Ranka Lee in a covert operation conducted by Grace O'Conner and others. Incidentally, Code Q1 was believed to have died in the 117th Research Group* incident.

* Translator's note: spelling error? 調査団 (research group; used here) vs. 調査船団 (research fleet—the kanji invariably used to describe the 117th fleet).

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Coffee Break [7]

A program broadcast live in the Macross 7 Fleet. A dramatic recreation depicting rock group Fire Bomber's fascinating and mysterious past was aired on the program.

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Cosmo Nature [F]
Caption: [Cosmo Nature] Along with the paper, a photo of 117th Research Fleet's Dr. Mao Nome and collaborators Ranshe Mei and Grace O'Conner were published in the "Copying With and Preventing V-type Infections" article.

An academic journal. The Nov. 2047 issue published the paper "Coping With and Preventing V-type Infections" by leading Protoculture researcher Dr. Mao Nome et al.

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Kototome Myshkin [7]
Caption: [Kototome Myshkin] Even though she was forced to abandon the Battle 7, she survived the final battle with the Protodevilun.

A Battle 7 bridge operator. She is one of the operator girls stationed behind the bridge, on the lower level.

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Komiria [M, 7Gin]
Caption: [Komiria] During the Zentrādi Factory Satellite Seizure Operation, Komiria stormed into the satellite along with Max and Miria. Her existence gave a great shock to the Zentrādi soldiers.

Humankind's first interstellar baby. The first child of Maximilian Jīnasu and Zentrādi Miria Farīna*, her full name is Komiria Maria Far?na Jīnasu.

* Translator's note: originally was: "The firstborn of Maximilian Jīnasu and Maria Farīna..."

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General Gomez [Plus]
Caption: [General Gomez] General Gomez didn't give a very harsh cross-examination in the inquiry convened after the accident during the mock battle in Project Super Nova. It is believed that the Ghost X-9 drone deployment plan was already underway at that time.

A general in the Unified Space Forces. He served as the supervisor of "Project Super Nova", a next main Variable Fighter development project, in 2040. However, he actually agreed with the plan to deploy the unmanned Ghost X-9, in accordance with the wishes of Unified Forces Commander Higgins.

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Goramu [7]
Caption: [Goram] Goramu was a huge Protodevilun but was zippy, as it moved by repetitively making short-range spatial transitions. Collaborating with Zomudo, Goramu tormented the Macross 7 Fleet.

A Protodevilun that uses a large Ehvil as its body. By working in tandem with Zomudo—a Protodevilun who was awakened at the same time—Goramu had the ability to emit powerful energy waves and force massive objects to space fold. During the final battle against the Macross 7 Fleet, Goramu met its end when it was absorbed by the rampaging Gepernicchi.

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Goru Bodoruzā [Ai]
Caption: [Goru Bodoruzā] It is a super-sized living command computer that oversaw the approximately 5 million ships that had invaded the Solar System. Through prolonged warfare, Bodoruzā understood the meaning of culture, albeit only slightly.

The supreme commander of the Zentrādi Fleet, who has experienced 120,000 cycles since being produced. It is several times the size of a Valkyrie, and is a main computer-like entity that is connected to the Bodoru Flagship.

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Conserax [7]

A battlefield multi-eye camera used by the Battle 7 when gathering information. A container containing multiple Conserax is shot-out to capture images of the battlefield. Target analysis is performed based on the video data.

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Konda Buromuko [Ai]
Caption: [Konda Buromuko] When Konda and his comrades infiltrated the Macross, despite being repeatedly surprised by human "culture"—something that he was learning about for the first time—he led the other two.

A Zentrādi belonging to the 8th Reconnaissance-in-Force Unit of the Buritai Fleet. Together with Warera Nantesu and Rorī Doseru, he was so impressed by Earth's culture that he defected to the Macross. After the First Interstellar War, Konda worked in Macross City. However, he became addicted to the "culture" of Earth, and along with Warera he came to live as a freeloader with Rorī, who had married Vanessa Laird.

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Konda 88333 [Ai]

A Zentran who rammed into the building where Lynn Minmei had taken refuge when he, along with Warera 25258 and Rorī 28356, penetrated inside the Macross as part of the Macross Assault Force. He later attended peace talks with the Earthlings as an ambassador of peace.

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Sa•Shi•Su•Se•So しすせそ Row

Sāraido [II]

The flagship of the Mardūk Forces' Vanguard Fleet, on which Erinshi, the leader of the Emulators, is serving. Considered to be contaminated by enemy culture, the ship was sanctioned by military dictator Ingusu, and annihilated.

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South Coast City [M]

One of the cities that recovered after the First Interstellar War. Even though Lynn Minmei was invited to a concert celebrating the city's acquisition of autonomy from the Unified Forces, she refused to sing. Minmei disappeared and took refuge with Hikaru Ichijō.

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Sound Energy System [7, 7Gin, D7]

A system, created by Dr. Chiba—the proponent of the "Sound Energy Theory"—that converts Song Energy into such things as light and power that shakes space-time. The Sound Energy System is a device that re-uses the Super Space-time Converter, which is the core of the Space Fold System. Even though the system can only be operated by a person who possesses a certain level of Song Energy, it is capable of generating even 4th dimensional phenomenon with Song Energy as powerful as that of Nekki Basara and Mylene Jīnasu. It is also possible to double the power of the system by being equipped with such things as a Sound Booster.

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Sound Buster [7]

The Battle 7's Gunship converted into a Sound Weapon. It sends Song Energy directly into the body of a Protodevilun, paralyzing its bodily functions from the inside. It was used against Geperunicchi during the final battle against the Protodevilun. However, when the second shot was fired, the Gunship's systems reached their limit and broke down, resulting in Geperunicchi going berserk.

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Sound Barrier [7]

Song Energy converted by the Sound Energy System is radiated from three directions to create a barrier that encloses a Protodevilun. The Protodevilun Capture Operation was executed with the Sound Barrier, according to Dr. Chiba's plan.

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Sound Booster [7, 7Gin]

A device that amplifies the effects of the Song Energy converted by the Sound Energy System. It was developed by the Macross 7 Special Technology Team—in which Dr. Chiba played a leading role—as additional equipment for the Sound Force special-purpose Valkyries, and was put into practical use when the Macross 7 Fleet stayed on Planet Rax.

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Sound Force [7, 7Gin, D7]
Caption: [Sound Force] This VF unit was consists of three Valkyries: the VF-19 Kai, VF-11 MAXL Kai, and the VF-17T Kai. Each of these VFs—which are Song Energy compatible—played an active role in the Anti Protodevilun War.

A civilian cooperative unit born out of "Project M", a project that the Unified Forces advanced in absolute secrecy. Formed with the members of the Fire Bomber rock band, the unit used special-purpose VFs equipped with Sound Weapons. They played an active role as the trump card in the Anti Protodevilun War, and brought the Varōta War to an end.

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Aruto Saotome [F]
Caption: [Aruto Saotome] A handsome boy with clean-cut features, who was famous as a virtuoso onnagata*. Aruto usually looks at things cynically, but he has a strong sense of justice and a loyal personality. He also showed extraordinary talent as a VF pilot.

* Translator's note: onnagata = male actor in female kabuki roles


A high school student who attends the pilot training course of Mihoshi Academy High School's Space Flight Department. He was born into a prestigious kabuki family, but his longing for the sky and a feud with his father led him to become a Valkyrie pilot. Aruto enlisted in the private military provider S.M.S. after a Vajra attack on the Frontier Fleet. He was assigned to Skull Platoon and became a VF-25F pilot. In addition, after the dissolution of S.M.S. and its incorporation into the New Unified Forces, Aruto was assigned the position of commanding officer in Sagittarius Platoon, and played an active role as a regular soldier.

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Miyo Saotome [F]
Caption: [Miyo Saotome] Before her death, Miyo shared with young Aruto her dreams of and fascination with the real sky. It seems that Aruto's clean-cut features were inherited from her.

Aruto Saotome's mother. She had a weak constitution and died when Aruto was 12 years old, but she later inspired him to become a pilot.

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Yasaburō Saotome [F]
Caption: [Yasaburō Saotome] He is a mild-mannered person, and has a strong passion for acting. Yasaburō places great value on Aruto's talent and is troubled by Aruto's falling out with Ranzō, and tells him to return home.

An actor in the Saotome stable. He is a senior student to Aruto. Even though he isn't related to the Saotome family, he is the leading candidate to become the next "Ranzō", because of Aruto's estrangement with his father.

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Ranzō Saotome [F]
Caption: [Ranzō Saotome] Ranzō is referred to as "sensei" by those around him, and has a personality appropriate for that title. He acknowledged that Aruto's way of life in taking on the Vajra has its own "dance".

He is the 18th head of the Saotome stable. Ranzō is a very strict man and has rigidly coached his son Aruto since childhood. Ranzō has been estranged from Aruto since Aruto quit acting due to a rebellion against him.

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Fish Man [Zero]

In Mayan Island folklore, the Fish Man is the counterpart of the "Bird Man". It is said that the Fish Man, whose tail and fins were cut off by the Bird Man, grew legs and became "Rōikanu", the first person on Earth.

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Sakura-hime Azuma Bunshō (The Scarlet Princess of Edo) [F]
Caption: [Sakura-hime Azuma Bunshō] Even though Aruto has already retired from acting, his performance as Princess Sakura still has many fans.

A kabuki play. It is one of the most famous kabuki plays with a love scene, and it is widely known that Aruto Saotome—an onnagata in the Saotome stable—who was praised as a prodigy, played the role of Princess Sakura.

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Sazapī [D7]
Caption: [Sazapī] She is a beautiful woman with a bewitching atmosphere. It seems that her personal preference of "interest in young women" also influenced her decision to headhunt Mylene.

A female producer for Galaxy Network, a TV station in City 7. She plotted to headhunt Mylene Flare Jīnasu from Fire Bomber.

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Sagittarius Flight [F]

A VF flight in the Macross Frontier New Unified Forces. Its call sign is "Sagittarius". After the dissolution of the Private Military Provider S.M.S. and its incorporation into the New Unified Forces, Aruto Saotome served as the flight's commander as a regular serviceman.

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Sub-Universe [7]

An alternative universe that overlaps our universe where humankind resides. Mental lifeforms, who came into existence at one point in the sub-universe, entered into the Ehvil Series created by the Protoculture and became the Protodevilun.

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Sara Nome [Zero, F]
Caption: [Sara Nome] At first glance, she looks like a gentle woman, but she hides a fierce temper inside. She was wary of Shin when he washed ashore on the island. However, she gradually began to feel a connection with him, and became attracted to him.

An oracle shrine maiden living on Mayan Island. She is the "guide of the wind" who protects the island's laws and ancient songs, and her singing voice has a mysterious power that she hid from others. In order to protect the island, she departed for a place beyond the sky with the awakened "Bird Man" and the reaction bombs used by the Unified Forces. Incidentally, later on when the Bird Man events were made into the film "Bird Human -Tori no Hito-", Miranda Marin—the winner of the 12th Miss Macross Frontier Contest—played the role of Sara.*

* Translator's note: was "Miss Macross F Contest" in the original ed.

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Sara Base [M]

A Unified Forces' observation base built on Mars and abandoned toward the end of the Unification War. When the Macross stopped by the facility, its movements were stopped by Zentrādi gravity mines. However, by causing the underground reactor to run out of control, they blew up the base and the mines, and were able to escape.

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Sally S. Ford [7]
Caption: [Sally S. Ford] She is an intelligent woman with a composed atmosphere. Sally is good friends with her colleague Miho Miho, who sits next to her on the bridge, and they often spend their private time together.

An operator on the Battle 7's bridge. She holds the rank of ensign. Sally is mainly in charge of shipboard control and information analysis. Even though she is only 21 years old and has little combat experience, she seems to have the ability of covering up some of her mistakes with her seductiveness.

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San Francisco Area [F]

The downtown and residential area in Island 1, which can be called the main ship of the Macross Frontier Fleet. It is one of the Frontier Fleet's largest downtown areas, centred on a hilly area, and is modelled on San Francisco on Earth.

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Sa•Shi•Su•Se•So さすせそ Row

G [F]

A pseudonym used by Grace O'Conner when she proposed a secret deal to Leon Mishima whose from the Macross Frontier Fleet. Since Grace has a cyborg body, she changed her appearance and acted like a man, working in secret for her own plans.

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