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Glossary 13A: Jun - Interstellar Republic

• "Glossary Sheet 13." Macross Chronicle. 24 Dec. 2009: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 13A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 20 Aug. 2013: 19-20.

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Sa•Shi•Su•Se•So さすせそ Row (con't)

Jun [F]
Caption: [Jun] Together with his colleague Maruyama, Jun piloted the new VF-171EX in the decisive battle against the Vajra.

A pilot in the VF corps of the New Unified Forces. He fought as a member of the "Sagittarius Flight", which was commanded by former S.M.S. member Aruto Saotome.

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Silver Moon [F]

A café in the San Francisco area of the Frontier Fleet's Island 1. The shop's name is thought to have been taken from Lynn Minmei's hit song "Silver Moon, Red Moon".* The students of Mihoshi Academy frequent the café as it's a place where youths rest and refresh.

* Translator's note: originally was: "The shop's name seems to be from Lynn Minmei's hit song "Silver Moon, Red Moon"."

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Silvie Geena [II]
Caption: [Silvie Geena] Because she was ranked No.1 by a wide margin in the "Person I Want as My Wife" SNN fan poll, Silvie was sometimes used in PR campaigns for the military, such as being sent to unveil a new Valkyrie.

A lieutenant in the Unified Forces. At the young age of 17, Silvie became an ace in the Unified Forces Valkyrie corps, and served as the commander of the Fairy Leader squadron—a unit composed entirely of women. In 2091 AD, Silvie also fought hard as an ace against the Mardūk Forces that flew in from outer space, and she contributed to the end of the war.

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New Gigantic Carrier [7]
Caption: [New Gigantic Carrier] Equipped with four retractable catapults on both sides of the ship, the carrier has the ability to deploy its aircraft in a short period. In addition, the carrier boasts the firepower and armour of a large battleship.

A new space carrier in the Varōta Forces. The 1,000 m super-large warship carries about 200 Variable Fighters, and was deployed to the front lines during the latter stages of the war with the Macross 7 Fleet.

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Artificial Intelligence [Zero, M, Plus, F]

AI (Artificial Intelligence). Computers with intelligence similar to that of humans—such as the Macross's central computer system and the unmanned Ghost fighter aircraft—have become commonplace. In addition, the development of the "Sharon Type AI" proceeded in order to create a true artificial intelligence with an independent personality and emotions. However, the "Sharon Apple Insident*" exposed the danger in that, and since then, the policies of converting AI to military use have been reassessed, and restrictions have been placed on their operation. However, AI was used by the Macross Galaxy Fleet in the AIF-9V Ghost, which was used in combat against the Macross Frontier Fleet.

* Translator's note: deliberate spelling error due to the webhost's TOS.

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Shinsei Industry [Plus, 7, F]

The company was established in 2012 through the merger of such things as the aircraft development divisions of the Shinsei, Shinnakasu Heavy Industries, and Stonewell Bellcom companies. They started with the VF-5000, and after sending out the VF-11—the main Unified Forces VF in the 2030s—the company presented the prototype YF-19 to the "Super Nova Project", a competition for the adoption of the next main Variable Fighter (AVF) for the Unified Space Forces. After many twists and turns, that VF won the adoption competition and was officially adopted as the VF-19 Excalibur. Since then, Shinsei Industry has continued to lead the development of major VFs, including being involved in the development of the YF-24 and VF-25.

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New Earth Unified Government [M, Plus, FB, 7, F]

The new Unified Government of the Earth was established in May 2010, after the end of the First Interstellar War. Led by Chief Executive Bruno J. Global, it promoted the reconstruction of the Earth, coexistence with the Zentrādi, and the emigration plan for humankind.

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Cinderella's Horn [F]

A strategy that was devised by Luca Angeloni of the Civilian Military Provider S.M.S. Ranka Lee is used as a decoy, and after annihilating the Vajra that her songs attracted into Island 3, the fleet withdraws in a super long-range space fold.

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The 30th Anniversary Ceremony Of The Founding Of The New Unified Space Government [F]

A ceremony to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the First Interstellar War's conclusion, held in Macross City on Earth. At the ceremony, Sharon Apple performed a concert at the request of the Earth Unified [Forces] Headquarters. After that, the SDF-1 Macross was hijacked by Sharon.

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New Unified Forces [F]

The military of the Unified Forces that was reorganized in accordance with the progress of the "Humankind Dissemination Plan". Its mission was such things as escorting Emigrant Fleets, and defending Emigrant Planets.

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The Exception Articles of the New Unified Charter [F]

A special item to re-enable the use of Reaction Weapons, which were frozen for political reasons as the massive emigration program progressed. The President of the Macross Frontier Fleet applied this exception and used Reaction Weapons in battle against the Vajra.

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New Macross Class [7, 7Gin, D7, F]
Caption: [New Macross Class] With the Macross 7 Fleet, the city section could accommodate about one million people. The vessel was also accompanied by a number of attendant ships, including Factory ships.

This is the generic name for the third-generation super-large emigrant ships that entered service in the 2030s. These vessels, which have accumulated the know-how of long-term voyages through the operation of the Macross-class and Megaroad-class, are separated into a Battle ship for the combat section, and the city part for the residential section.* This has increased the safety of the citizens during battles.* In addition, the residential section is larger in size.*

* Translator's note: all 3 lines were originally: "The ships, which accumulated the know-how of long-term voyages from the operation of the Macross and Megaroad classes, is composed of a city part, which is the residential section; the Battle class, which is the combat block; and a power plant part, which is the docking section."

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Humankind Dissemination Plan [M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F]

The project—started in 2012—has such goals as the search for and migration to planets that the human race can reside on, and the continuation and spread of the species through that search and migration. It is often called the "Galactic Dissemination Plan". Long-range and close-range Emigrant Fleets were organized, and humankind spread widely outside of the Solar System.

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Humankind Protoculture Interference Hypothesis [Zero]

The theory advocated by Doctor Hasford, the authority on Protoculture research. The hypothesis is something along the lines of "human evolution was rapidly accelerated due to the interference of aliens (i.e., the ancient Protoculture), who flew in from outer space". This theory delivered a great shock to the academic world at the time, and while it gave birth to fervent supporters, there were also people who considered it to be a heretical idea.

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Sa•Shi•Su•Se•So さしせそ Row

Sweet Fantasy [7]

The second single by the legendary Fire Bomber rock band. The song was performed with Mylene Flare Jīnasu on vocals, and her lovely singing voice and the gentle tune made it popular.

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Suvāru Saran [M]
Caption: [Suvāru Saran] The ship was extremely versatile, and continued to serve as the main warship of the Zentrādi Fleet from the end of the Protoculture age.

The standard battleship of the Zentrādi Forces. Equipped with beam cannons, missile launchers, and a large number of small Mobile Weapons, this ship was the core of the Bodoru Main Fleet during the First Interstellar War and tormented the Unified Forces.

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Suzy Newtlet [Other]
Caption: [Suzy Newtlet] She is Aegis Fokker's subordinate, and is a woman who prioritizes work over love.

A female pilot in the 727th Independent Squadron VF-X Ravens, a squadron created by the Unified Government. Her rank is Captain. Although she has great piloting skills and a beautiful appearance, she has many troubles—her nickname is "stubborn tomboy", due to having repeatedly changed assignments. (Source: Macross VF-X2)

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Project Super Nova [Plus]

The Unified Forces' Next Main Variable Fighter Development Project. The competition was held on Planet Eden, and even though the YF-19 and YF-21 competed ruthlessly over which would be adopted, the completion of the unmanned Ghost X-9 fighter aircraft was the reason why the project was suspended. The project was resumed after the Sharon Apple Insident*, and the YF-19 was adopted.

* Translator's note: deliberate spelling error due to the host's TOS.

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Super Nova Live Performance [7]

A live concert that became the gateway to success for major bands. The legendary band Fire Bomber also participated in it before their debut.

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Super Parts [M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F, Ai, II, Other]
Caption [appears at the top of the reverse side]: [Super Parts] After the VF-1 Super Parts were officially adopted for use in the First Interstellar War, various VF-specific Super Parts were developed, including ones for such VFs as the VF-17, VF-19, and VF-25.

Enhancement equipment for the Variable Fighters (VF). This equipment is aimed at improving a VF's manoeuvrability, combat endurance time, and fire power. It consists of external units with functions such as additional boosters (FAST Packs), high-manoeuvrability verniers, conformal tanks, and additional firearms. The units were arranged around a VF's torso, arms, and legs; did not interfere with the transformation; and could be purged in any situation. They are sometimes called "Super Packs", or "FAST Packs" after the name of the booster unit.

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Super Valkyrie [M]
Caption: [Super Valkyrie] The Super Valkyrie was introduced in the 2010's. In the fight with the Bodoru Main Fleet—which led to the conclusion of the interstellar war—almost all of the Valkyries were converted to Super Valkyries.

The alias for a VF-1 Valkyrie that's equipped with Super Parts. It is also called a "FAST Pack equipped Valkyrie", from the "FAST Pack" name of the booster unit—the core of the equipment. It became the main aircraft of the VF units in the last stage of the First Interstellar War, and they landed great military gains in the fight with the Bodoru Main Fleet.

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Super Fold Booster [F]
Caption: [Super Fold Booster] It is said that the booster will reduce the size of the galaxy by a factor of ten if it were to be put into practical use. The VF-25 equipped with the prototype model successfully space folded into the satellite orbit of Gaul 4.

A Fold Booster that uses Fold Quartz and has the ability to break through Fold Faults, which are normally impassable. It was developed by L.A.I.

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Skull Squadron [Zero, M, FB, F]
Caption: [Skull Squadron] The Skull Squadron's commanding officer's VF-1S had a skull mark on its tails. After the war, this Valkyrie led a patrol unit, and quelled such things as Zentrādi uprisings.

A VF unit commanded by Major Roy Fokker, an ace pilot in the Unified Forces. After Fokker's death in combat, Captain Hikaru Ichijō took over command of the unit along with Fokker's VF-1S. After the disappearance of the Megaroad-01, the squadron's name was permanently retired from the regular armed forces. In 2059, however, the private military provider S.M.S. in the 55th Long-range Emigrant Fleet had a Skull Platoon led by Ozuma Lee. The platoon performed remarkably well in the battle against the Vajra.

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Skull Squadron [Ai]

A defensive squadron on the SDF-1 Macross. Roy Fokker served as the squadron's founding commanding officer, followed by Maximilian Jīnasu and Hikaru Ichijō, who took over the command responsibilities in turn.

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Stephan [7]

The former fiancé of music producer Akiko Hōjō. He was a pilot in the Unified Forces, and was on a team called "Pink Pecker" with Ray Lovelock and Kinryu. However, Stephan was killed during a battle with Zentrādi remnants.

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Stealth Cruiser [F]
Caption: [Stealth Cruiser] It was deployed in the escort fleet of the Macross Frontier and other fleets, and a large number were deployed mainly in the New Unified Forces escort armada. However, many of them were destroyed by the Vajra.

A space cruiser of the New Unified Forces. In the 2050s, it was operated as a major military vessel, and its overall performance, such as firepower and stealthiness, was greatly improved over the Stealth Frigate, which had been the main military vessel up until then.

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Stealth Frigate [7, F]
Caption: [Stealth Frigate] Although small as an escort fleet warship, it was deployed in large numbers as an indispensable fighting force in the defensive lines in the 2030s and 2040s.

A space destroyer of the Unified Forces. It was the mainstay spaceship, and it excelled in high-speed and stealth performance. There were variations such as a Zentran-spec ship that operated in the Macross 5 Fleet, an early-warning type, and a reconnaissance type. In the 2050s, the ship continued to be mass-produced by the New Unified Forces and operated in such places as the escort armadas of the Emigrant Fleets.

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Stone City [M]

One of the cities on the Earth that was being rebuilt after the First Interstellar War. A tour concert was held in the city's open-air theatre by Lynn Minmei.

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Strike Valkyrie [Ai]
Caption: [Strike Valkyrie] The Strike Valkyrie has great offensive strength. In the battle with the Bodoru Main Fleet, Hikaru Ichijō single-handedly stormed into the centre of the enemy flagship and defeated Goru Bodoruzā.

The common name for a VF-1 equipped with firepower-enhancing Super Parts. One of the dorsal micro missile pods has been replaced with a twin-barrel beam gun.

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Speaker Pod [7]
Caption: [Speaker Pod] The pod has a built-in speaker, and was designed to hit the target, open the shutter that secured the weapon's payload, and deploy it.

A special projectile for the VF-19 Kai's Launcher Pod. When it pierces into the armour of the target, the pod is anchored by stoppers and a filler, and the VF-19 Kai's sound is heard directly from the speaker by the opponent.

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Spiritia [7, 7Gin]

The energy that is the root of such things as life-force and spirit. It is assumed that we connect at a subconscious level to the "Sub-Universe", a higher dimensional energy space that is filled with Spiritia. By singing or playing an instrument, the energy of the "Sub-Universe" flows into the person, and cases have been recognized where that amplifies the Spiritia. Nekki Basara, who caused anomalies in the Spiritia meters of the Varōta Forces with his singing, was marked with the Spiritia anomaly code "ツェー [tse]".*

* Translator's note: it's unclear if "tse" is only the phonetic reading of the code, or if it is referring to the Cyrillic letter Ц [tse] itself.

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Spiritia Absorption System [7]

A special Varōta device that absorbs Spiritia from human beings. It is standard equipment in such things as their VFs, and people who had their Spiritia absorbed exhibited symptoms such as spiritlessness.

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Spiritia Farm Project [7]

This is a plan to secure a permanent source of Spiritia supply, formulated by the leader of the Protodevilun, Geperunicchi. The plan is to create a Spiritia regeneration cycle by holding people, namely humans, who are capable of recovering Spiritia—what can be called the food of the Protodevilun—on a planet from which they cannot escape. As a first step, they planned to capture City 7.

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Sa•Shi•Su•Se•So さしすそ Row

Interstellar Republic [M, 7]
Caption: [Interstellar Republic] Due to the demise of the Protoculture, hardly any information about the Interstellar Republic has been passed down to us. For that reason, we can only infer a part of it from the Protoculture ruins that are scattered throughout the galaxy.

A galactic-scale interstellar nation was established by the Protoculture—whose peak prosperity was before the birth of mankind—in roughly the 500,000 BCE era of human time. Even though they possessed technology that far surpassed that of the present human race, in the end they diverged into two powers and entered into a state of war (the Galactic Empire Fragmentation War)1. The Zentrādi were developed as the proxy weapons of the Protoculture in those circumstances. However, the republic declined starting with the penetration of energy life-forms from the sub-universe that possessed the Living Body Armament "Ehvil Series", which surpassed the Zentrādi in capability. Although the Protoculture used the abilities of the Anima Spiritia to seal the Protodevilun on the fourth planet of the Varōta star system, the republic, which had suffered considerable damage, entered a state of collapse. The small quantity of surviving Protoculture were exterminated by the Zentrādi, who still continued to wage war2.

Translator's notes:
1 "(the Galactic Empire Fragmentation War)" was added in the revised edition.
2 originally was: "In addition, the small quantity of..."

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