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Glossary 14A: Interstellar Flight - Dagao

• "Glossary Sheet 14." Macross Chronicle. 07 Jan. 2010: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 14A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 17 Sept. 2013: 17-18.

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Sa•Shi•Su•Se•So さしすそ Row (con't)

Interstellar Flight [F]
Caption: [Interstellar Flight] The song won popularity with its catchy lyrics and charming dance. In particular, the signature line at the start "Everyone hug someone close, to the end of the galaxy!" and the elegantly simple signature pose "Kirā ☆" (pictured) just before it, made not only Earthlings, but also Zentrādi wildly excited.

The representative song of Ranka Lee, the idol singer who has the reputation of being the "Super Dimensional Cinderella". It was introduced during the suppression of the rebellion incident that occurred on Gaul 4. Thereafter, the up-tempo pop tune won fame, and it became the prompt to evaluate Ranka as the second coming of Minmei.

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Ecosystem Protection Law [F]
Caption: [Ecosystem Protection Law] Without knowing it, Ranka sheltered the larval form of a Vajra that had strayed into Island 1. She named it "Ai-kun" and secretly raised it. This was a clear violation of the Ecosystem Protection Law, and Nanase chided Ranka about it when she spotted Ai-kun.

One of the laws that is enforced in the emigrant fleets. It is a law that prohibits recklessly bringing flora and fauna from other planets into an Emigrant Fleet. As the maintenance of the within-ship ecosystem of the Emigrant Ship is important—as it's composed of a closed-system bio-plant—the flora and fauna of other planets should not be brought into the fleet until a full investigation of them has been completed, as they possesses the potentiality of destroying the ship's ecosystem. It seems that this law was laid out for that reason.

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General Galaxy Company [Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F]
Caption: [General Galaxy Company] In 2040, the General Galaxy Co. participated in the Unified Forces Next Main Variable Fighter Selection Competition—introducing the innovative YF-21 aircraft, which installed the BDI System at its core. Although they were defeated [in the competition], they displayed great technological strength.

A military manufacturer that was formed in 2017, and is an amalgamation of OTEC affiliated industrialists and the OTEC Company—an international OTM research institution. It is an acknowledge authority in the development of fighter aircraft that proactively incorporate Zentrādi technology. Even though General Galaxy started later than Shinsei Industry, by welcoming in the Zentrādi genius engineer Arugasu Seruzā as the chief design adviser, they produced new technology and product models that didn't adhere to the existing armament systems. They released such Valkyries as the VF-9 Cutlass and the VF-171 Nightmare Plus, which was widespread in 2059. In addition, they developed the BDI System, which connects the control avionics to the pilot's nerves and directly applies the pilot's mental images to the behaviour of the aircraft.

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Zero-time Fold [F]

A new type of space fold that breaks through the Fold Fault space barriers, which are considered impossible to penetrate by normal Fold Navigation. The faults can be passed through by using Vajra generated Fold Quartz. The Macross Frontier Fleet affiliated comprehensive mechanism manufacturer L.A.I. Co. carried out the development of the Zero-Time Fold device in 2059. On the other hand, some of the powers-that-be in the Macross Galaxy Fleet are also considered to have independently advanced Zero-Time Fold research and development.

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Vanguard Frigate [7]
Caption: [Vanguard Frigate] It has a silhouette mainly composed of straight lines—the feature of the Varōta warships. It also functions as a transport ship, and is able to load two to three Fz-109 Erugāzorun in the hangar in the ship's stern.

A small, fast ship retained by the Varōta Forces. Even though its 168 m length is the smallest in the Varōta Fleet, it has excellent amounts of cruising speed and manoeuvrability. The frigate is deployed forward of the main body of the armed forces, and its specialty is hit-and-run attacks that mainly make the best use of its speed.

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Wartime Control Mode [F]

A special restriction applied to Fifth Generation Emigrant Fleets that use a Closed-system Bio-plant. The Fifth Generation Emigrant Fleet forms one circulatory system, and it is possible to completely cycle all of the atmosphere, water, and organic matter in it. When a shortage of goods occurs due to some kind of situation, there is a danger that could adversely affect the entire fleet's environment. In order to avoid that, the "Wartime Control Mode" limits the consumption of indispensable materials. After the mode has been officially announced, various restrictions are added to civic life.

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Battle Pod [II]
Caption: [Battle Pod] It doesn't have limbs and is mainly used for firefights. The parts on the sides are thrusters that operate independently from the main body, and the Battle Pod can manifest excellent manoeuvrability by making good use of these parts.

A mass-produced armament retained by the Mardūk Forces and mainly given to the brainwashed Zentrādi soldiers. This small-sized Mobile Weapon that's based on an elliptical shape is controlled by a pilot who lies down in the cockpit. Also, a type for commanders with enhanced manoeuvrability also exists.

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Saint Maria Academy [F]

A prestigious school in the Macross Frontier Fleet that Ranka Lee also attended. It is quite well known as a school for señoritas. As Ranka's appearance in the Miss Macross Contest was viewed as a problem, she was punished by being suspended from the school. She soon changed schools to the Mihoshi Academy.

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Zentrādi [M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F, Ai, II, Other]

The Zentrādi are humanoid living armaments that exceed 10 m in height and are considered to have been produced by the Protoculture, who built an Interstellar Republic in remote antiquity. Their combat instincts have been intensified, and even though they were given intelligence, restrictions were placed on such things as thinking—so that they don't deviate from being "weapons". In addition, a lot of basic directives were inserted into them so that they didn't act against the Protoculture. Even though they don't have a culture as they only carry out combat, they have their own language system, and terms such as "De-karuchā" are widely used in general.

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Zentrādi Brainwashed Soldiers [II]
Caption: [Zentrādi Brainwashed Soldiers] The brainwashed soldiers are made to take an oath of loyalty to the Mardūk, and absolute obedience was demanded in their duties. In addition, the Mardūk seized control over the brainwashed soldiers' life-and-death, and when there was a formidable enemy, the Mardūk coerced the brainwashed soldiers to fight with the "Song Of Destruction".

The Mardūk Forces—who plan to dominate the entire galaxy through force—brainwashed Zentrādi that were captured in battle, and used them in their own armed forces. They were controlled by the "Song Of Battle", sung by the Emulators, and were deployed on every battleground as the faithful advance guard.

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Zentoran [M, Plus, 7, 7Gin, D7, F, II, Other]

The nickname for Zentrādi. It's mainly used when the Zentrādi indicate their own race. Also, female Zentrādi may say "Meltran" when referring to themselves.

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Omni-directional Barrier [M]
Caption: [Omni-directional Barrier] The glowing sphere that covers the entire Macross almost completely blocks all attacks from the outside. For that reason, even though it is more effective than the Pinpoint Barrier, the problem when it goes out of control is even greater.

The Omni-directional Barrier was developed based on the Pinpoint Barrier. The entire Macross is covered in a spherical field, and every attack against it is rendered ineffective. However, maintaining the field's stability is difficult, and it is tinged with the danger of having once produced a large explosion that engulfed its surroundings. The North America Ontario Autonomous Region suffered serious damage as a result of that. However, in the battle with the Bodoru Main Fleet, the Omni-directional Barrier proved to be a stable technology, and it completely protected the Macross from the exploding Furubusu Barensu Flagship.

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Sa•Shi•Su•Se•So さしすせ Row

Zomudo [7]
Caption: [Zomudo (left)] She was revived along with Goramu by Geperunicchi, to hasten the completion of the Spiritia Farm. However, in the battle over the fourth planet of the Varōta System, they were gulped down by Geperunicchi, who went out of control.

A Protodevilun that exists in a pair with Goramu. She features seven arms and a long extended tail, and moves by repeatedly making short-range space transitions. Zomudo's combat abilities are also powerful, and she doesn't only fire beams from her eyes and hands, but can also shoot a powerful helical-shaped energy in cooperation with Goramu. Also, Zomudo has the ability where she is able to force objects with a large mass to space fold by cooperating with Goramu—together they forced the Macross 7 Fleet's Resort Ship Riviera to fold to the fourth planet of the Varōta Star System.

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Ta•Chi•Tsu•Te•To ちつてと Row

Target Drone [Plus]
Caption: [Target Drone] As there are no control units—such as a cockpit—the airframe size is smaller than that of normal aircraft. Because it's cruising range is short, the Target Drone is transported to the relevant airspace by a transport plane, and detaches in midair.

The unmanned fighter craft used in "Project Super Nova", a competition for the adoption of the Unified Forces' Next Main Variable Fighter. It is operated by remote control (including autonomous control by an AI) from headquarters, and was used for such things as the target aircraft in simulated battles in order to test the manoeuvrability and combat capabilities of the aircraft that were being assessed.

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Diamond Crevasse [F]
Caption: [Diamond Crevasse] Sheryl sang along with Ranka Lee, who was humming "Diamond Crevasse" to herself while she was worried about her older brother Ozuma. Sheryl jokingly cheered up Ranka—who was deeply moved by the unexpected event—by saying, "I don't do this kind of service very often."

It is one of the songs by Sheryl Nome, who is known as the "Galactic Fairy", and is a ballad-like song about saying goodbye to a loved one. It was the opening number of the "Sayonara Concert" in the Macross Frontier Fleet. Sheryl also sang it to cheer up the evacuated civilians when the fleet was hit by a large outbreak of Vajra.

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Anti-ESA Projectile [F]
Caption: [Anti-ESA Projectile] Unaware of the Vajra's feedback capabilities, Ozuma Lee never doubted the usefulness of these projectiles. However, his belief was quickly shattered on the battlefield.

A special projectile that S.M.S. used for combat with the Vajra. Originally intended to damage targets with ESA (Energy Conversion Armour), these projectiles were distributed to various units after it was discovered that these projectiles and missiles could be used together to fight the Vajra on equal terms. However, since the Vajra have the characteristic of feeding back combat experience, the projectiles' effectiveness was reduced in subsequent generations of Vajra.

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First Interstellar War [M]

A space war from 2009 to 2010, that suddenly occurred between the Earth Unified Forces and the Zentrādi (the Bodoru Main Fleet). The war ended in a narrow victory for the Unified Forces with the retreat of the flagship fleet when it lost its flagship. However, damage on the Earth side was also great: the global environment and ecosystem suffered catastrophic damage in the bombardment from orbit, and the number of surviving Earthlings was only a little less than several million people. However, with the cooperation of the Zentr?di (Buritai's Fleet) who were allied with the Unified Forces, the Earth quickly recovered. The Earth then developed to the point of extraterrestrial emigration.

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33rd Marine Force [F]
Caption: [33rd Marine Force] Ogatai and others were pleased with Sheryl's arrival. However, the 33rd Marine Force seems to have lacked coherence as a unit, because they couldn't stop Temujin, who used the stoppage of Sheryl's live sympathy call performance as a pretext for violence.*

*Translator's note: originally was: "... they couldn't stop Temujin, who used Sheryl's poor physical health as a pretext for violence."


The New Unified Forces Zentrādi unit stationed on the planet "Gaul 4". They are outcasts even to their own Zentrādi people, and some of the soldiers—led by Temujin—are in open rebellion against Earth's culture. For that reason, the commander Ogotai asked the Macross Frontier Fleet for Sheryl Nome to give a sympathy call. Perversely, however, he made the mistake of letting her be taken hostage.

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Daedalus Attack [M]
Caption: [Daedalus Attack] Even though the Daedalus Attack was used in combat without a test run after Hayase Misa suggested it, the attack successfully destroyed a 2,000 m class Standard Battleship with a single blow. After that, the manoeuvre was adopted as a formal means of attack.

One of the Macross's anti-ship attack strategies. The Pinpoint Barriers are concentrated on the right side of the Macross—on the [bow of the] Amphibious Assault Ship Daedalus—when it has transformed into Storming Attack Form, and the Daedalus is stabbed into the enemy ship. The target is destroyed from within in a simultaneous attack by the Destroid force deployed in the bow of the Daedalus. However, the Macross wasn't able to make an effective strike if the timing was off or if the Daedalus pierced all the way through the target ship.

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Presidential Office [F]
Caption: [Presidential Office] Upon receiving reports of contact with the Vajra, the Presidential Office decided that the current New Unified Forces could not safeguard the fleet from them. The Presidential Office then asked the Private Military Provider S.M.S. for assistance.

The institution that plays a central role in the administration of the Macross Frontier Fleet. The office is on Island 1, and all sorts of ministries and government offices are centralized in it; including the facilities for President Howard Glass—the fourth president—to perform his official duties. Also, the Battle Frontier fleet flagship is connected by hotline. In emergencies, limited executive power might shift to the Battle Frontier side from the Presidential Office.

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Second Resource Management Mode [F]
Caption: [Second Resource Management Mode] The Frontier fleet—which had been attacked by the Vajra—lost 80 billion tons of atmosphere, 15,000 tons of organic matter, and 20,000 tons of water, forcing the issuance of the Second Resource Management Mode. Even though President Howard Glass smoked a cigar in the disastrous consequence of the Vajra attack, it was something that is strictly in violation of that control mode.

The second level of the "Wartime Resources Warning Mode" issued by the Macross Frontier Presidential Office. After the warning mode is issued, contamination of the atmosphere, soil, or water are considered B-class crimes, and become the target of legal prosecution.

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117th Research Fleet [F]
Caption: [117th Research Fleet] A ship in the 117th Research Fleet, which was attacked and destroyed by the Vajra. The remains are drifting even now in the sector in the vicinity of Gaul 4, which is in the neighbourhood of the center of the galaxy.

The name of the special fleet that made Mao Nome its leader, who was known as the authority on Protoculture research. Ranka Lee and Brera Sterne's mother Ranshe Mei and Grace O'Conner also participated in the research of the Vajra and the V-type Infectious Disease that was conducted by the fleet. However, Ranshe and Grace appear to have had opposing opinions concerning the manner of the investigation and the use of the Vajra. Also, as the fleet itself was attacked and destroyed by the Vajra, there aren't any records of the content of their detailed research.

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Solar System Valkyrie Pilot Championship [II]

A grand event held every year in the Solar System in the 2090's. Variable Fighter pilots meet and compete with their skills in this event. Sylvie Geena, a female pilot in the Earth Unified Forces, won the championship. In addition, her fellow male pilot Nex Gilbert won the overall championship.

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Fourth Management Mode [F]

The fourth level of the "Wartime Resources Warning Mode" issued by the Macross Frontier Presidential Office. After the official announcement, all commercial activities and some public transportation stops. In addition, food and water is rationed, and an extreme burden is forced onto civic life. The fleet decided to make a Super Long-range Fold in order to shake free from the pursuing Vajra, and it was officially announced that the fleet would be accumulating energy for that purpose.

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Dagao [M]
Caption: [Dagao] Dagao barely retained his composure during the kissing scene between Hikaru Ichijō and Misa Hayase, which was backed by Lynn Minmei's songs. However, he could not bear the presence of the baby (Komira)—born in the relationship between the Earthling Max and the Zentrādi Miria—and he bolted out of there.

The commander of the defensive fleet for the Factory Satellite that such things as the Battle Pods to the Zentrādi Forces. Even though he refused the recommendation to surrender in the Factory Satellite Seizure Operation by the Unified Forces and Buritai Fleet—carried out after the conclusion of the First Interstellar War—Dagao was shown and disturbed by the culture of Earth. In the end, he lost his life when his ship was attacked by a friendly ship that he had judged to have been contaminated by the Protoculture.

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