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Glossary 15A: Tachiwani Shōhei - Unification War

• "Glossary Sheet 15." Macross Chronicle. 21 Jan. 2010: 27-28.
• "Glossary Sheet 15A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 15 Oct. 2013: 17-18.

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Ta•Chi•Tsu•Te•To ちつてと Row (con't)

Tachiwani Shōhei [7]
Caption: [Tachiwani Shōhei (right)] The smallest of the three men who belonged to Jamming Birds. His signature accessory is a choker that imitates a large chain.

A member of the "Jamming Birds" Civilian Cooperative Unit that was formed for Anti-Protodevilun combat. He rode the two-seater VF-11D Thunderbolt, focusing himself on singing. However, perhaps because of his fear of the battlefield, Tachiwani wasn't able to land the hoped for military gains.

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Darfim [F]
Caption: [Darfim] The König Monster that landed on the port deck of the Darfim became a gun battery, and the ship broke through the Vajra's fierce attack. The Darfim was saved from being destroyed.

One of the twin-hulled space carriers* that belonged to the Macross Galaxy Fleet. The Darfim appealed to the Macross Frontier Fleet for relief when the Galaxy Fleet was attacked by the Vajra, and it escaped from its predicament due to the efforts of S.M.S.

* Translator's note: errata. Originally was: "One of the Deneb Class Cruisers."

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Dalmatian High School [Plus, F]

A high school on planet Eden. It is the alma mater of Isamu Dyson, who served as the test pilot of the new YF-19 Variable Fighter. When he attended the school he called himself "the hooligan of Dalmatian High". In addition, Bobby Margot—the Macross Quarter's helmsman—also appears to have graduated from Dalmatian High School.

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Dancing Skull [Other]

A special forces unit that existed from 2014–2030 AD, and was attached to the Unified Forces Intelligence Division. They were in charge of missions that were difficult for the regular armed forces to deal with targeting the Zentrādi who didn't comply with the Unified Government and formed armed groups on frontier planets. The unit was composed of husband and wife Maximilian Jīnasu and Miria Farīna Jīnasu—before they participated in the Macross 7 Fleet—and the Zentrādi girl Moaramia Jifon, who they raised as an adopted child. [Source: Macross M3]*

* Translator's note: source not on the original sheet.

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Ta•Chi•Tsu•Te•To たつてと Row

Team Rex [7]
Caption: [Team Rex] They lived to drive recklessly on the Milky Road that connects the Emigrant Ships in the fleet. Nevertheless, Ray Lovelock said to them, "You'll die someday driving like that."

A bōsōzoku group in the Macross 7 Fleet. The group is composed only of women, such as Collet, Mike, Berman, and Siam—not to mention the leader Rex. They were proud of their reckless driving, and were hostile to Fire Bomber as they thought that such things as singing are signs of weakness. However, after being deeply moved by Nekki Basara's songs, they adopted "Planet Dance" as the team's theme song.

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Earth Unified Forces [Zero, M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7]

The military organization maintained by the globally consolidated "Earth Unified Government", which was created to exceed the barriers of humanity, religion, ideology, and so on. Ground, sea, and air forces where established in 2001, and a space force was added in 2005. Even though it was the main armed forces in the 2001–2008 Unification War and the 2009–2010 First Interstellar War, it was reorganized after the war to accompany the founding of the New Unified Government. With the dawn of the era of Space Emigration, the Earth Unified Forces began escorting the Emigrant Fleets and maintaining security on the Emigrant Planets.

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Earth Unified Forces [II]

The military organization maintained by the Earth Unified Government, which was founded in 2001. Even though they are the keystone to the Earth's defence, the Unified Forces in the 2090's trusted too much in the "Minmei Attack", and that chink in their defences allowed the Mardūk Forces to invade.

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Ripple Chitose [7]
Caption: [Ripple Chitose] Dr. Chiba asked her for her bust-waist-hip measurements at the Jamming Birds audition. She was admonished that one's body is also important for generating powerful Song Energy, and answered the question with embarrassment. Incidentally, her measurements are 90-58-88.

A woman recruited as a member of the "Jamming Birds" civilian cooperative unit that was formed by the Unified Forces who were pleased with Sound Force's military gains. She is a fan of Lynn Minmei and she specializes in the piano. Ripple boarded the two-seater VF-11D Thunderbolt and was deployed in the Anti Protodevilun Campaign. However, she couldn't generate Song Energy on par with that of Sound Force, and just like the other Jamming Birds members, Ripple wasn't successful at landing any military gains.

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Medium Gunship [M]
Caption: [Medium Gunship] Even though the Medium Gunship was seriously damaged by the Macross's main gun, the aggression still didn't stop. The gunship thrust into the starboard side of the Macross, and was subsequently explosively destroyed.

An artillery-type space warship retained by the Zentrādi Forces. In the First Interstellar War, a partly damaged Medium Gunship fell to Earth. It was left unnoticed because it had settled in a mountainous region, but was restored through the efforts of the Kamujin clan—who opposed the New Unified Government—and was used to attack Macross City.

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Town Chairman [M]
Caption: [Town Chairman] The Town Chairman look at the state of the city with cold eyes as it got excited for the Macross Space Launch Ceremony. However, he certainly could not have dreamed that aliens would invade immediately after that.

The man who served as the representative of the city that was born on South Ataria Island, where the construction of the Macross progressed. He was later also the town chairman in the city that was rebuilt inside the Macross after it was swallowed up in the Macross's Space Fold. He favoured Lynn Minmei, and recommended her for the "Miss Macross Contest."

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Super Dimensional Cinderella [F]
Caption: [Super Dimensional Cinderella] After it was decided that she would have her first live performance, Ranka's picture was projected in various places in the streets of Island 1, and the people's familiarity with her "Super Dimensional Cinderella" nickname rapidly increased.

The nickname given to Ranka Lee, who played the role of Mao Nome in the movie "Bird Man -Tori no Hito-", and was noticed for the "Aimo–Bird Man" song in the film. That nickname even reached the frontier areas, and it's said that there were even some soldiers who choked back tears because they couldn't go to her first live performance. In addition, Ranka was in the limelight for being touted as "the present-day Lynn Minmei" in the wake of the suppression of the rebellion on Gaul 4.

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Long-range Medium Gunship [Ai]
Caption: [Long-range Medium Gunship] Even though the structure of the details differ, the overall silhouette is close to that of the Macross. The modular composition—where each block of the hull is self-supporting—led to its successful restoration.

The name of the Macross before it fell to Earth, when it was operated as a Meltrandi Forces warship. With the arrival of this ship, the human race became aware of the existence of aliens, and while benefiting from the Macross's Over Technology, the human race experienced the ordeal of the Unification War.

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Ta•Chi•Tsu•Te•To たちつと Row

D.D. Ivanov [Zero]
Caption: [D.D. Ivanov] He and his fellow pilot Nora Polyanski are in love with each other. However, Ivanov went into a frenzy when Nora was shot down by the AFOS. Even though Ivanov challenged it to a fight, he was defeated by the AFOS's overwhelming power.

An ace Anti Unification Alliance pilot who participated in the war over Mayan Island. Ivanov was a mercenary who roamed from battlefield to battlefield, and was Roy Fokker's superior officer during his time as a Unified Forces test pilot. Incidentally, he was called "Daisy Ivanov" among his fellow pilots because he put the symbol of a yellow flower on his Valkyrie.

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Dick [7]
Caption [appears at the top of the reverse side]: [Dick] While his squadmate Moley respected Gamlin, Dick was insubordinate at every opportunity. However, in the end he seemed to have acknowledged his squadron leader's abilities.

A pilot assigned to the reborn Diamond Force as a subordinate of Gamlin Kizaki. His call sign is D2. He has a hot-blooded personality, and complained about their mission to defend City 7 at the beginning of his assignment to the squadron.

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Defender EX [II]
Caption: [Defender EX] Even though they were deployed in the defensive lines against the Mardūk Forces—who were starting to land on the Earth—the Defenders were defeated before the enemy's physical superiority. They were also unable to satisfactorily demonstrate their long-awaited anti-aircraft attack capabilities.

An air-defence Destroid that was deployed by the Unified Forces in the 2090's. It is an improved type of Defender, and the Liquid-cooled High-speed Automatic Cannon Turrets on both arms were changed to Rail Guns. Also, movement rollers and plates for affixing the Destroid to the ground were added to the legs.

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Dimension Eater [F]
Caption: [Dimension Eater] The one that Grace O'Conner set on Gaul 4 was a stationary type with an extremely wide area of effect. It was powerful enough to swallow most of Gaul 4.

A decisive battle weapon that is also referred to as a "Space Fold Bomb". The weapon is the application of Space Fold Technology to munition. After detonation, it forces objects within the affected area to Space Fold. One was used when there was a mass-outbreak of Vajra in the Macross Frontier Fleet, and Island 3 and all the Vajra within it were swept away by the weapon. In addition to the large stationary type, there are also versions that can be mounted in Gun Pod ammunition and missile warheads, and were used in the Anti Vajra Campaign.

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Dimension Cutter [F]
Caption: [Dimension Cutter] Dimension Cutters being loaded aboard a Valkyrie in the attacking forces. Even though the Dimension Cutter looks like an air-dropped bomb, it is actually an autonomously-propelled missile.

A missile equipped with a Dimension Eater (a Space-Fold Bomb). Its operability was remarkably improved over that of the stationary Dimension Eater. Dimension Cutters were used as a trump card for the Macross Frontier Fleet, which attempted to invade the Vajra Homeworld. Dimension Cutters were mainly loaded onto the VF-171EX Nightmare Plus EX.

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Timothy Daldanton [Other]
Caption: [Timothy Daldanton] Unusually for a Zentrādi, he doesn't fight for the sake of fighting, but rose in revolt against the Unified Government as the spokesperson for the oppressed frontier planets.

A Miclonized Zentrādi who served as the leader of the anti-government organization "Black Rainbow", which was active behind the scenes in the 2050's. He put the pedal to the metal in a black Pheyos Valkyrie, and had the nickname "the Kill-all Wizard"* because he exhibited a merciless fighting style on the battlefield. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

* Translator's note: literally "the All Kill Wizard".

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Destroid [Zero, M, Plus, 7, F, Ai, II, Other]

Destroids are humanoid armaments that originated in a proposal by the Unified Forces (mainly the Unified Ground Forces) after alien Over Technology was obtained, and were developed for the direct defence of strongholds. In contrast to the VFs—which were developed by the Unified Air Force and Naval Forces, introduced the transformation mechanism, and valued all-purposefulness—the Destroids, whose main point was increased firepower, were developed in diverse variations according to a hypothesized war situation. Although the development of the Destroids gradually died out due to the pressure of making the VFs have even higher performance, a subspecies of the Destroids was created called the VB-6, which incorporated a variable mechanism.

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Dennis Lone [II]
Caption: [Dennis Lone] He set out in an SNN Valkyrie with Hibiki to cover the Mardūk Forces that were invading the Earth. Dennis found Ishtar inside the enemy ship, but lost his life when they rescued her.

A news man belonging to the "SNN" TV station. Dennis is a well-known war photographer, and he told his colleague Hibiki Kanzaki—who is only after scandals—his mental attitude as a cameraman.

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Temujin [F]
Caption: [Temujin] Ranka Lee's songs caused his men to lose their fighting spirit. On the other hand, Temujin continued to resist to the bitter end, showing his position as a Zentrādi.

A member of the New Unified Forces 33rd Marine Corps stationed on the planet Gaul 4. He opposes Earth's culture, and foments a rebellion to regain the former glory of the Zentrādi. However, Temujin was shot down at the end of a one-on-one fight with Aruto Saotome, and the rebellion ended in failure.

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Tenkūmon [Sky Gate] [F]
Caption: [Tenkūmon] As it was built in the Beijing Area, the huge dragon objet d'art on the auditorium is striking. In addition to being able to accommodate several thousand spectators, there's enough space in it to hold acrobatic flights with the EX-Gear.

A multipurpose concert auditorium built within Island 1, one of the ships in the Macross Frontier Fleet. Tenkūmon was the concert venue for Sheryl Nome, who visited the Frontier Fleet as part of her Galaxy Tour. On top of that, it was also the concert venue for Ranka Lee's first live performance—when she had been thrust into the limelight as the "Super Dimensional Cinderella".

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Angel's Paints [FB, Other]
Caption: [Angel's Paints] The song was also performed at the "Sayonara Concert" held in 2012, enthusing the audience who were packed into the venue.

One of the songs by the songstress Lynn Minmei, who led the way to the end of the First Interstellar War. The song is a masterpiece that is loaded with lyrics from a young woman's heart that Minmei respectfully sings.

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Ta•Chi•Tsu•Te•To たちつて Row

Unified Forces Training Ship Beginhill [7]
Caption: [Unified Forces Training Ship Beginhill] A total of 5 practice cubes are installed in the ship, including a large unit located in the center of the hull. In addition to training, the ship functions as a front line headquarters.

The name of the West Point class Support Mothership that belonged to the Macross 7 Fleet. It has practice fields for Variable Fighters inside the ship, and is used as a place for training new recruits and bringing new VFs to maturity. However, the ship itself doesn't have any fighting abilities, and the Escort Carrier Aberdeen is usually docked to it.

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Unified Forces Titanium Order [M]
Caption: [Unified Forces Titanium Order] Hikaru Ichijō was recognized for his military achievements on Mars and received the Titanium Medal. He later made remarkable progress, including becoming the commanding officer of Vermilion Flight.

A medal awarded by the Unified Forces to the soldiers who have made outstanding military gains. Taki Rothman, Marcos Meyer, Justin Borgnine, and Hikaru Ichijō are noted as recipients of the Titanium Medal.

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Unification War [Zero, M]
Caption: [Unification War] The main causes of the Unification War were the recognition by Earth's humankind of the existence of aliens and a necessitated rethink due to the ASS-1's crash landing. However, the conflict concerning the acquisition of the rights and interests in the alien Over Technology appears to also have been one aspect of the war.

The general term for the global dispute that continued from May 2001* to Dec. 2008. Humankind had no doubt whatsoever that aliens exist, and wars suddenly broke out between the Unified Government—aiming at the unification of the whole world—and the Anti Unification Alliance, who opposed that. The intensifying conflict produced a lot of victims; not only military related personnel, but also civilians. Various vague opinions exist on such things as the detailed records of the local fighting and the period of the war, and there are many events that were sealed away and erased from the records. There also appears to have been battles between similar weapons that had OTM added to them.

* Translator's note: errata. Originally was: " Jan. 2001."

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