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Glossary 16A: Tōma Shun - Carrots Love You Yeah!

• "Glossary Sheet 16." Macross Chronicle. 21 Jan. 2010: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 16A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 29 Oct. 2013: 19-20.

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Ta•Chi•Tsu•Te•To たちつて Row (con't)

Tōma Shun [Other]
Caption: [Shun Tōma] He believes that "if you're weak, you'll die", and has shown an abnormal attachment to strength. When Aegis turned against the armed forces, Shun revealed his feeling of disappointment, saying "it's because your betrayal is a weakness."

A young man who was selected to be a pilot in the Unified Forces 727th Independent Squadron "VF-X Ravens". He has ace-class skills. On the other hand, he has emotionally immature aspects and undertakes a lot of selfish actions, such as taking arbitrary actions without consulting his superiors. He also holds a mixture of envy and jealousy toward his colleague Aegis Fokker. Shun later decided to battle it out with Aegis, who had turned against the armed forces. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Ichirō Tokugawa [F]
Caption: [Ichirō Tokugawa] Ichirō performing his song "Space Brothers' Ship" in the Zentrādi Forumo Mall. He later changed his name to "Kiichirō Tokugawa", and sought a fresh start.

A Zentrādi enka singer who belongs to the "Vector Promotion" entertainment production company in the Macross Frontier Fleet. He is still a fledgling singer who is rising in popularity. However, he is a man with a great deal of magnanimity, such as encouraging Ranka Lee when she showed anxiety about her abilities as a singer.

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Dr. Chiba [7]
Caption: [Dr. Chiba] He is the foremost figure among the Song Energy researchers. However, Dr. Chiba's personality is a little bit eccentric. His favourite Minmei posters are crammed on the walls and ceiling of his private room.

A Unified Forces military physician belonging to the Macross 7 Fleet. His real name is Gadget M. Chiba. He is an enthusiastic fan of Lynn Minmei, and he investigated and analyzed her achievements in the First Interstellar War and independently formulated the Song Energy Theory (Sound Energy Theory). Dr. Chiba developed the Sound Weapons that were effective against the Protodevilun.

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Dr. Hasford [Zero]
Caption: [Dr. Hasford] When investigating the relationship between the Bird Man and the Mayan Island folklore, Dr. Hasford collected blood from a young Sara Nome. That act was traumatic for Sara. However, it was only a trivial event for him.

A renowned cultural anthropologist who argued the Humankind Protoculture Interference hypothesis.* He is also Aries Turner's former teacher. Dr. Hasford was willing to sacrifice himself to prove his theory, and did not hesitate to violate the taboos of Mayan island, where legends of the Protoculture survive. On top of that, Dr. Hasford collaborated with the Anti Unification Alliance to obtain Protoculture relics (the AFOS), and turned Mayan Island into a battlefield.

* Translator's note: "Humankind" added in the revised ed.

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Dr. Mao [F]

The woman who served as the fleet leader of the 117th Research Fleet, and was the lead figure in Protoculture research. She came from Mayan Island, her real name is Mao Nome, and she is also Sheryl Nome's real grandmother. Even though Dr. Mao conducted research related to the Vajra and the V-type Infectious Disease with the cooperation of colleagues Ranshe Mei and Grace O'Conner, Dr. Mao went missing when the Vajra attacked the research fleet.

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Dr. Worth [Plus]
Caption: [Dr. Worth] Dr. Worth, who had detected abnormal endorphin secretions in Guld's brain, suggested they had a causal link to the accident. However, the findings were shredded right in front of him, and the truth was buried in secrecy.

A military physician belonging to the Unified Forces New Edwards Air Force Base. At the behest of base commander Millard Johnson, Dr. Worth secretly examined Guld Goa Bowman, who had caused an inexplicable accident during military exercises. However, the results were shredded by Millard, and weren't revealed.

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Exception Clause B [F]
Caption: [Exception Clause B] Immediately after Aruto Saotome enlisted in S.M.S., the Frontier Government took the plunge and publicized the existence of the Vajra. As a result, the Frontier Fleet was deemed to be in a state of war with the Vajra, and Exception Clause B was declared.

A special clause that accompanies the S.M.S. enlistment contract. When the Macross Frontier government—to which S.M.S. has signed a contract with—enters a war or a situation based on war, the S.M.S. unit members lose their rights to veto their orders and to retire from the squadron until it's recognized that the status quo has been restored.

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Docker [7]
Caption: [Docker] He has a high skill level as a pilot. However, Docker also has a personality that makes him easily get caught up in the moment. His colleague Gamlin Kizaki was a good rival, and they clashed especially over Docker's aggressive approach to Sound Force's Mylene Flare Jīnasu.

A Unified Forces pilot who plays a part in the "Diamond Force" special forces squadron in the Macross 7 Fleet. During the first battle with the Varōta Forces, Docker's Spiritia was absorbed and he fell into a coma. However, he was rehabilitated by the Sound Therapy devised by Dr. Chiba. Docker later fought against the Protodevilun as the leader of the new "Emerald Force" squadron.

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Assault Ship [7]
Caption: [Assault Ship] Its basic shape resembles that of the other Varōta warships. However, its armaments and navigation capabilities have been strengthened. The few uneven parts on the hull are the result of attempts to improve the warship's stealthiness.

The Varōta Forces' Space Warship that Gigiru boarded—its nickname was "Gigiru's ship". It has a hull one size larger than that of the Standard Battle Line Battleship, and its specialty is artillery battles that make full use of the guns that each part of the ship are furnished with. The Assault Ship also functions as a mothership to the Fz-109 Erugāzorun.

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Storming Love Heart [7,F]

A popular song that represents Fire Bomber. The original song was completed when Nekki Basara was very young, and he has been spotted singing it while wandering around. On top of that, this song became well known through the Galaxy Network as Fire Bomber's popularity increased—Macross Frontier Fleet's Ozuma Lee also used it as the code name for a tactical manoeuvre.

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Tomahawk II [II]
Caption: [Tomahawk II] A Tomahawk II (right) deployed to intercept the Mardūk Forces led by Ingusu. Tomahawk II Destroids attempted to build a defensive line along with Defender EX Destroids (left). However, they couldn't stop the enemy invasion.

A heavily equipped bombardment Destroid that was deployed in Macross City in the 2090's as the successor to the Tomahawk. Equipped with Long-Range Beam Cannons on both shoulders and Beam Cannons and Rail Guns on both arms, it unleashed great firepower.

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Try Again [7]

One of Fire Bomber's representative songs. It was created when the battles with the Protodevilun intensified, and was actively sung on the battlefield. "Try Again" has an up-tempo melody similar to "Power To The Dream", which was composed around the same time. The song is known as the one that Ivano Geperunicchi—the leader of the Protodevilun—sang with Basara when Geperunicchi was reborn as a Spiritia-regenerating race.

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Trad City [M]
Caption: [Trad City] There were also people who rebelled against the New Unified Government in the city.* In addition, Kamujin raided the city twice in order to take the Miclone Device.* Fortunately, the raids were aborted due to the efforts of Hikaru Ichijō.

One of the cities that was constructed on Earth while the reconstruction after the conclusion of the First Interstellar War was continuing. Zentrādi who had accepted Earth's culture accounted for more than half of the entire population, and a Miclone Device was also installed in the city. For that reason, the city was targeted by Kamujin—who rose in revolt against the Unified Government—and he stole that Miclone Device.

* Translator's note: the caption was changed in the Table of Errata (revised ed. only). Originally was: "There were many forces that opposed the Unified Government among the Zentrādi in Trad City, and they seized the Miclone Device even before Kamujin's attack."

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Torankiru [7]
Caption: [Torankiru] As she usually hides her face with a visor, one can hardly see her facial expressions. However, Torankiru showed her reaction to Basara's singing.

A staff officer in the Lost Zentrādi Fleet (the Kurore Fleet) that the Macross 7 Fleet encountered. She is deeply trusted by Fleet Commander Kurore for her calm judgment—such as concluding that Maximilian Jīnasu and Miria Farīna Jīnasu are dangerous when she sees them kiss, and deciding to isolate them. On the other hand, she also has unexpected aspects, such as going wild with excitement when she hears Basara Nekki's songs.

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Transformation [M, 7, F, Ai]
Caption: [Transformation] With a total length of 1,200 m, the SDF-1 Macross requires more than three minutes to transform.* In addition, the transformation caused catastrophic damage to the urban areas inside the ship. However, those problems were resolved in the subsequent ships, and proactive transformations have been carried out in combat.

* Translator's note: "Macross" changes to "SDF-1 Macross" in the revised ed.


The Transformation is one of the distinctive features of the combat vessel part of the Emigrant Ships. It refers to the ability to transform from a military vessel to the Storming Attack form, and vice versa. The SDF-1 was not designed to be transformed at the start of its construction. The transformation originally came about due to the disappearance of the SDF-1's energy circuit, and the block structure of the ship was rearranged in order to connect the main gun directly to the reactor. However, after the effectiveness of this ability was confirmed, it was actively introduced into subsequent ships, and used to strengthen the Emigrant Ships' combat capabilities.

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Bird Man [Zero]
Caption: [Bird Man] Wall paintings—which imitated the Bird Man that was talked about in their legends—were painted in the cave located in the mountainous area of Mayan Island. Nutuku, an elder, gathered the island's children in the cave and told them the Bird Man legend.

The creator of mankind that appeared in the legends of Mayan Island, an island in the Southeast Asian ocean. It is really a Protoculture relic that was hidden on the island. Although the details are unknown, it is assumed that the Protoculture—who genetically manipulated mankind's ancestors—left the Bird Man on the Earth as some kind of observation device. If an evolved human race showed a warlike tendency, the Bird Man was directed to eliminate them.

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Na•Ni•Nu•Ne•No にぬねの Row

Raizō Nakajima [Zero]
Caption: [Raizō Nakajima] Raizō was strict with Shin Kudō, when Shin was newly assigned to the Asuka. However, contrary to his bitter attitude, Raizō appears to have recognized Shin's ability to push the performance of the VF-0 up to its limits.

The technical team leader on the carrier Asuka, the flagship of the Unified Forces special forces. The Asuka was dispatched to the Mayan Island ocean area to investigate Protoculture ruins while the trial operation of the VF-0 Variable Fighter was being conducted on the ship. Raizō was in charge of aircraft maintenance on the Asuka. He has earned the deep trust of the pilots for his proficient skills.

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Nastassja Todt [II]
Caption: [Nastassja Todt (right)] She keeps her hair short and combs all of it back. Her appearance suggests that she has an overserious personality. However, Nastassja also has aspects where she enjoys chatting face-to-face with her colleagues.

A female pilot belonging to the Unified Forces "Fairy Leader" Valkyrie flight. She had the most adult mental-age among her colleagues—who joked even during combat—and was an assistant to squadron leader Silvie Geena. Nastassja was also an operator when she boarded the Macross Cannon.

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Natasha Kiniski [7]
Caption: [Natasha Kiniski] Natasha's most attractive feature is her blonde hair that's been trimmed into a short bob. She looks as good as the other bridge operators, but Natasha doesn't seem to have the personality to willingly stand out from the crowd.

A female officer serving as a bridge operator on the Battle 7. Even though she doesn't stand out and is hidden behind Miho Miho and Sally S. Ford, Natasha is one of the indispensable persons in the defence of the Macross 7 Fleet and the operation of the Battle 7.

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Natta-Barugo [7Gin]
Caption: [Natta-Barugo] Barugo was originally quick-witted. However, he lost his intelligence as the price for gaining a mechanical body, and was used as Gabiru's puppet—coupled with a mechanical body, Natta-Barugo was practically a robot.

Barugo, who appeared to have been swallowed up and annihilated in Gigiru's attack, was resurrected after obtaining a mechanical body. In addition to disabling the Anima Spiritia sound waves by adjusting their wavelength, Natta-Barugo was also able to combine with Gabiru and Gurabiru to become Gabigurago. Natta-Barugo hunted down Basara Nekki, who was heading toward the Remote Planet. However, Natta-Barugo was defeated before Basara, who sang in duet with Emiria Jīnasu.

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Na•Ni•Nu•Ne•No なぬねの Row

Nyan-Nyan [M, F]

A Chinese restaurant that did business on South Ataria Island. Lynn Minmei, who was later called the "Legendary Songstress", had a part-time job there. After the restaurant was swallowed up in the Macross's space fold, the business reopened in a residential area within the ship. After that, it appears to have held out with favourable performance. After the conclusion of the First Interstellar War, branch restaurants were opened on each Emigrant Planet and in each Emigrant Fleet, and Nyan-Nyan became a famous galactic-scale restaurant. Ranka Lee also worked in a branch part-time and sang their commercial jingle.

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New Frontier [D7]
Caption: [New Frontier] Basara sang "New Frontier" in front of the skirmishing Poaching Group and Patrol Corps. However, Basara's singing voice did not get through to Liza Hoily—who was frantically trying to accomplish her mission—and she ended up scolding him in a loud voice to stop singing.

One of the songs in Fire Bomber's repertoire. It was a famous song that moved the listener's heart with its cheerful melody line and Basara's powerful singing voice, and this was the same for the Galactic Whales.* In addition, Elma Hoily is considered to have been greatly pleased to have been able to sing this song in a duet with Basara Nekki.

* Translator's note: "It was a famous song that moved the listener's heart with its acoustic melody line and Basara's singing voice, ..." in the original edition.

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New Edwards Base [Plus]
Caption: [New Edwards Base] The perimeter of the base—which was constructed in an arid region on planet Eden—is surrounded by desert, and it is the optimum location for test flights where the preservation of secrecy takes precedence. On the other hand, it seems that there were frequent harsh tests at the base, and an uncountable amount of wreckage has been left as-is on its premises.

A Unified Space Forces base constructed on planet Eden. It functions as a test flight centre that mainly tests prototypes and trains pilots. From 2039, the base carried out "Project Super Nova"—the Unified Forces' Next Main Variable Fighter Development Project—under the command of base commander Millard Johnson. Even though the Unified Forces headquarters aborted the project when they decided to adopt the unmanned Ghost X-9 fighter, the project was later resumed because the dependence on artificial intelligence was deemed to be premature.

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Carrots Love You Yeah! [F]
ニンジーンLoves you yeah!

A song performed by Ranka Lee—who had been scouted by Vector Promotion—at a sales location. Carrots Love You Yeah! is a marketing song aimed at promoting the sales of Zentrādi carrots, and Ranka herself sang it in a carrot costume. However, it didn't have a good effect on the shoppers, and Ranka was particularly avoided by Zentrādi children with "That's creepy!" and "I hate carrots."

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