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Glossary 17A: Nūjaderu-Gā - Vajra

• "Glossary Sheet 17." Macross Chronicle. 04 Feb. 2010: 27-28.
• "Glossary Sheet 17A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 12 Nov. 2013: 19-20.

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Na•Ni•Nu•Ne•No なにねの Row

Nūjaderu-Gā [M]
Caption: [Nūjaderu-Gā] There are few burdens on the pilot because its comfortability is high compared to the Rigādo Battle Pod. For that reason, the Nūjaderu-Gā is a point of envy for the Rigādo troops. Also, the simple systems of the "Gā" type don't easily break down, and the battlesuit has high-reliability as an armament.

A battlesuit operated by the Zentrādi Forces. Even though the pilot boards this suit like they are wearing clothes, some practise is necessary in order to control it as it is structured so that the pilot's arms operate only the control column that's inside the powersuit's arms. Incidentally, the battlesuits with the name "Gā" are assumed to be the final variant of the Nūjaderu series. By also enabling the use of carried weapons in addition to the back and chest cannons, the Nūjaderu-Gā excels in combat capabilities and general-purposefulness.

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Nūjaderu-Gā [Ai]
Caption: [Nūjaderu-Gā] The Nūjaderu-Gā team with Konda 88333 and others—which penetrated into the urban areas inside the Macross—witnessed men and women together there. They reported it to Buritai 7018, and it caught Gol Bodoruzā's interest.

A Zentrādi Forces battlesuit that continued to be used from the first outbreak of the war. The "Gā" type is a model that stresses fire power and mobility in outer space, and it has three propulsion motors on its back and a great number of high-manoeuvrability verniers on various parts of the suit. The interior directly joins to the pilot with semi-biological connectors.

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Nutuku [Zero]
Caption: [Nutuku] Nutuku appears to be forcing a sale of folk crafts on Kudō Shin, who has drifted ashore onto Mayan Island. Even though he is normally the man who's position it is to protect the island's laws, he doesn't refuse contact from the outside.

A Mayan Island elder. Inheriting such things as ceremonies and legends—including "the Bird Man"—his responsibility is to pass the traditions on to the children. On the other hand, by having had positive exchanges with the material civilization beyond the island, he has an innovative mind and adapts himself to the needs of the moment.

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Na•Ni•Nu•Ne•No なにぬの Row

Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis [7]
Caption: [Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis] Despite having a silhouette that has a lot of curved surfaces—a feature of the Zentrādi ships—the Neo-Noputi Baganisu Bis employs a design that uses partly level surfaces. As a result, it has an acquired a stealthiness that's even greater than that of the original ship.
ネオ・ノプティ・バガニス Bis

A Medium-sized Fleet Command Ship that belonged to the Macross 5 Fleet—the fleet composed of Zentrādi.* It is a refurbished ship in which Earth's technological systems have been installed into a Zentrādi Forces' Noputi Baganisu. Even though the silhouette sticks to that of the original ship, such things as a bridge and antennae have been added to it.

* Translator's note: originally was "A Medium-sized Fleet Command Ship that belonged to the Macross 5 Fleet, whose core was a New Macross Class ship."

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Neo-Gurāji [other]
Caption: [Neo-Gurāji] Probably because of the introduction of Earth technology, the Neo-Gurāji came to have a sharper silhouette when compared to the Gurāji. This is especially so in the fighter form, which uses a three-hull style—something that links it to the VF-4.

A Valkyrie that sees a variable mechanism installed in the Gurāji (a one-man Zentrādi Battle Pod). From the walking two-legged GERWALK form it turns into the Fighter form by laying the arms and legs on top of one another. One story has Temujin using it—he was an officer in the 33rd Marine Force that was stationed on Gaul 4. [Source: Macross Plus -Game Edition-]

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Cat Diary [F]
Caption: [Cat Diary] Even though Elmo Kuridaniku aimed at internet-using promotional activities, he abandoned those plans because each time he started a website, it was hacked. He switched to street advertisements, which are an analogue technique.

The debut song of Ranka Lee, who was scouted by Vector Promotion. It is a calm tune that is based on a piano melody line. Ranka—participating in promotion activities—stood in the street in a leotard and called attention to the song while distributing tissue packs* to people who were proceeding down the road. It's said that movie director George Yamamori's eyes alighted on her at this time.

* Translator's note: Tissue-pack Marketing.

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Nekki Basara [7, 7Gin, D7]
Caption: [Nekki Basara] He features hair that stands on end, and coloured round glasses that he picked up on his journeys. He sings without concern for the place or the mood that's already there. Therefore, the passion that he raises in his songs cannot be defeated by anybody—and not only human beings, but also such creatures as the Protodevilun and Galactic Whales respond to his songs.

The main vocalist and lead guitarist of the Fire Bomber rock band. He exhibits uncommon passion in his songs and music, and it appears that from the start of the band's activities he wanted people to hear his songs. He intruded into the battlefield spurring on the Fire Valkyrie. Although he was initially treated as an eccentric because of that, he gradually came to garner sympathy from those surrounding him. In addition, when it was confirmed that his songs were effective against the Protodevilun, the Unified Forces helped form Sound Force with Basara at the core. Later, he made a great contribution to the conclusion of the strife and bloodshed that is referred to as the Varōta War.

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Nex Gilbert [II]
Caption: [Nex Gilbert] Although Nex repeatedly lightly socialized with other women, he seems to have held a sincere love for his coworker, Sylvie Geena. However, his affection didn't get through to Sylvie.

A captain-ranked young man that's known as the ace pilot of the Unified Forces. His abilities as a pilot are exceptional because he won the comprehensive championship in the Solar System Valkyrie Flight Championship, and has been entrusted with the state-of-the-art VA-1SS Metal Siren.* On the other hand, his personality is somewhat narcissistic, and he responds easily to autograph requests from his female fans.

* Translator's note: "VA-1SS" added in the revised edition.

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Nene Nōra [F]
Caption: [Nene Nōra (right)] Her feature is fluffy pink hair. At first glance she doesn't look like a pilot. However, Zentran blood flows within her, and she doesn't fall behind on the battlefield.

A pilot in "Pixie Squadron", which is composed of female Zentrādi and belongs to S.M.S. One side of her is somewhat timid, and she dearly loves the squadron leader Kuran Kuran as an "older sister". Nevertheless, on the battlefield, she assists Kuran along with their coworker Raramia Rerenia, and spurs on a Quadoran-Rea, taking precisely coordinated actions.

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Na•Ni•Nu•Ne•No なにぬね Row

Agricultural Ship Sunny-flower [7]
Caption: [Agricultural Ship Sunny-flower] The origin of the ship's name are the defensive walls that look like a sun flower when fully open. An artificial sun is installed in the center of the dome's ceiling—guaranteeing plenty of sunlight, which is necessary to cultivate plants.

The agricultural ship that accompanies the Macross 7 Fleet. The ship's purpose is to produce the food supply that is consumed within the fleet. A vast farmland, dairy farm facilities and so on are arranged within the ship—which boasts a huge body with a length of 4,850 m. For that reason, it is unsuitable for combat and an escort carrier is connected to it when the ship is cruising.

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Nora Polyanski [Zero]
Caption [appears at the top of the reverse side]: [Nora Polyanski] A scar from being tortured by a former Unified Forces soldier vividly remains on Nora's chest. Prisoner of war Shin Kudō averted his eyes due to the extent of that gruesomeness.

A female pilot in the Anti Unification Alliance. The alliance had set out to seize the "Bird Man" Protoculture Relics, which were handed down [from the ancestors] on Mayan Island. Although there are many unknown parts in her career as a soldier, it seems that her family was slaughtered by a former Unified Forces soldier, and she herself was raped. Therefore, her hatred toward the Unified Forces is stronger than that of the others. She drives a wine-red Sv-51, and shot Shin's aircraft down in two encounters. However, during the third encounter, she was directly hit by a beam fired by the Bird Man and lost her life.

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Noputi Baganisu 5631 [M]
Caption: [Noputi Baganisu 5631] Initially, it was the core of the anti-Macross campaign. However, after the First Interstellar War, the ship was commissioned as the No.1 ship of the Unified Space Forces. It took the place of the Macross—which was seated on Earth—and became the main Earth defence.

A Medium-sized Fleet Command Battleship, and the flagship of the Zentrādi Forces' 67th Gurumaru class Branch Fleet. It is also called "Buritai's ship", because it's the ship that he embarked on. The main gun comprises more than half of the hull—which exceeds 4,000 m—and the ship excels in bombardment capabilities. In addition, its durability is extraordinary; it was even able to operate without problem after a large hole was opened in its bow by the Macross's Daedalus Attack.

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Ha•Hi•Fu•He•Ho ひふへほ Row

Virtual Idols [Plus]

Fictitious idols that were created by artificial intelligence and holography. Among them, Sharon Apple—who released many hit songs—is famous. Sharon used her holographically created appearance to the maximum. In addition to beautiful female figures, she also occasionally took the appearance of living things other than humans. However, there were many riddles in the Sharon-type AI, and there were also rumours that a human compensated for her emotion circuit. The use of an illegal chip caused her to run wild, and she retired a little less than a year after her debut.

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Tori No Hito -Bird Man- [Zero, F]
Caption: [Bird Human -Tori No Hito-] Super Dimensional Cinderella Ranka Lee (centre right)—still unsigned at the time—was selected for the role of Mao. Together with the ending theme song, "Aimo -Bird Human-", the movie became the key for Ranka's break out as a singer.

A movie based on an original non-fiction novel by Hiroshi Onogi. It was produced within the Macross Frontier Fleet and released on Jul. 12, 2059. It depicted the local fighting between the Unified Forces and the Anti Unification Alliance that occurred at the end of the Unification War over the "Bird Man"—a relic of the Protoculture—and the love triangle between Unified Forces Pilot Shin Kudō and sisters Mao and shrine maiden Sara, that was unseen in the fighting. It is set on Mayan Island and was directed by George Yamamori1. Sheryl Nome was appointed to make the theme song, and a promising young cast was gathered with Miranda Mirin, the 12th Miss Macross Frontier prize winner, in the heroine Sara's role, and popular actor Akira Kamishima2, who is good in every role he's cast in, in the role of the protagonist Shin. The movie is also known as the production that brought Ranka Lee to fame.

1 Translator's note: the Japanese kanji is a pun on Shōji Kawamori's family name.
2 Translator's note: the Japanese is a pun on the name of Akira Kamiya, Roy Fokker's voice actor.

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Colonel Burton [7]
Caption: [Colonel Burton] He carries out a military approach, which concludes that some sacrifice is necessary on behalf of the goal. Colonel Burton is also a hot-blooded man who personally intensively trained the Jamming Birds.

The leader of "Project M", which is based on Dr. Chiba's Sound Energy Theory. As he had seen the power of Lynn Minmei's song before his very eyes in the First Interstellar War, he even tried to build songs into the fleet's combat capabilities. Even though he forcibly organized the musical combat unit "Jamming Birds" after the success of the civilian collaboration unit "Sound Force"—an experimental step—it was premature, and the military gains didn't increase.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "However, even though he... ."

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Vermilion Flight [M]

The unit name of the Valkyrie flight in which Ichijō Hikaru served as the flight leader. It is one of the smaller flights that Skull Squadron was composed of. Hikaru was promoted to Second Lieutenant due to the military gains at the Mars base, became a flight leader, and led Kakizaki Hayao and Maximilian Jīnasu as his subordinates.

* Translator's note: originally was: "Even though Hikaru was initially assigned to Skull squadron, he was promoted to Second Lieutenant due to the military gains at the Mars base. He became a flight leader, and commanded Kakizaki Hayao and Maximilian Jīnasu as his subordinates."

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Bio-neural Chip [Plus]
Caption: [Bio-neural Chip] The chip is built into the virtual idol "Sharon Apple". As a result, the consciousness that she manifested ran wild and caused the incident where Macross City was hacked and seized by her.

A special circuit with a self-preservation instinct built into it. It is an illegal article, because it's difficult to predict the actions of an AI that has it, and there is a great danger of the AI being uncontrollable.

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High-Manoeuvrability Missile [Plus]
Caption: [High Manoeuvrability Missile] They are standard equipment inside the Ghost X-9's fuselage. The missiles were fired toward the pursuing YF-21, which had been released from its limiter.

In 2040, it was the latest model of highly-manoeuvrable missile at the time. Target Drones equipped with the missiles were used in the YF-21's air combat ability test in "Project Super Nova". At that time, the YF-21 avoided all of the missiles from the front—this was because the YF-21's avoidance speed was too fast and there was too great a difference in the relatively velocity of the missiles, so their proximity fuses didn't detonate.

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Highlander City [M]
Caption: [Highlander City] There was also an uprising disturbance that occurred at the airport, and Hikaru Ichijō—who happened to be present—cooperated in suppressing the uprising.

One of the towns that was reconstructed after the First Interstellar War. There are haute cuisine restaurants that entertainers often visit—Lynn Minmei often used them, too.

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The Lost Zentrādi [7]

The nickname of the Zentrādi groups that didn't make peace with the Earthlings. They are specified as such groups as the surviving fleet of troops under Bodoruzā's command—who scattered when the flagship was destroyed—and the Zentrādi groups that are scattered about the galaxy in great numbers. In 2045, there doesn't seem to have been an example of any of them accepting peace with mankind. However, the Kurore Fleet, which encountered the Macross 7 Fleet, were deeply impressed by Nekki Basara's songs, and are the first case of a group of Lost Zentrādi acquiring friendship with mankind.

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The Lost Zentrādi [II]

The nickname of the Zentrādi Fleets that rarely come and attack the Earth after the war between the Earthlings and the Zentrādi Forces. As far as the populace is concerned, "The Lost Zentrādi" aren't a threat—as they are opponents that are easily repulses by culture shock due to the "Operation Minmei".

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Hashizume Shinobu [7]
Caption: [Hashizume Shiobu] Her feature is a hairdo that hangs in a wave. When she withdrew from the Battle 7, she escaped in the same armoured vehicle as Miho, Sally and so on, and was worried about the fate of Captain Max.

One of the Macross 7 Fleet's Battle 7 bridge operators. It seems like she was hardly very active with the other bridge operators, such as Miho Miho and Sally S. Ford.

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Vajra [F]
Caption: [Vajra] Several types of individuals exist in addition to the queen. They can space fold on their own. Their shells are the same kind of material as Energy Conversion Armour, and objects that appear to be missiles are produced within a short period of time inside their bodies. Fold Bacillus permeates their bodily fluids, and humans that come into contact with it are infected by the V-type Infectious Disease and will die if they aren't treated at an early stage.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "When a human comes in contact with their bodily fluids—which have the Fold Bacillus—the humans are infected by the V-type Infectious Disease and will die if they aren't treated at an early stage."


A super life-form that always continues to evolve. Each individual is tied together in an Intestinal Bacteria Network that emits Fold Waves, and the entirety of the Vajra think as one. Due to this real-time information transfer ability, damage information from single individuals is accumulated by the colony and fed-back into newly created individuals. Therefore, attack methods that were used several times do not work on the next generation of Vajra.

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