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Glossary 19A: PCS Reaction - VF-5000B Star Mirage

• "Glossary Sheet 19." Macross Chronicle. 18 Feb. 2010: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 19A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 10 Dec. 2013: 17-18.

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Ha•Hi•Fu•He•Ho はふへほ Row

PCS Reaction [Zero]

The reaction from alien relics. It is possible to detect the relics with the OTM-using "Cyclops" space-time oscillation radar. As a result, the Protoculture "Bird Man" relic—which was submerged in the coastal waters of Mayan Island—was discovered.

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BDI System [Plus]

Brain Direct Imaging (BDI)—a control system introduced in the YF-21 based on the idea of "integrating the pilot and the aircraft", and the pilot's brainwaves are responsible for all controls, including fire control. It is an extremely delicate system, and in addition to sensitively detecting and implementing the pilot's brain waves, there is also a concern that a failure in the mental feedback can result in the loss of aircraft control. Incidentally, a simplified BDI System was installed in the formally adopted VF-22S Sturmvogel as a sub-control system.

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Venus Sound Factory [Plus]

The production company that the virtual idol "Sharon Apple" is affiliated with. One of the constituent organizations of the Macross Concern (currently under the umbrella of the L.A.I. Co.). The Unified Forces requested the development of the Sharon-type AI for the supervision of the Emigrant Fleets, and that AI was used as a window to acquire field data to win and control the hearts and minds of the people in the form of idol concerts.

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Violetta [Other]
Caption: [Violetta] Despite being an idol, she is a taciturn, cool beauty. Even though she was 18 at the time of the incident, she calmly maintained that they would be rescued.

A member of the 5-woman "Milky Dolls" idol group. She is an intellectual woman and plays a chairman-like role within the group. She is abducted by the Zentrādi Rebel Army and is taken prisoner on planet Elysium. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Commander-in-Chief Higgins [Plus]
Caption: [Commander-in-Chief Higgins] He highly valued artificial intelligence that could accumulated experience and make it everlasting.

The Unified Forces Commander-in-Chief who pushed forward with an unmanned fighter deployment plan in absolute secrecy. With the completion of the Ghost X-9, which was equipped with an advanced artificial intelligence, "Project Super Nova"—the Next Main Variable Fighter Development Project—was forced to be cancelled.

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Pixy Squadron [F]

A squadron composed of Zentrādi women belonging to the Private Military Provider S.M.S. Manning the Quadoran-Rea, three women are members of the squadron: Laramia Lerenia, and Nene Nōra, under Captain Kuran Kuran.

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Victor [F]

A Private Military Provider S.M.S. mission code. "Code Victor" is an entanglement with the Vajra. The code was "Victor 3" when they encountered the Vajra for the first time.

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Big Star Record [M]

The first record company that Lynn Minmei was affiliated with when she made her debut as a singer. It is a record label inside the SDF-1 Macross.

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Vihīda Fīzu [7, 7Gin, D7]
Caption: [Vihīda Fīzu] She always carries drumsticks around with her and keeps a rhythm going. Vihīda produces sounds with those drumsticks, and often builds a conversation with them.

She is in charge of the drums in Fire Bomber. Vihīda is a genuine Zentrādi, and is a large woman who is over 2 m tall even when she is miclonized. She is taciturn, but in crucial moments Vihīda voices words that are rich in nuance. She used to be a martial artist, and became a musician after hearing Nekki Basara's songs.

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Hydra [F]
Caption: [Hydra] They are about 2 m long. However, that is about the size of a cat for the Zentrādi who remain as giants.

A creature that inhabits planet Eden. Even though they appear to be like a beast of prey that has grown wings, they are extremely docile, and are exported off the planet and raised as pets.

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Standard Battle Line Battleship [7]
Caption: [Standard Battle Line Battleship] The ship is loaded with a maximum of 40 Variable Fighters, and the top part has 4 retractable catapults.

The main battleship in the Varōta Forces—it has both heavy armaments and heavy armour. The beam guns on both sides of the ship twist and aim the shot at the target in a polarized light field that surrounds the firing ports.

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Billy [7]
Caption: [Billy] He always carries his own Gubaba doll on his shoulder, and carries a camera with him.

A boy who is an avid fan of Mylene, and has been supporting her since her debut performance. Billy lives on the Sunny Flower Farm Ship. As his parents have already died, he lives by helping with farm work. Even though he is a cheeky boy, Billy has a pure heart and doesn't tolerate the people who sell pictures of Mylene that were taken secretly.

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Pink Pecker [7]
Caption: [Pink Pecker] The three used VF-11 Thunderbolts that were uniformly coloured the same.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "They used VF-11 Thunderbolts that were uniformly a purple colour.


The name of the Valkyrie unit that Rei Lovelock, Kinryu, and Stephan used to belong to. When fighting with remnants of the Zentrādi Forces, Rei and Stephan were cut off from friendly forces. Stephan was killed in action due to Rei overruling his opposition and choosing to forcibly attack to escape from the enemy's encirclement. The unit was dissolved as Rei—who felt responsible for Stephan's death—was discharged from the military.

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Vinderance [Other]

A Unified Forces designated terrorist group. Vinderance is led by Mariafokina Barnrose, who is descended from the Meltrandi. It is an enigmatic terrorist organization that aims at military facilities, and doesn't cause damage to the general public. In truth, they are a force that was organized to counter the rebel "Lactence" power in the Unified Government, which is trying to establish an iron-fisted government through military supremacy. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Pinpoint Barrier [M, Plus, 7, 7Gin, D7, F]
Caption: [Pinpoint Barrier] By concentrating the barriers on such places as the hands or feet, the barriers can be put to use even in unarmed combat.

Even though the defended area is small, the PPB is a barrier system that allows one to change the defended area by moving it. Referencing the SDF-1 Macross's Local Fold-space Diversion Barrier, Variable Fighters from the VF-19 onward also have a VF Pinpoint Barrier as standard equipment.

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PPB (Pinpoint Barrier) Girls [M]
Caption: [PPB Girls] Panappu (left), Mei (center), and Pocky (right) were also active as alternates for the bridge operators.

Three female officers were in charge of the SDF-1 Macross's Pinpoint Barrier. They worked in the dedicated Pinpoint Barrier room, and manually moved the barriers. They had the ability of controlling the mobile barriers—with small defensive areas—to accurately ward off enemy attacks. However, there were times when they unfortunately couldn't cope with saturation attacks and were unable to defend against them.

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Ha•Hi•Fu•He•Ho はひへほ Row

Fire Bomber [7, 7Gin, D7, F]
Caption: [Fire Bomber] In the battles against the Protodevilun, the four band members were simultaneously active as a rock band and the Sound Force Civilian Cooperative Unit.
Fire Bomber

A rock band belonging to the Akiko Lips Label. There are four members: Nekki Basara on vocals and guitar, Mylene Flare Jīnasu on vocals and bass, Vihīda Fīzu on drums, and leader Rei Lovelock on the keyboard. Initially, Fire Bomber was a minor band that held live performances centred on Akusho, an area that wasn't registered in the fleet. However, the band suddenly became famous with the presence of the Varōta Forces, which appeared at the same time that Mylene joined the band. Their popularity ignited when the image of Basara singing on the battlefield while spurring on a Valkyrie was reported, and his songs turned out to be effective against the unknown Protodevilun enemy. After the Varōta War, it wasn't unusual for Basara to abruptly go on a trip and the band to suspend their activities, and be active at their own pace.

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Fine Brokengrits [7]
Caption: [Fine Brokengrits] Due to a sudden enemy attack, Captain Maximilian Jīnasu and Mayor Miria Farīna Jīnasu rushed to the bridge. After receiving conflicting orders from both the Captain and the Mayor, Fine Brokengrits was confused as to which one to prioritize.

An operator on the Battle Carrier belonging to the Macross 7 Fleet. She served as an operator together with her twin Shine when Fire Bomber held an onboard live performance.

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FAST Packs [M, Plus, FB, 7, D7, F, Ai, Other]

The name that indicates the boosters on the top part of the fuselage in the VF-1 Valkyrie's Super Parts. On the other hand, it is also likely to be used as the word that indicates the Super Parts in general. It is used in particular with such VFs as the YF-19 and YF-21 to indicate all of the additional equipment that have functions close to that of the Super Parts on the other Valkyries.

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Phalanx (Kai) [II]
Caption: [Phalanx (Kai)] The two missile pods on both the left and right sides operate individually, and they enable attacks in a wide radius. In addition, the Destroid has Grenade Launchers on its thighs.

This close-defence Destroid is the Phalanx's successor. In addition to enhanced firepower and armour, it is able to be operated both inside and outside of the atmosphere.

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Fan Liner [M]
Caption: [Fan Liner] It seems that the airplane was given to her friend Hikaru Ichijō after it was received by Lynn Minmei, who had won the contest. Hikaru gave a ride to Minmei when they returned to the Earth—dropping her off and picking her up when she visited her parents.

The victor's prize in the Miss Macross Contest. It is a commutor specification two-seater aircraft, manufactured by Ikki Tatebishi. Equipped with the VA-18 hydro-turbine engine, the Fan Liner was the latest sports model at the time.

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Fan Racer [M]
Caption: [Fan Racer] Hikaru jumped in and participated in the VF-1 Angel Birds demonstration flight at the Macross's Space Launch Ceremony—delighting the audience by showing off his impressive skills.

A small aircraft with a sports specification. The engine was replaced with a higher performance one for acrobatics, and rocket boosters were added to Hikaru Ichijō's favourite airplane. Hikaru's fan racer broke when he crash-landed in the Closed Section of the SDF-1 Macross.

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VE-1 Elint Seeker [Ai]
Caption: [VE-1 Elint Seeker] A VE-1 searching for enemy ships and transmitting accurate positioning information to the SDF-1 Macross. Based on that data, the Macross Cannon hit what it was aiming at when it fired its main gun.
VE-1 エリントシーカー

A Variable Aircraft for early warning. It has a two-seater cockpit, and the Valkyrie has a large radome and sensors.* The VE-1 takes on missions such as searching for enemies on the mothership's route and reconnaissance.

* Translator's note: originally was: "It is a two-seater type, and... ."

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VA-3M Invader [Other]
Caption: [VA-3M Invader] The under-wing pods function as floats, because the VA-3M was designed for water takeoff and landing.
VA-3M インベーダー

Since it was developed for local attacks, the VA-3 is a Variable Fighter-Attacker that focuses on survivability—such as improved bullet resistance—at the expense of manoeuvrability. As the VA-3M is an all-regime attack aircraft, it is able to navigate underwater and perform underwater combat. It was operated in the 727th Independent Squadron VF-X Ravens, who undertook many special missions.

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VA-3C Kai Invader Kai [D7]
Caption: [VA-3C Kai Invader Kai] A special harpoon was used for the Galactic Whales, and the gun pod's built-in gun was used to attack the Patrol Corps and so on who interfered with the whale poaching.
VA-3C改 インベーダー改

The VA-3C Kai are the Variable Fighters that were refurbished and operated by the Galactic Whale Poaching Group—led by Kariba. They were usually operated equipped with Rocket Boosters, and that supplemented the VA-3C's usual slow speed.* The VA-3C Kai has a Gun Pod that fires a harpoon.

* Translator's note: "They were usually operated equipped with Super Packs, and that... ."

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VA-1SS Metal Siren [II]
Caption: [VA-1SS Metal Siren] In the Gundroid heavy attack mode—the Valkyrie's fourth form—the pilot can fully control all of the Valkyrie's weapons.
VA-1SS メタルサイレーン

The Unified Forces next main Variable Fighter, which can transform into four modes. The Metal Siren has a wealth of built-in weapons, and its hand-to-hand fighting abilities in Battroid are also high due to the Plasma Spear that becomes the Valkyrie's nose when in Fighter. The VA-1SS was entrusted to ace pilot Nex Gilbert, and was deployed in battle with the Mardūk Forces in the orbit of Mars. Incidentally, a Fighter Mode-only replica model made its debut before an audience at the Moon Festival in a demonstration flight performed by Sylvie Geena.

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VF-X [M]

The prototype Variable Fighter. Since it is a flight test type, it does not have a variable function. The VF-X's development continued on South Ataria Island, and Roy Fokker served as the test pilot.

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VF-5000 Star Mirage [D7]
Caption: [VF-5000 Star Mirage] In 2047, the then obsolete VF-5000G was operated by planet Zola's Patrol Corps. At that time, it used non-lethal armaments, such as the Shock Gun Pod.
VF-5000 スターミラージュ

The aircraft that took over the main fighter seat from the VF-4 Lightning III. Based on the concept of mission-specific aircraft, the VF-5000 was developed with a focus on manoeuvrability within the atmosphere, and adopted a blended-wing body with excellent atmospheric aerodynamic characteristics. There is a commander specification G model—with a differing head shape—the normal G model, and the two-seater T-G model.

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VF-5000B Star Mirage [Other*]
Caption: [VF-5000B Star Mirage] As the VF-5000 demonstrated high-manoeuvrability in the atmosphere, it was responsible for air support and air superiority in the battlefields that the Variable Attack Aircraft were deployed in.
VF-5000B スターミラージュ

The initial Variable Fighter developed by Shinsei Industry. It was test deployed to the Unified Forces Dancing Skull Special Forces unit on planet Neo York, and built an excellent track record. [Source: Macross Plus -Game Edition-, Macross M3]

* Translator's note: in the original Ed., it was initially "II", and later corrected to "D7".

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