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Glossary 21A: VF-1 Valkyrie - Buritai 7018

• "Glossary Sheet 21." Macross Chronicle. 18 Mar. 2010: 31-32.
• "Glossary Sheet 21A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 28 Jan. 2014: 19-20.

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Ha•Hi•Fu•He•Ho はひへほ Row (con't)

VF-1 Valkyrie [M, 7, Ai]
Caption: [VF-1 Valkyrie] A survey of the ASS-1 revealed that the aliens are giants with a height of 10 m. For that reason, the VF-1 was developed as one of the armaments with a total height of 10 m for the purpose of communication when making contact in the future, or for fighting against the giants. The figure above illustrates the height contrast of a J model Valkyrie (12.68) with humans and the Zentrādi.*

* Translator's note: errata. Originally was: "12.86 m"


The first official, mass-produced, all-environment Variable Fighter with OTM. It was deployed as the SDF-1 Macross's escort during the First Interstellar War, and demonstrated its abilities when a limited number of Valkyries contended with the overwhelming Zentrādi Forces. There are variations, such as the mass-production A model, the J model with an armament-enhanced head produced by Shinnakasu Heavy Industries, the S model—used as a commander craft with strengthened engines, avionics, and communications equipment—and the two-seater D model. Also, Super Parts, and the Protect Weapon System for when the VF-1 is in Battroid form were developed as optional equipment.

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V-type Infectious Disease [F]

A medical condition in which the Fold Bacteria present in the body fluids of the Vajra infects and attacks the patient via the blood and bodily fluids. Even though it's possible to treat the infection in the early stages with a serum that's made from the Vajra, as time passes, the bacteria settle in the brain, release certain toxins, and kill the infected person. In addition, when the bacteria settle in the brain, the singing voice of the infected person begins to emit weak Fold Waves. Even though Sheryl Nome was a terminally infected person, it's been said that she got better with the help of Ranka Lee, who lives symbiotically with the bacteria.

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Physica Fulcrum [7]
Caption: [Physica Fulcrum] A young man with a calm personality who had a number of weak points. He looked forward to meeting his wife and son during his days off from military service.

A Second Lieutenant belonging to Diamond Force. He was assigned to Diamond Force mainly as a replacement for Docker, who was robbed of his Spiritia and had been hospitalized. However, Physica was killed by a direct hit during a battle with the Varōta Forces' Gigiru fleet. He had been thinking about his family—his wife Wendy, and son Mā-kun, who was 2 years old at the time.

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VT-1 Ostrich [Ai]
Caption: [VT-1 Ostrich] Ichijō Hikaru took it out without permission, and went on a date with Lynn Minmei in Saturn's orbit. At that time, they were captured by the Zentrādi Forces.

A two-seater Valkyrie used for model conversion training. The space training Super Packs that it is equipped with are enhanced with all sorts of senors, but no weapons were added to them.

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VT-1C Ostrich [D7]
Caption: [VT-1C Ostrich] Nekki Basara piloted this Valkyrie—which was kept in Graham's house—and sang in front of the Galactic Whales. However, the Valkyrie was broken by an equipment abnormality that occurred due to the whales. Even though Basara was thrown out into space and was rescued, he sustained severe injuries.

The elementary training Valkyrie, which had been sold off by the armed forces. Graham Hoily had refurbished it, and was using it for whaling.

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VB-6 König Monster [F]
Caption: [VB-6 König Monster] The S.M.S. version is equipped with Energy Conversion Armour and a Pinpoint Barrier, and has a bullet resistance that surpasses that of the mass production version.

A Variable Bomber that inherited the concept of the HWR-00 Mk II Monster. It transforms into several forms: Shuttle, Heavy GERWALK, and Destroid. In addition, the VB-6 that is operated by the Civilian Military Provider S.M.S., which belongs to the Macross Frontier Fleet, has a differing specification. The front pilot seat has been changed to an EX-Gear supporting model, which makes it possible for only one person to control the VB-6 (originally 3 people—a pilot, a bomber and a bombardier—were needed to control it). In addition, during the "Ranka Attack", such things as a Fold Wave Amplifier were installed into the VB-6, and Ranka Lee boarded and sang songs in the König Monster.

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VB-6 König Monster [Other]
Caption: [VB-6 König Monster] It was also deployed to the 727th Independent Squadron VF-X Ravens, who carried out special missions.

A Valkyrie that can be referred to as a Destroid Monster that can be deployed at high-speed as a Variable Bomber. It is mainly deployed to the special forces, and it is single-handedly responsible for the firepower in localized skirmishes, such as long-range bombing and gaining total control of the area with a platoon of VB-6. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Booby Trap [M]

A trap that withdrawing forces leave behind. The crashed alien ship ASS-1 was from the Inspection Forces, who fight against the Zentrādi Forces. The ASS-1 was programmed beforehand to detect enemy Zentrādi Forces who drew close and automatically fire its main gun. The SDF-1 Macross, which is the remade ASS-1, preemptively fired its main gun at the approaching Buritai fleet, against the intentions of the Earthlings. Bruno J. Global, the Macross' Captain, appraised it as "a booby trap" as—after all—the ASS-1 was a trap left by the Inspection Forces.

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Fairy 9 [F]

The code name of Sheryl Nome in the "Project Fairy" plan to artificially create a human who had the ability to rapport with the Vajra. Sheryl was the only successful example. However, with the discovery of Ranka Lee—who could naturally interact with the Vajra—Grace O'Conner and the other Macross Galaxy leaders decided to dispose of Fairy 9.

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Fairy Leader [II]

A female Unified Forces Valkyrie team led by Silvie Geena. The team is composed of four pilots—Amy Lock, Kujō Saori and Nastassja Todt, under team leader Sylvie. Each person's skills as a pilot are unquestionable, and they also have abilities that are demonstrated in such things as acrobatic flights.

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Pheyos Valkyrie [Other]
Caption: [Pheyos Valkyrie] Timothy Daldanton—the leader of the terrorist organization "Black Rainbow"—loves a black-coloured Pheyos.

A Variable Fighter-Attacker used by the hostile Zentrādi power that opposes the Unified Forces. The Pheyos was created by combining the technologies of the Variable Fighter and the Battle Suits. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X / VF-X2]

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Feff [II]
Caption: [Feff] He shot his adjutant dead to protect Ishtar—when she had been contaminated with Earth's culture—and let her escape to Earth.

The Fleet Commander of the Mardūk Forces' Third Vanguard Ship. He is a proud Mardūk military man. However, he has fallen in love with the emulator Ishtar, who has a higher status than Feff, a warrior. Even though Feff looked down on the Earthlings as an inferior race, he was moved by the songs of Ishtar—who had become acquainted with Earth's culture—and rose in revolt against the Mardūk dictator Ingusu.

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Fold Quartz [F]

A crystalline body produced inside the Vajra's bodies. It is something that cannot be duplicated by human technology, and has the functions of capturing and transmitting the Fold Wave component of a singing voice, and the power to penetrate Fold Faults. Fold Quartz is the indispensable material in manufacturing such things as the ISC foundation of the VF-25 Messiah and VF-27 Lucifer, and weapons such as MDE. In addition, Fold Quartz is also used in the earrings that are a keepsake of Sheryl Nome's mother—they had the effect of amplifying her Fold Wave-emitting singing voice.

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Fold Booster [Plus, 7, 7Gin, D7, F]
Caption: [Fold Booster] Even though it was in the prototype phase, the Fold Quartz-using Super Fold Booster had the ability to break through Fold Faults.

Optional equipment that enables Fold Navigation. Vehicles such as Variable Fighters and the Quadoran-Rea use them. Initially, they were disposable and limited to a one-way Fold. However, a type that could be used multiple times was also put into operational service at the end of the 2050's.

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Fold Wave Amp [F]

A device for amplifying Fold Waves. It was installed on the VB-6 König Monster during the "Ranka Attack" to amplify the singing voice of Ranka Lee, who emits Fold Waves.

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Fold Navigation [M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F, Ai, II, Other]

A means of navigation that greatly reduces the time required to reach destinations that are far-removed. Emerging at the target coordinates is referred to as "Defold" or "Fold Out". However, it cannot break through the sectors of space where there are dimensional faults—referred to as Fold Faults.

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Fold Speakers [F]

A speaker system using Fold Waves that can reproduce sound even in outer space. They were put into operational use as an option for Variable Fighters, and were used during Ranka Lee's "Delivery Live" performance on Gaul 4.

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Fold Sale [F]

A sale that takes place immediately before an Emigrant Fleet makes a Super Long-range Fold. It is a clearance bargain sale. Not just groceries, but every conceivable thing can be sold during the sale.

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Fold Fault [F]

A dimensional fault that is like a distortion in hyperspace. Spacecraft cruising in hyperspace are affected. Depending on the extent of the Fold Fault, they range from those that make it impossible to do Fold Navigation, to those where one can only Fold dozens of light years even though the space fold consumes a massive amount of energy that should enable a normal Fold of several hundred light years. Additionally, they also disrupt Fold Communications.

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Fold Wave [F]

A kind of wave occurring in a higher dimensional space. It is also known as "Fold Nami". Vajra brethren use it to perform zero-time communication. In addition, the singing voices of those that are severely infected with the V-type Infectious Disease come to emit Fold Waves—though they are weak. Furthermore, it's thought that Song Energy is also a kind of Fold Wave.

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Fold Pack [F]
Caption: [Fold Pack] Saotome Aruto's aircraft was equipped with a Fold Pack when he headed to Gaul 4 as Sheryl Nome's escort. Additionally, the Valkyrie can reinstall the Fold Pack by having it stand-by in outer space after it is detached.

An option pack for the VF-25 Messiah. It's possible to jointly equip the Valkyrie with a Fold Booster and Super Parts. The pack improves such things as the strategic mobility and operational flexibility of the VF-25. The Valkyrie can also be equipped with a Super Fold Booster in the same way.

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Forumo [F]
Caption: [Forumo] The mall is also used as a tourist attraction in the Macross Frontier Fleet, and also has Miclone-sized walkways, stores, and so on.

A shopping mall in Island 3 built for the Zentrādi who live there in their giant size. The mall is also known as the place where Ranka Lee pressed ahead with a surprise live performance before her debut.

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Pikunuha [Zero]

A rebirth ritual that's been handed down on Mayan Island. It revived Mao Nome, who had lost consciousness in the battle between the Unified Forces and the Anti-Unification Alliance. The blood of the shrine maidens was awoken by this ceremony and a transfusion of blood from the "Bird Man", and Mao—who had regained consciousness—displayed a supernatural power.

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Frasuchakaya [7]
Caption: [Frasuchakaya] In 2045, she had a major song that was frequently broadcast on the street monitors.

A prolific singer who always ranks high on the Galaxy Network Chart. Her representative song is "Because The Future Is There". She belongs to the "VE" label.

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Black Rainbow [Other]

A Unified Forces-designated terrorist group that has great power in the remote planetary systems. There are several factions within the organization. The faction that looks up to Timothy Daldanton as its leader operates like a mercenary unit. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Planet Dance [7, D7, F]

Fire Bomber's first single. Even though it was recorded under Honey Suzuki—who operates Sweet Bellwood Office—the single was shelved because it didn't align with his sensibilities. However, the song has a history of being purchased and released by Akiko Hōjō, who operates Akiko Lips Label. Also, Ozuma Lee, the commanding officer of Skull Flight—which is attached to the Civilian Military Provider S.M.S.—is an enthusiastic fan of the band and uses this song's title as a flight formation name.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "... and uses the song title as a flight formation name."

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Freesia [Other]
Caption: [Freesia] She's a young lady who has leisurely conversations at her own pace, like a young lady from a pampered upbringing who has never seen hardship. Her trademark feature is glasses.

A member of the Milky Dolls group. She has an innocent, truthful personality, and was abducted by the Zentrādi Rebel Army when she was 17. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Bridgette Spark [Other]
Caption: [Bridgette Spark (right)] Even though she is in a leader-like position among the operators, she does all the routine duties, and is seen by her colleagues with admiration.

A bridge operator belonging to the mothership of the 727th Independent Squadron VF-X Ravens. She takes pride in her work, and aims to perform it perfectly. Nonetheless, she thinks that the operator's role is to not be overserious, in addition to caring for the pilots. She is a woman with adult kindness and attentiveness. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Buritai Kuridaniku [M]
Caption: [Buritai Kuridaniku] Among the Zentrādi, he is a one-eyed giant who has an outstanding fighting ability and a physical strength that overwhelms a VF-1 Valkyrie with only his flesh and blood.

The commander of the 67th Gurimaru class Branch Fleet attached to the Zentrādi Forces Bodoru Main Fleet. Following after the reaction of the Inspection Forces, he discovers the Earth and has contact with the SDF-1 Macross. He judges the Earthlings to be Miclones, and aims at the Macross to obtain technologies that had been lost to the Zentrādi. However, he is concerned about the collapse of military structure due to the spread of Earth's culture within his fleet, and concludes a cease-fire agreement with the Macross. As a result, Buritai realizes that he will be eliminated by Bodoruzā as Buritai's fleet has been contaminated by culture, and he unites with the Macross to defeat Bodoruzā. The Earth (Macross) and the Zentrādi are then able to take the path of coexistence due to the decision-making of Buritai, who has one of the most intellectual and considerate minds among the Zentrādi.

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Buritai 7018 [Ai]
Caption: [Buritai 7018] Hearing Minmei's singing voice and feeling that culture should not be destroyed, Buritai 7018 called out to the other fleets and even the hostile Meltrandi Forces, and rose in revolt against Goru Bodoruzā.

The commander of the Adokurasu Fleet belonging to the 425th Flagship Fleet under the command of Goru Bodoruzā. During the pursuit of the SDF-1 Macross, he learns about culture brought back by the soldiers who had penetrated inside the Macross, and reported it to Goru Bodoruzā. After that, he orders the capture of and obtains Earthling prisoners of war, and is astonished by human culture. He personally also gradually awakens to culture, and eventually sides with the Macross, choosing a path that opposes Bodoruzā.

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