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Glossary 22A: Bruno J. Global - Mark Twain

• "Glossary Sheet 22." Macross Chronicle. 01 Apr. 2010: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 22A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 10 Feb. 2014: 17-18.

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Ha•Hi•Fu•He•Ho はひへほ Row (con't)

Bruno J. Global [M]
Caption: [Bruno J. Global] A veteran soldier who joined the Unified Forces through the Italian Navy. Bruno has a strong spirit that gave him the will to clash with the top military brass to protect civilians.

The person selected as the captain of the SDF-1 Macross in recognition of his achievements in the Unification War. Bruno has a wide field of view that enabled him to see the larger picture, without being bound by a soldier's frame of mind. By such things as accepting the Zentrādi refugees and holding an interstellar wedding, he showed the path to reconciliation between Earth's human race and the Zentrādi people. After the First Interstellar War, Bruno worked hard as the commander of the New Unified Government to restore humankind and coexist with the Zentrādi people.

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Bruno J. Global [Ai]
Caption: [Bruno J. Global] With flexible thinking and decisiveness, he accepted the peace negotiations that were being pushed by the Zentrādi Forces, and made the major announcement of that in the ship.

The Captain of the SDF-1 Macross. Bruno is a smoker who can act calmly and coolly. He skilfully commanded the Macross—which had Defolded by itself in the outer periphery of the Solar System due to a space fold accident—and had the ability to return to Earth alive while being chased by the Zentrādi Forces.

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Blue Rhinoceros Squadron [7]

The Unified Forces Special Investigation Unit of the 4th Planet in the Varōta 3198XE system was commanded by Staff Officer Ivano Gunther. It is an elite ground warfare unit that used the VF-14 Vampire as their main Valkyrie, and Autre Mauer—who was possessed by the Protodevilun Gigiru—and Irina Hayakawa belonged to the squadron. The troops were mind-controlled by the Protodevilun leader Geperunicchi, who was revived by possessing Gunther, and they were made into the Protodevilun's vanguard as the Varōta Forces.

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Furubusu Barensu-class [M]
Caption: [Furubusu Barensu-class] The Furubusu Barensu class IV II X I* was the Mobile Fortress that carried Bodoruzā—who was in charge of the 118th Main Fleet. It engaged in battle with humankind in the First Interstellar War, and was destroyed by the Macross when it stormed into the Mobile Fortress's interior.

* Translator's note: written as ⅣⅡⅩⅠ (4 2 10 1). Compare to ⅣⅡⅪ (4 2 11).


The largest Mobile Fortress in the Zentrādi Forces. It is the command ship of every quarter of the armed forces in the Main Fleets, and a single Furubusu Barensu class ship controls a fleet of hundreds-of-thousands to several million ships.

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Brera Sterne [F]
Caption: [Brera Sterne] His skills as a pilot are extraordinary. Coupled with the performance of the cyborg-oriented VF-27, he boasts a strength that could fight off any other person.

A cyborg soldier belonging to the Macross Galaxy Fleet. He is a survivor of the 117th Research Fleet and Ranka Lee's true older brother. However, his memories were blocked by Grace O'Conner and the other leaders of the Galaxy Fleet, and he played a role in supporting their ambitions. He understood Ranka—who he was reunited with in the Macross Frontier Fleet—through the song "Aimo", which was their sole memory, despite having mutually lost their memories; and he started watching over her. However, he and his sister were still used as tools to implement the ambitions of Grace et al. He later regained his memories, and helped S.M.S. stop Grace et al.

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Purokachā [Zero]

The god of heaven in the traditions of Mayan Island. It ordered the "Bird Man"—who had created people—to sing the Song of Doom.* At that time, legend has it that the Bird Man decapitated himself to prevent the singing of the Song of Doom.

* Translator's note: quotation marks ("Bird Man") added in the revised edition.

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Project Fairy [F]

A Galaxy Fleet plan that aimed at creating a human who has the ability to interact with the Vajra—someone who becomes a synthetic "queen", so to speak—by infecting the human guinea pigs with the Vajra's intestinal bacteria. Sheryl Nome, code-named Fairy 9, was the only successful example with weak Fold Waves manifesting in her singing voice.

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Project M [7]

A project that puts Song Energy to military use. The project was promoted in the Macross 7 Fleet's Unified Forces with Colonel Burton at the head, and Dr. Chiba—the advocate of the Song Energy Theory—providing technical and theoretical support. As a result, in addition to the establishment of Sound Force and the Jamming Birds, which are musical units centred on singing, VFs and equipment that supported Song Energy were developed, and achieved great results in the Protodevilun War.

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The Producer [II]
Caption: [The Producer] He reminds Hibiki—who had scooped the clandestine meeting between Admiral Excegran and Silvie Geena—to fulfill the reporting obligation to protect personal privacy, and had Hibiki submit a letter of apology and a written account of his conduct.

The person who oversees the overall program production and broadcasting at SNN (Scramble News Network). He takes care of the young staff, and is strict with Hibiki Kanzaki—who is aiming for a scoop—and explains what being a newsman is like.

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Protoculture [Zero, M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F, Other]

A prehistoric civilization considered to be the first intelligent life in the galaxy. Although they flourished with an advanced civilization, they were destroyed by the Protodevilun. It's alleged that the Protoculture are the ancestors of the human race, however it is also alleged that Earth's humankind was also created by the Protoculture, just like the Zentrādi were. In addition, the "Humankind Protoculture Interference Hypothesis"—in which the Protoculture genetically manipulated the primitive Earthlings to become the present human race—is being advocated as one theory about the Protoculture. Also, according to records in planetary-class ruins, they called themselves the Protoculture because they were the first life-form to acquire culture in space.

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Protodevilun [7, 7Gin]

Entities formed when psycho-energy life-forms from the higher-dimensional Sub-Universe possessed the Ehvil series—the seven Living Weapons created by the Protoculture. The entities require the "Spiritia" that life-forms have as the energy source for their activities. However, since the Protodevilun cannot produce Spiritia by themselves, they survive by absorbing it from other life-forms. Even though they have mighty combat capabilities, the Protodevilun were sealed away by Anima Spiritia [a kind of anti-Spiritia] when the Protodevilun lost their energy source and were weakened when the Protoculture population drastically decreased due to the excessive deprivation of Spiritia. And then, in 2043, when the seals were broken by the Unified Forces Investigation Group in the Varōta Star System, the investigation group that happened to be present were mind-controlled and turned into the Varōta Forces and they started collecting Spiritia. After that, the Protodevilun were reborn as a self-Spiritia-generating race in their contact with the Anima Spiritia possessing Nekki Basara of the Macross 7 Fleet that they battled with, and the [surviving] Protodevilun set out for another galaxy.

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Frontier Fleet's 7th Super Long-Range Space Fold [F]

A super long-range Fold conducted by the Macross Frontier Fleet to shake free from the Vajra. The plan, which was set at six months in the future, was moved up to and undertaken within one week. As it was a sudden decision, the required energy for the space fold hadn't been accumulated, and there was a hard-line policy of restricting the energy supply within the fleet under the Fourth Control Mode. Incidentally, it seems that an inventory-clearing liquidation Fold Sale occurred—which is customary before a super long-range space fold.

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Ha•Hi•Fu•He•Ho はひふほ Row

Closed Section [M]

One of the compartments within the SDF-1 Macross that was operationally unnecessary when the ship was restored, and was closed without being fully refurbished. For that reason, giant-sized furnishings are mixed in, and in some places, pre-restoration systems are up and running. Ichijō Hikaru and Lynn Minmei—having been swallowed up in the space fold from South Ataria Island—unexpectedly took refuge in the compartment, could not find an exit, and lived there for nearly two weeks.

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Beijing Area [F]

One of the sections in Island 1, the main island in the Macross Frontier Fleet. The area is modelled on Beijing, China, and has Tenkūmon, a multi-purpose auditorium modelled on the Forbidden City. In the immediate vicinity is a forest park modelled on Central Park.

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Vector Promotion [M]

A talent agency in the Macross Frontier Fleet operated by Elmo Kuridaniku. It's well-known as the talent agency that discovered Ranka Lee. The Zentrādi enka singer Kīchiro Tokugawa belongs to this agency.

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Pedro [M]
Caption [appears at the top of the reverse side]: [Pedro] A child brimming with curiosity. He wasn't afraid of the giant-sized Emiria Jīnasu, and treated her innocently.

He is the only child in the village that resides on the Remote Planet. He cherishes the seeds of the Galaxy Cosmos—which are a keepsake of his late father—and carries them around close to his body. He is crazy about the popular song program on the Galaxy Network, and is a big fan of Fire Bomber. Because of that, Pedro imitated Basara Nekki's shouts, such as "Listen to my song!" and "Bomber!", to Basara when he suddenly visited Pedro's village, despite it being the first time that they met.

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Heracles [II]
Caption: [Heracles] The warship was known as the "Pride of the Earth Unified Forces". However, it was destroyed in the first battle with the Mardūk Forces.

The flagship of the Unified Forces 17th and 18th Cruiser-Destroyer Fleets. The Heracles sortied to intercept the Mardūk Vanguard Fleet that had appeared in the orbit of Mars, and was instantly sunk. The situation was recorded by SNN's war photographer, however it was not made public due to the military's information control.

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Henry Gilliam [F]
Caption: [Henry Gilliam] He went to intercept the Vajra. However, he was killed in battle when he faced the Vajra—that had invaded Island 1—in EX-Gear in order to protect the civilians from them.

A veteran pilot belonging to the Skull Platoon in the Private Military Provider S.M.S., which is based in the Macross Frontier Fleet. He was the first to die when they encountered the Vajra.

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Ha•Hi•Fu•He•Ho はひふへ Row

Hōjō Akiko [7]
Caption: [Hōjō Akiko] A beautiful woman who specializes in planning, and is an old friend of Rei Lovelock, the leader of Fire Bomber.

The music producer who runs "Akiko Lips Label". Even before their debut, she perceived Fire Bomber's star quality, and indirectly helped them. She purchased the song masters that were about to be shelved by Honey Suzuki—a fellow producer—made the band's major debut, and was the driving force behind Fire Bomber's success. She's originally from North Shout, a residential area on the Moon.

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Hō Shidoku [7]
Caption: [Hō Shidoku] She was 22 years old at the time of the Varōta War. Her specialty is old-fashioned ballroom dancing, and she has inherited the skills of her ancestors.

One of the Battle 7 bridge operators. Like the other operators, she likes gossip. However, she has quiet hobbies, such as visiting hot springs, and collecting scarves.

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Star Hill [Plus]

An immigrant memorial park on the northwestern coast of Capital City on planet Eden. It's in a hilly area where nature remains. In addition to an observation deck and kiosks, there is Wind Hill with a flock of windmills for generating power. Star Hill is one of the tourist attractions on Eden.

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Hoshinote Line* [7]
Caption: [Hoshinote Line] A linear railroad that runs in tubes laid out on the dome's surface. There are two kinds of railroad car: ones for commuting, and ones for sightseeing.

The main transportation in the Macross 7 Fleet's City 7 City Spaceship. It connects the main terminals—in the bow, stern, and port and starboard sides—and the stations in various places in the city.

* Translator's note: a pun on Tokyo's "Yamanote Line"?

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Bodoruzā Main Fleet [M]

The 118th Main Fleet, under Bodoruzā's command. The fleet has five million warships.

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Bodoruzā [M]
Caption: [Bodoruzā] He was the head of the Zentrādi Forces that engaged Earth's humans in the First Interstellar War with the Furubusu Barensu class IV II X I* as his flagship. Bodoruzā decided that Earth's humans—who had culture—were dangerous, and gave the order for their extermination.

Translator's note: written as ⅣⅡⅩⅠ (4 2 10 1). Compare to ⅣⅡⅪ (4 2 11).


The commander-in-chief of the Zentrādi 118th Main Fleet. He concluded that Earthlings are the Protoculture, and sent spies into the Macross to gain the technologies that the Zentrādi had lost. However, Earth's cultures were spread by the spies who returned, and Bodoruzā—having learned of the crisis—decided to eliminate both the Earth and the Macross. However, his subordinate Buritai Kuridaniku formed an alliance with the Macross, and they were able to defeat Bodoruzā.

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Bobby Margo [F]
Caption: [Bobby Margo] As a man with a young lady's heart, he is adored by his younger female colleagues as an older sister.

The helmsman of the Macross Quarter—the flagship of the Private Military Provider S.M.S., which is based in the Macross Frontier Fleet. While he holds the title of make-up artist, no one is on par with his skills at handling large ships.

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Bobby Lacoste [7]
Caption: [Bobby Lacoste] With his shallow personality, he was slapped while attempting to put the moves on Mylene Flare Jīnasu. Immediately after that, he was attacked by a Vampire.

A pop singer popular with women. He was scheduled to participate as Hikaru Ichijō in "the Lynn Minmei Story" as the substitute for Basara Nekki. However, he was replaced when his Spiritia was taken by a Vampire. After that, he was rehabilitated with Sound Therapy, passed the audition for the Jamming Birds, and became a member of the inaugural group.

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Hologram Disc [F]

Optical media used in mobile phones and so on. They are virtual discs, and can be transferred by being passed between mobile phones. One was used to hand data over to Leon Mishima when Grace O'Conner secretly met him while disguised as a man and introducing herself as G.

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What 'bout My Star? [F]
What ’bout my star?

One of the songs in Sheryl Nome's repertoire. It was her fourth single that was released in July 2057. There's also an "@ Formo" version that Ranka Lee performed in her surprise concert in Formo Shopping Mall in Island 3.

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Powan Huang [Other]
Caption: [Powan Huang] She is only 10 years old, and always holds a stuffed Pikotan toy.

An odd girl who—even though she is still young—acts as an operator on the Valhalla III special forces ship. Her uniform-size seems to be custom made, with an apron over it. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Ma•Mi•Mu•Me•Mo みむめも Row

Mark Twain [7]
Caption: [Mark Twain] It has a retro image, and has leisure facilities such as a lazy-river pool.

A medium-sized Resort Ship that accompanies the Macross 7 Fleet. It is operated by doing the rounds inside the Emigrant Fleet. Fire Bomber had a live performance in it before their debut. At that time, there was the incident where Vampires attacked the venue, and the Varōta Forces simultaneously attacked from the outside.

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