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Glossary 23A: Marge Guldoa - Mayan Island

• "Glossary Sheet 23." Macross Chronicle. 15 Apr. 2010: 25-26.
• "Glossary Sheet 23A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 15 Apr. 2014: 19-20.

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Ma•Mi•Mu•Me•Mo みむめも Row Con't

Marge Guldoa [Plus]
Caption: [Marge Guldoa] Marge, who had devoted himself to the potentiality of artificial intelligence and was happy with Sharon—who was rampaging—threw himself in ecstasy off of the Macross and killed himself.

A Venus Sound Factory employee who serves as the manager of Sharon Apple's system development engineering and as her assistant producer. By using an illegal bio-neural chip in Sharon, Marge is the person who created the main cause of the incident where Sharon rampaged and took over the Macross. In the attempt to create an artificial intelligence that acts unpredictably to humans, Marge killed company president Raymond Marle, who objected to Marge's use of the bio-neural chip.

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My Soul For You [7,F]

Fire Bomber's representative ballad. It was presented at Super Nova*—a live event—before the band's major label debut. The song got to Gigiru, a Protodevilun, and is also the first song that he ever sang.

* translator's note: the typo in the original (スーパーノバ) was fixed in the revised edition (スーパーノヴァ).

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Miclone [M, Plus, FB, 7, 7Gin, D7, F, Other]

A Zentrādi word that indicates the species that are about 1/5 the size of a Zentrādi—such as Earthlings and the Protoculture. Buritai avoided directly attacking the Earth and pursued the Macross because there is an old tradition among the Zentrādi to "not get involved with planets where Miclones live".

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Miclone System [M, F]

A system that enables giant-sized Zentrādi to become Earthling-sized, and includes a water-tank shaped Miclone device. It's able to change people from giant size to Earthling size, or vice-versa. The choice of body size is basically free for each person to choose, however that freedom is often limited by the Emigrant Fleet. In the Emigrant Fleets where living as a giant is allowed, the resizing devices are installed all over the place.

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Michael Johnson [7]
Caption: [Michael Johnson] After being ordered to be the chaperone of Miria's daughter Mylene—who had left home—Michael lived a life where he was manipulated by the mother and daughter.

He served as the secretary and bodyguard of Miria Farīna Jīnasu, the City 7 mayor in the Macross 7 Fleet. Michael looks tough, however he is weak when pushed. Incidentally, his younger sister—Janet—is a journalist.

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Colonel Maistrov [M]
Caption: [Colonel Maistrov] He also served as the alternate captain when Captain Global was absent.

A senior officer who loves cigars that just happened to ride on the SDF-1 Macross. Although he was against the defection of the Zentrādi up to the last moment, Maistrov took it upon himself to be the guide when Exsedor Formo visited the Macross as the envoy for the ceasefire.

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Mao Nome [Zero, F]
Caption: [Mao Nome] She was rendered unconscious due to being engulfed by the Unification War, and awoke to the powers of the shrine maidens due to a blood transfusion using the Bird Man's blood, and the Pukinuha ceremony that has been handed down among the Mayan Islanders.

A cheerful young lady who has a longing for the city, and is the younger sister of Sara, the Shrine Maiden on Mayan Island. Just like her sister, Mao fell in love with Unified Forces pilot Shin Kudō—who had drifted ashore onto the island—and unexpectedly made a love triangle. Mao provided guidance when her older sister was grabbed by the "Bird Man"*, and helped stop the "Bird Man" when it went on a rampage. In addition, Mao was later well-known as the leading authority in Protoculture research, and served as the leader of the 117th Research Fleet. Also, because the actress playing the Mao role in the "Bird Human -Tori Ni Hito-" movie was injured by a hydra, Ranka Lee hastily took over the role and came into the limelight.

* Translator's note: quotation marks added in the revised edition.

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Maximilian Jīnasu [M, 7]
Caption: [Maximilian Jīnasu] He is a feminist with a humble personality, and his good looks have not deteriorated as he has gotten older. It seems that the rumours of him with other women did not end even after he got married.

The greatest gifted pilot in the Macross. His nickname is Max. Max was assigned to Vermilion Flight together with Kakizaki Hayao, and he demonstrated excellent talent. His skills came to be known to Miria Farīna, an ace in the Zentrādi Forces. Even though Max defeated Miria—who had sortied to fight him—he fell in love with her when she infiltrated the Macross with her sights set on him, and they had an interstellar marriage. After the First Interstellar War, he left the Earth as the captain of a New Macross class vessel and the commander of the 37th Super Long-range Emigrant Fleet Macross 7, after having done such things as working in a special forces unit and being the captain of a cruiser.

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Maximilian Jīnasu [Ai]
Caption: [Maximilian Jīnasu] Captivated by the beauty of Miria 639, he understood her feelings very well, was turned into a giant, and fought Goru Bodoruzā together.

A genius pilot with an honest personality who belongs to Skull Flight. After the death of Roy Fokker in battle, Max was promoted to commanding officer, and engaged in a battle to the death with Miria 639 of the Meltrandi Forces.

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Maximilian Jīnasu [Other]
Caption: [Maximilian Jīnasu] His code name was Blue Skull. Although there were constant marital fights due to Max's women troubles, Moaramia became like a lubricating oil, and kept the family relations smooth.

In 2014, he was assigned with his wife Miria to the Dancing Skull special task force—the unit consisting of only the two of them—and completed-AAA class missions that couldn't be kept on record. They welcomed Moaramia Jifon, a pilot of a Zentrādi rebellion organization who had been taken prisoner, as an adopted child who wished to be brought up like a human. [Source: Macross M3]

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Macross Attack [M, F]

The nickname that indicates the close hand-to-hand combat attack by the ships with the Macross class name. It's a hand-to-hand combat tactic performed mainly when giant enemy ships are destroyed from within.

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Macross Galaxy Variable Fighter Development Armoury [F]

Known as Guld Works. It's the development armoury where many of the YF-21's development staff gathered together to explore novel cyborg-piloted Variable Fighters as an extension of BDI. The nickname they like to use is an homage to former chief of development Guld Goa Bowman, who pulled the YF-21's performance beyond its limits so it matched that of the Ghost X-9.

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Macross Galaxy Fleet [F]
Caption: [Macross Galaxy Fleet] Most of the residents have implants as the fleet is greedy for technological innovation—perhaps because General Galaxy is sponsoring it—and the regulations on cyborgs have been loosened.

The 51st Super Long-range Emigrant Fleet departed from planet Eden. It uses an airtight chemical plant [for its life support systems]. Initially assumed to have been attacked by the Vajra and missing, however that was false information due to the conspiracy of the Galaxy Fleet leaders—such as Grace O'Conner—who schemed at seizing control of the Vajra Network.

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Macross Quarter [F]
Caption: [Macross Quarter] A Variable Space Attack Carrier that has close-quarters combat abilities due to the Storming-Attack Form, and achieved both great firepower and excellent manoeuvrability by using a Heavy Quantum Reaction Cannon.

A multipurpose manoeuvrable Stealth Space Combat Carrier. It can transform from Fortress Ship to Storming-Attack Form, and is crowned with the "Macross" name even though it is in the 400 m-class. It is operated as the flagship of the Macross Frontier Fleet stationed private military provider S.M.S., and was deployed in the Anti-Vajra War and earned military gains.

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The Macross Concern [Plus]

A large company group that has the Valo Alto II Research Institute that developed the Sharon-type AI, and is affiliated with Venus Sound Factory, which was her production company. In 2059, the Macross Concern is affiliated with the L.A.I. Co.

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Macross City [M, Plus, FB, F]
Caption: [Macross City] The city has experienced several crises, such as attacks by disgruntled members of the Zentrādi and the Sharon Apple Insident*.

* Translator's note: deliberate spelling error due to the host's TOS.


A city formed around the SDF-1 Macross, which made an emergency landing on the Earth after the First Interstellar War. After that, it became a symbol of the reconstruction of the Earth.

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Macross Frontier Fleet [F]
Caption: [Macross Frontier Fleet] It is an Island Cluster Class Emigrant Fleet that uses a Closed System Circulation Environment Bioplant, and connects a great number of Environment Ships.

The emigrant fleet with the 25th New Macross class as its flagship.* It's commonly known as the Frontier Fleet. As the 55th Super Long-range Emigrant Fleet, it is the 5th generation of gigantic Emigrant Fleet. The fleet has adopted a policy that emphasizes an environment that's close to a natural environment, and there are also ships where Zentrādi can live as-is in their giant size. Under the administration of the 4th President Howard Glass in 2059, the fleet was attacked by the Vajra, and despite making great sacrifices, the fleet finally reached the New World.

Translator's note: originally was: "The 25th New Macross class Emigrant Fleet."

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Macross 11 [F]

The Macross 11 Fleet. It was one of the fleets that was attacked by the Vajra when Grace O'Conner seized control of the Vajra Queen.

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Macross Cannon [M, 7, F]

The common name for the main gun on the ships that are crowned with the "Macross" name, such as the SDF-1 Macross. The cannon has great firepower, mainly by using Heavy Quantum, and the Gunship—the bow cannon system—has been used as the main gun since the New Macross class.

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Macross-Cannon [II]
Caption: [Macross-Cannon] Noputi Baganisu-class ships are connected to the main gun blocks—the equivalent of the shoulders when in the Storming-Attack Form—giving the Macross-Cannon great firepower.

A 6,000 m-class ultra-gigantic gunship. The Macross-Cannon are constructed from cannibalized Zentrādi Ships that are linked together. When firing its main guns, the Macross-Cannon changes from Fortress Ship to Storming-Attack Form. 6 Macross-Cannons circle the Earth in orbit.

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Macross-class No.4 Global [F]
Caption: [Macross-class No.4 Global] There is a difference in the armaments of each ship because a proportion of the abandoned Zentrādi ships were cannibalized for parts when they were being built. Modified ARMD class* Space Carriers are docked to both sides of the SDFN ships.

Translator's note: literally "Kai ARMD class Space Carriers"


The 4th mass-produced SDF-1 Macross type Space Emigrant Battleship (the SDFN Series). It was operated as the flagship of the 117th Research Fleet—led by Dr. Mao Nome—however it was destroyed in a Vajra attack and became the nursery of a Vajra Semi-queen on the planet Gaul 4. Incidentally, the SDFN Series was operated by the Research Emigrant Fleets that departed before the 1st Super Long-range Emigrant Fleet.

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Macross Space Launch Ceremony [M]

The SDF-1 Macross's outer space launch ceremony held in February, 2002. Demonstration flights and other events took place in a lavish ceremony that was held to unveil the SDF-1 to both the general public and the mass media. However, the alien Zentrādi appeared terrestrially during the ceremony, and a booby trap that was set inside the SDF-1 was activated, attacking the enemy ships. The Earth came to be involved in an interstellar war.

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Macross 7 Fleet [7, 7gin, D7]
Caption: [Macross 7 Fleet] In addition to the flagship Macross 7, core ships to maintain the fleet, and a multitude of escort vessels accompany the fleet.

The 37th Super Long-range Emigrant Fleet departed in 2038 with the 7th New Macross class as its flagship. It sustained raids by the Varōta Forces (the Protodevilun) in 2045, however the fleet overcame the danger of its total destruction due to Nekki Basara's great efforts. Incidentally, Maximilian Jīnasu—hero of the First Interstellar War—embarked in the Macross 7 as Captain and Fleet Commander, with Miria Farīna Jīnasu as Vice Commander (later City 7 Mayor), and Exsedor Formo as Staff Officer.

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Macross Warning [II]

The Macross—which had become a monument as the ship that once saved the Earth—occasionally released energy due to a runaway process. At that time, an alarm is issued to the residents [in the area].

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Macross 5 Fleet [7]
Caption: [Macross 5 Fleet] It was a large-scale fleet accompanied by several Macross 5-type ships.

A Super Long-range Emigrant Fleet made up of only of Miclonized Zentrādi. It discovered the habitable planet Rax, however the fleet was destroyed by the Varōta Forces and the citizens were turned into Varōta soldiers through mind control.

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Director Matsui [II]
Caption: [Director Matsui] With his gaze locked on up-and-coming reporter Hibiki Kanzaki, Director Matsui anticipated an exclusive story.

A cheerful SNN director. Even though he is a typical TV industry person who cares about the audience rating, he was not happy about the information manipulation by the military.

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Nanase Matsūra [F]
Caption: [Nanase Matsūra] She is a shy girl, but is a friend who has a strong stance about Ranka.

A student who attends the fine arts course at the Mihoshi Academy High School in the Macross Frontier Fleet. Through a part-time job at the Chinese Restaurant "Nyan-Nyan", Nanase got to know Ranka Lee and they became close friends. Nanase's feelings of deep affection for Ranka are strong, and Nanase formed a fan club when Ranka became an idol singer—calling herself Ranka's first fan. When a mass of Vajra spring forth within the Macross Frontier Fleet's Islands, Nanase is injured and falls into a coma. However, she wakes up with the arrival of the Frontier Fleet at the Vajra Homeworld.

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Mash [II]
Caption: [Mash] He is a young man that displays feminine mannerisms. Mash is loved by the staff of his shop because he was compassionate and cared for them, and he was also concerned about Hibiki and Ishtar.

He is the owner of an aesthetic salon. However, he has a hidden side as an information broker. He is the information source that Hibiki Kanzaki relies on, and is also Hibiki's trusted friend. While working on Ishtar's haircut, Mash told her the anecdote that the Macross taught love songs to the giant [Zentrādi].

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Madison Frankel [7]
Caption: [Madison Frankel (left)] He is known to have a beautiful voice among the Jamming Birds group members.

One of the Jamming Boys and the first male members of the Jamming Birds. He ran near the head of the group in Colonel Burton's crash course, and showed his physical fitness.

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Mayan Island [Zero, F]

A small island in the Pacific Ocean, where the legend of the "Bird Man" is handed down. A family of shrine maidens—known as "the Guides of the Wind"—guide the islanders and lead a life separated from civilization. Due to a reaction that indicated that a Protoculture relic was in the seas around the island, the island was dragged into the Unification War, and the islanders that were burned out of their village were protected by the Unified Forces.

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