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Glossary 24A: Maria Velásquez Hoily - Maria Farīna Jīnasu

• "Glossary Sheet 24." Macross Chronicle. 29 Apr. 2010: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 24A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 28 Apr. 2014: 19-20.

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Ma•Mi•Mu•Me•Mo みむめも Row Con't

Maria Velázquez Hoily [D7]
Caption: [Maria Velázquez Hoily] She died after being caught up in the energy emitted by the White Whale when she sang to the Galactic Whales.

A Zolan whaler who was also a singer. She was Graham Hoily's wife, and her hit song was "Like Love That's Like Water".

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Mariafokina Barnrose [Other]
Caption: [Mariafokina Barnrose] A passionate woman descended from the Meltrandi. She drives a red VF-1S at high speed.

The ace pilot leading the Vinderance terrorist organization. She started Vinderance as she was unable to be indifferent to the tyranny of Lactence—a major Unified Government organization. Her real name is rumoured to be Therese Marifokina Formula Jīnasu, and there is word that she obtained the help of Maximilian Jīnasu and others for her anti-Lactence activities after she learned of the conflict inside the Unified Forces. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Marilyn Linkerbell [7]
Caption: [Marilyn Linkerbell (right)] Even though she was the youngest of the 3 [Jamming Girls group members], she tried to sing earnestly in her first sortie.

One of the Jamming Girls, who are the female members in the first term of the Jamming Birds. When she applied for group membership with a casual desire to ride a Valkyrie, she succeeded in joining the group.

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Margarita [7Gin]
Caption: [Margarita] Since her husband loved music, Margarita believes that Pedro is crazy about the Galaxy Network because he inherited it from his father.

A villager on the remote planet where they mine Varnadium ore. She is a widow who lost her husband in the mountains, and is worried about her son Pedro having no other kids to play with. With her courageous personality, she tried to wait with her father Miguel—who wasn't going to take action in their village that was threatened by flooding—for Pedro to return.

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Mardūk [II]

A warrior race who use Zentrādi—who are brainwashed by the songs of the Song Shrine Maiden Emulators—as their pawns. The Mardūk have a pyramid-shaped social structure with dictator Ingusu at the top, and those Mardūk who rebel are cleaned up with the power Ingusu possesses. The Mardūk thought that their own culture was the best, and destroyed all other cultures that they came into contact with. However, they were released from Ingusu's tyranny by Ishtar, and established a friendship with the Earth.

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Mardūk Fleet [II]
Caption: [Mardūk Fleet] The Mothership is a Mobile Fortress with a large build of more than 150 km in height. In addition to a myriad of Beam Guns and 3-barrel Guided Converging Beam Cannons, it has an eyeball-like Energy Irradiator.

The Mardūk Fleet is composed of such ships as Fleet Flagships, Large Battleships, Medium Battleships, and Scout Ships; under the commanding officer Ingusu's mothership. During the invasion of the Solar System, the fleet sent an advance group of about 30 ships. In addition, the battleship Gurābe* was deployed to punish the flagship Sāraido, which had been contaminated by Earth's songs. Although Fefu—who commanded the third spearhead ship—had boarded the Large Battleship, however he decided to join a purple-coloured Scout Ship because the battleship was destroyed.*

Translator's note: can also be literally translated as "grave" (as in "musical grave [tempo indication]").

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Mardūk Forces Variable Battle Mecha [II]
Caption: [Mardūk Forces Variable Battle Mecha] With high manoeuvrability that made full use of its variable ability, the Variable Battle Mecha fought with the VA-1SS Metal Siren that Nex Gilbert piloted.

The newly produced Valkyrie of the Mardūk Forces that can change into a Fighter Form and a Humanoid Form. It is enriched with armaments, such as the Beam Cannon and grenades on the right arm. The brainwashed Zentrādi operate it.

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Maruyama [II]
Caption: [Maruyama] In the final battle at the Vajra Homeworld, he was cornered by an unmanned AIF-9V Ghost drone—being operated by Grace O'Conner and the others—and was killed in action.

A Warrant Officer belonging to the Macross Frontier Fleet's New Unified Forces. He was assigned to the Sagittarius Squadron, which made Saotome Aruto its commanding officer. His jovial character makes fun of Aruto about Aruto's relationship with Sheryl Nome.

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Manfred Brando [Other]
Caption: [Manfred Brando] While having excellent managerial abilities, he also has top-notch Valkyrie flying skills. He puts the pedal to the metal in a crimson-painted VF-17 Nightmare.

The president and CEO of the private military company Critical Path. A young hotshot who took over the black market built by the previous president, he learnt how to wield power on his own. He developed the Jamming Sound System using a Hyperspace Resonance Crystalline Lens, and got acquainted with Lactence—a large faction in the Unified Forces. [Source: VF-X2]

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Ma•Mi•Mu•Me•Mo まむめも Row

Mīna Roshan [F]
Caption: [Mīna Roshan] She possesses a gifted head—that has an IQ of 180—however her personality is that of a genius.

One of the bridge operators of the private military provider S.M.S.'s flagship, the Macross Quarter. She is in charge of within-ship status. She set her sights on space engineering, and enlisted in S.M.S.

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MiG-29 [Zero]
Caption: [MiG-29] A fighter that was developed by the former Soviet Union. Even though its cruising range is short, it excels in dogfights.

The main fighter of the Anti Unification Alliance. The alliance operated other fighters—such as the Karyobin—and they fought with the Unified Forces.

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Miguel [7Gin]
Caption: [Miguel] He had a grumpy side, and felt bitter that Basara Nekki—who was a stranger—had intruded into the village.

An old man who lives on the remote planet where Varnadium ore is mined, and is the peacemaker between the village men Ajovensky, Pequen, Pergen, Tokrutiku, and Serge. He is the grandfather of Pedro, the only child in the village.

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Miss Macross [M, F]

The winner of the Miss Macross Contest. Lynn Minmei—the first Miss Macross—became a legend, and the contest winners thereafter came to be bathed in media attention.

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Miss Macross Frontier [F]

A contest held in the Macross Frontier Fleet. In the 12th contest—having taken place in 2059—the "Galactic Fairy" Sheryl Nome was invited as a judge. Ranka Lee, who later became the Super Dimensional Cinderella, participated in that contest. The winner that time was Miranda Merin, and she was selected for the heroine role in the movie "Bird Human -Tori No Hito-". In addition, President Howard Glass's daughter Catherine Glass was a runner up Miss Macross Frontier.

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Miss Macross Contest [M, F]

A great event held in commemoration of the opening of the TV broadcasting station MBS inside the Macross. On the other hand, there was a political side where it gave a breather from the heavy pressure on the people—who were being chased by the Zentrādi Forces while isolated from Earth—and the selection of an idol that could be used for propaganda. The contest gave rise to the legendary idol singer Lynn Minmei, and the contest has become a customary event in many Emigrant Fleets since the development of the Humankind Dissemination Plan. In addition, the contest is a momentous event that was the origin of the Zentrādi people's knowledge of culture.

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Poaching Group [D7]

The Galactic Whale Poaching Group is commanded by Kariba, the head of the group. They are armed with stolen Valkyries and the VA-3C Kai Invader Kai—upon which they've added their own unique enhancements—and the group seemed to be an organization that was trained like the armed forces. Even though they had the military strength that could take on Planet Zola's Patrol Corps, the Poaching Group collapsed and all members were arrested by the Patrol Corps when Kariba made a kamikaze attack on the White Whale and was thwarted by Graham Hoily.

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South Ataria Island [M]

It was a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. It is the island where the alien space battleship ASS-1—which was later refurbished and became SDF-1 Macross—fell. Military related facilities and all sorts of civilian facilities were built for that refurbishment, and one city took form centred on the Macross. However, the island was attacked by the Zentrādi during the Macross Space Launch Ceremony in February 2002. In addition, the island was swallowed up in the Macross's Space Fold on the surface of the Earth, was erased from the planet, and Defolded in the neighbourhood of Pluto. The city residents who had taken refuge in the island's shelters were rescued by the Macross, and demonstrated great vitality insomuch as to build a town inside the ship.

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Michael Blanc [F]
Caption: [Michael Blanc] (left) Michael was a childhood friend of Kuran Kuran. Even though they had a relationship where they could not be upfront with their feelings to each other, Michael died in battle defending Kuran—who was in the midst of becoming giant-sized—from the Vajra.

A skilled sniper belonging to Private Military Provider S.M.S.'s Skull Flight. He is a student who usually attends the pilot training course in the Spaceflight Department of Mihoshi Academy, and is a close schoolmate of Aruto Saotome, Luca Angeloni, and Nanase Matsūra. He is nicknamed Michelle. Even though he pretends to have a flirty character who likes women, he has a cool-headed judgment and observing eye because he is a sniper. For these reasons, he is a worldly-wise man who understands the emotions of his companions, and often secretly follows his friends. Michael was traumatized by the suicide of his older sister Jessica after an accidental shooting incident. However, after snapping out of it in a quarrel with Aruto, Michael built a solid social and professional bond with Aruto. Michael went out in a blaze in battle with the Vajra.

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Mihoshi Academy [F]

A specialist training school established in the Macross Frontier Fleet. The academy has a completely credit-based system, and the purpose of the academy is acquire and inherit traditional culture, technology, and so on. There are a total of eight courses, including the performing arts, general technology, information, and space flight. If one has the ability, one is allowed to transfer to another department, and Saotome Aruto transferred from the performing arts department to the space flight department when he started high school. Similarly, even though the level of the transfer student entrance examination is high, Mihoshi Academy also accepted the transfers of such students as Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome.

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Miho Miho [7]
Caption: [Miho Miho] A bright and cheerful woman with clear emotions, she serves as a flight controller on the bridge.

One of the chief operators in the Battle 7 bridge. She was especially good friends with her colleague Sally S. Ford, and even spent time together in private, and also had a shared friendship with Diamond Force leader Kinryu. Her forté is cooking and code-breaking.

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Miho Miho [Other]
Caption: [Miho Miho] Unlike when she served on the Battle 7, she has a hairstyle where her hair has more or less grown longer, and her front hair is lower.

One of the Valhalla III operators. Three years after the encounter with the Varōta Forces, Miho Miho—having finished her service on the Battle 7—was assigned to the special forces ship as an experienced veteran. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Myung Fang Lone [Plus]
Caption: [Myung Fang Lone] Part of the reason for Sharon's rampage was Sharon drawing on Myung's feelings for Isamu—which had been suppressed by Myung.

She is Sharon Apple's producer. In fact, Myung is the model for Sharon's personality development, and was also the substitute for the unfinished Sharon-type AI emotional program. When Myung was a student, she was a cheerful young woman who loved to sing songs. However, in a turning point after a certain incident, she gave up songs, suppressed her individuality, and acted like a cool adult woman. In addition, Isamu Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman—the test pilots of the prototypes in the "Super Nova Project"—are Myung's childhood friends. Even though they each parted from the others after that past incident, they met again at Sharon's concert when it came to Planet Eden. They regained their bond with each other after the incident where Sharon went on a rampage.

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Millard Johnson [Plus]
Caption: [Millard Johnson] He is like a father to Isamu and the other test pilots*, and while he is a strict person, he has an abundance of empathy. His pupils lit up like a child's when he watched over the trials in Project Super Nova.

* Translator's note: originally was: "He is like a father to the test pilots, and... ."


The commander of the planet Eden New Edwards Base. He served as the person in charge of "Project Super Nova", and is a man of the sky that continues to believe in the necessity of manned aircraft. In the period after the First Interstellar War, he belonged to Skull Squadron as Hikaru Ichijō's subordinate. Although he was shot down by Kamujin Kraveshera and was seriously injured, Millard returned alive. He later became a test pilot, which he had wanted to be for a long time. However, he lost his left leg due to an accident during a test flight.

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Miranda Merin [F]
Caption: [Miranda Merin] She starred as the heroine Sara Nome in the movie "Bird Human -Tori No Hito-". After that, Miranda has been active as a stage actress.

The winner of the 12th Miss Macross Frontier. The height and beauty she prides herself in were inherited from Hollywood actress Jamisu Merin—her grandmother—who boarded the SDF-1 Macross at one time. Miranda was an acquaintance of Nanase Matsūra when they were in junior high school.

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Miria Farīna [M, 7]
Caption: [Miria Farīna] A Zentrādi warrior who has confidence and pride in her ability. After getting married to Max, Miria earned a lot of trust from the people as a mayor who had a unique way of thinking and citizen-first beliefs.

A Lance Corporal First Class1 who belonged to the direct defence fleet of the Bodoru Main Fleet in the Zentrādi Forces. Even though she had made a name for herself as "ace Miria", she was aware of the presence of Maximilian Jīnasu—a crackerjack pilot in the SDF-1 Macross—challenged him to a fight, and was defeated.2 Aiming at Max's life, Miria was miclonized and entered the Macross. However, following a match in a game center, Miria was completely defeated even in a flesh and blood duel, accepted a marriage proposal from Max, had an interstellar marriage, and thereafter took the Jīnasu surname. Miria served as an instructor at the Eagle Nest Air Combat Center after working in a special forces unit after the First Interstellar War. She then accompanied a Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet as the deputy captain of the Macross 7 Fleet. As the mayor of City 7, Miria completely devoted herself to the citizens.3

* Translator's notes:
1 I have render the (NATO 0R-3) rank with the UK version, as the JASDF and USAF equivalent would become the confusing "First Class Airman First Class". The rank is written as "一級空士長".
2 originally was "... challenged him to a fight, but was defeated."
3 originally was "After that, as the mayor... ."

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Miria Farīna Jīnasu [Other]
Caption: [Miria Farīna Jīnasu] She had the codename Crimson Skull. Her exquisite combination with Max didn't let anyone get close to them.

She engaged in top secret missions together with her husband Max as a member of the Special Forces Dancing Skull unit. Even though she continued to be disturbed by Max's relationships with other women and their quarrels didn't cease, Moaramia Jifon—who they adopted—made the couple think about the way a family should be, and it naturally mediated their marital relations. [Source: Macross M3]

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