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Glossary 25A: Miria's Ship - Yūri Yui

• "Glossary Sheet 25." Macross Chronicle. 13 May. 2010: 29-30.
• "Glossary Sheet 25A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 13 May. 2014: 17-18.

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Ma•Mi•Mu•Me•Mo まむめも Row Con't

Miria's Ship [Ai]
Caption: [Miria's Ship] When the ship received orders from Moruku Rapuramizu to seize the Protoculture Ruins, it completely destroyed the SDF-1 Macross's main gun.

The nickname for the Medium Gunship class Meltrandi Forces' warship that Miria 639 embarked in. The ship has great manoeuvrability due to its large amount of thrust, and it also has great offensive abilities, such as High-Output Short-Range Guided Focusing Beam Guns. Due to that, it often engaged opponents on its own.

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Miria 639 [Ai]
Caption: [Miria 639] In search of a worthy opponent, Miria led a small number of her troops and overran the Zentrādi Forces.

A highly-able female officer attached to Moruku Rapuramizu, a Mobile Fortress in the Meltrandi Forces. Miria has unparalleled air combat capabilities. She was active as a commando unit in a single ship, and was often assigned special missions under the direction of Rapuramizu. After being engaged in mortal combat with Maximilian Jīnasu (Max), Miria acknowledged his abilities, and sided with the SDF-1 Macross and fought with Max to defeat Goru Bodoruzā.

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Milky Dolls [Other]

A five-person vocal idol group that was formed by the Unified Forces as the keystone of the Next Term Defence Program "Sound Project", for the research and analysis of Lynn Minmei's songs. The members are Aoi Tsuwabuki, Liatris, Molly, Violeta, and Freesia; and they enable communication by song that exceeds space and time. They were abducted by the Zentrādi rebel forces from the seat of the Earth Unified Forces Foundation Commemorative Ceremony, and were imprisoned in various places on the planet Elysium. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Milky Road [7]

One of the main transportation networks of the Macross 7 Fleet, the outer space highway connects City 7 and the accompanying ships. Bikers and the like who drive recklessly have become a problem on the Milky Road.

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Mylene Flare Jīnasu [7, 7Gin, D7]
Caption: [Mylene Flare Jīnasu] Born in the union of an Earthling and a Zentrādi, Mylene was evidence of peace and became the key to releasing the seal on the Protoculture ruins on Planet Rax.

A vocalist and the bass guitarist in Fire Bomber. The invasion by the Varōta Forces occurred on the day of Mylene's debut in the band. After that, she began singing on the battlefield as a member of the Sound Force Civilian Cooperative Unit with Basara—who sings on the battlefield—and the power of songs blossoms as a presence that can oppose the Protodevilun.* Mylene is also known as the seventh daughter of Maximilian Jīnasu and Miria Farīna Jīnasu. She inherited Valkyrie piloting skills from her parents, and has a straightforward nature with an unyielding spirit. While continuing to associate with and being attracted to the tenderness and broad-mindedness of Unified Forces pilot Gamlin Kizaki, the matchmaking partner forced on Mylene by Miria, Mylene realized that she was gradually being attracted to Basara, who persists with her musicianship. After the Varōta War, Mylene sustained the band in place of Basara, who had set out on a journey. However, with the encouragement of the band's leader Rei Lovelock, Mylene left City 7 to pursue Basara.

* Translator's note: in the original, the last two sentences ("After the Varōta War, Mylene sustained the band in place of Basara, who had set out on a journey. However, with the encouragement of the band's leader Rei Lovelock, Mylene left City 7 to pursue Basara.") were inserted here.

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Private Military Provider [F]

They are private military companies. They engage in a wide range of military activities, including logistics and training, as well as combat. A famous private military provider is S.M.S, owned by Richard Birla—who runs an interstellar transportation company.

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Minsharou* [M]

The home of Lynn Minmei, in the Yokohama Chinatown. It was destroyed by Bodoruzā's attack on the Earth, and Minmei's parent's died there.

*Translator's note: the article doesn't say it, but online sources indicate that it is the name of a Chinese restaurant.

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Minmei Attack [M, 7, F]

The allied forces of the Macross and the Buritai Fleet upset the Zentrādi—who couldn't tolerate culture—with Lynn Minmei's songs as a do-or-die tactic that reversed the overwhelming military power difference in the final decisive battle of the First Interstellar War. In so doing, they defeated Bodoruzā, the commander of the Zentrādi Forces. This was later called the "Minmei Attack", and it became the common name for a tactic that upsets the enemy (and invigorates one's own armed forces) with songs. The tactic originated in Ichijō Hikaru.* Exsedor Formo suggested showing a kiss, making the tactic even more effective.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "The tactic originated in Ichijo Hikaru, and Exsedor Formo suggested... ."

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Minmei Attack [II]

The songs of Lynn Minmei—which had a great effect on the Zentrādi Forces in the past war—were systematized as "Operation Minmei" after the war in the Minmei Attack, and the tactic is performed at the start of an attack on enemies who are upset by songs. The Minmei Attack was built as a defensive system in the front line stations, and was unbeatable against the Lost Zentrādi Fleets that rarely appeared. However, the Minmei Attack did not work on the Mardūk Forces, who used songs as weapons. Major singers, such as Wendy Rider, are registered as Minmei Attack singers, and their songs and images are broadcast in the Minmei Attack at the discretion of the commander at that time.

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Minmei Doll [M, Ai]
Caption: [Minmei Doll] Warera and the other Zentrādi brought Minmei Dolls back from the Macross, and songs were spread by the dolls through the Zentrādi soldiers under Buritai's command.

The Lynn Minmei mascot doll manufactured within the Macross ship. It has a walking-while-singing gimmick. One can switch between "My Boyfriend's a Pilot" and "0-G Love" with the switch on the back. Also, it appeared in the movie "Do You Remember Love?"—which depicts the First Interstellar War—as the cue for the Zentrādi to first learn of songs. In addition, in 2059, one of the products for the Super-dimensional Idol Ranka Lee is the "Ranka Doll".

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Ma•Mi•Mu•Me•Mo まみめも Row

Moon Festival [II]

A festival sponsored by the Unified Forces that's held on the Moon. It is intended to trumpet the muscle of the Unified Forces, and includes acrobatic flights by Valkyries and concerts by the Minmei Attack singers. The Moon Festival was also held during the invasion by the Mardūk Forces, where Wendy Rider's concert and a demonstration flight by the new Metal Siren took place.

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Unmanned Interception Unit [F]

A Ghost unit operated by the New Unified Forces. They were dispatched due to loss of the Macross Frontier Fleet's Lima 8 reconnaissance craft. However, it became impossible to control the drones due to the Vajra's electromagnetic interference, and the drones were totally destroyed.

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Ma•Mi•Mu•Me•Mo まみむも Row

Meltran [7, F]

It is said that the female Zentrādi came to be called this based on an expression that appeared in the "Do You Remember Love?" movie that was released in 2031. Before they coexisted with Earth's mankind, the Zentrādi were clearly separated into men and women, and formed separate units.

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Meltrandi [Ai]
Caption: [Meltrandi] They can directly control performance enhancing craft* with their optical nerves, and the Meltrandi's combat capabilities are extremely high.

* Translator's note: while they don't directly say it, the picture implies that it means craft like the Quadoran-Rō.

The giant female bionoids who oppose the Zentrādi. Their bodies are composed of technologies specialized in inorganic engineering, such as an artificial body, optical nerves, synthetic skeleton, and an external armoured hide. They have sharp reflex motor skills and strong muscles. Those technologies are also incorporated into the armaments of the Meltrandi Forces.

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Meltrandi Ships [Ai]
Caption: [Meltrandi Ship] By using the holographic information network, the Meltrandi implemented fully fleetwide coordinated operations for each Mobile Fortress.

Unlike the Zentrādi way, the Meltrandi vessels are built based on a modular structure. The ship types are almost the same as the Zentrādi, such as the Large Battleship, the Landing Assault Ship, the Standard Battleship, the Large Frigate, and the Picket Ship. However, the technology incorporated into the ships is the complete opposite: inorganic engineering. In addition, the original alien form of the ship that was refurbished into the SDF-1 Macross is considered to have been a Meltrandi Forces' Long-range Medium Gunship.

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Meltrandi Powered Suit [II]
Caption [appears at the top of the reverse side]: [Meltrandi Powered Suit] It boasts nimble manoeuvrability, and the power to crush a Valkyrie.

The Battlesuit used by the Meltrandi soldiers in the Mardūk Forces. It has three-fingered manipulators, and is equipped with a Beam Lancer that has a beam emitting nozzle in the tip.

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Ma•Mi•Mu•Me•Mo まみむめ Row

Moaramia Jifon [Other]
Caption: [Moaramia Jifon] Moaramia—who was six at the time—was trained in the "Fighting Star of the Zentrādi", and bared her fangs at Max and Miria. However, she was adopted and grew up like a human being due to their warm affection.

She was a Zentrādi in the Unified Forces reactionary power, and was defeated after being challenged to a fight by Maximilian Jīnasu and Maria Farīna Jīnasu, who were engaged in a mission to destroy an enemy development and proving facility in 2018. She was taken prisoner, accepted a proposal by husband and wife Max and Miria Jīnasu—who had defeated her—and was adopted by the married couple. After that, she took the name Moaramia Farīna Jīnasu and became a member of the Dancing Skull with the call sign Purple Skull in 2022. Her nickname is Moa. She grew up with a cheerful personality and a light energy. In truth, she is an experimental body for the analysis of the Zentrādi factor conducted by the Unified Forces reactionary power, and in 2030, she was greatly shocked to be engaged in combat and defeating an experimental body who is another her that had invaded [Unified Government territory] as a weapon of the rebel organization "Iron Discipline". However, she overcame that shock and began to search for a way of life beyond that of being a soldier. [Source: Macross M3]

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Love You Again [II]
もういちどLove You

A love song that Ishtar—a Song Shrine Maiden who was cognizant of Earth's cultures and songs—sang in the hopes of stopping the futile invasion of the Mardūk Forces. She got through to the Mardūk Forces, and the song led to the overthrow of the dictator Ingusu.

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Morgan Matthieu [Plus]
Caption: [Morgan Matthieu (left)] Together with his wife Kate, he tries to repair the relationship between Isamu and the other two, who had all refused to interact with each other due to a past incident.

A father of two children living on planet Eden, he is a gentle person who appreciates humour. He was friends with Isamu Dyson, Guld Goa Bowman, and Myung Fang Lone in their high school days.

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Molly [Other]
Caption: [Molly] A boyish girl who likes to use men's words, she is the type of person who clearly says what she thinks.

A member of the idol group "Milky Dolls". She is of American descent, and is always cheerful. When she was kidnapped by the Zentrādi rebel organization, she was filled with joy to be surrounded by her favourite manga and sweets. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Maury [7]
Caption: [Maury] He has a great deal of trust in Gamlin, idolizes the squadron leader, and works in defence City 7.

He is part of the reborn Diamond Force that was reformed to defend City 7, and is on good terms with his colleague Deek, who was assigned to the squadron at the same time. He respects Captain Gamlin Kizaki, and is proud to fight alongside him. He is eager to try to persuade Gamlin—who temporarily left the armed forces—to come back.

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Monica Lange [F]
Caption: [Monica Lange] She is an earnest woman who prefers older men, and pines for the Captain, Jeffery Wilder.

A bridge operator on the Macross Quarter, the flagship of the Private Military Provider S.M.S. She is the radar chief—who is the chief navigation officer—and excels not only with her skills as an operator, but also with her cooking skills.

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Moruku Rapuramizu [Ai]
Caption: [Moruku Rapuramizu] The representation of the will of the Meltrandi Forces. It is a resolve that exists on the optical network of the entire ship, and can be called the Mobile Warship itself.

The Meltrandi Mobile Fortress and its command mechanism: the ultra-large bio-engineered holographic computer. The hull of the Mobile Fortress is a growing semi-biological structure, and is a laminated assembly of thin plates that are automatically constructed. In order to use them as an advantage in the battle with the Zentrādi Forces, it orders Miria 639 to seize the Protoculture Ruins on the Earth. However, Moruku Rapuramizu was annihilated after being struck by Goru Bodoruzāa's main gun in an all-out battle.

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Monster II [II]
Caption: [Monster II (center)] Its manoeuvrability is extremely low, and several Destroids are deployed along with the Monster II as escorts.

It's also known as the Giant Monster. The Monster II has a huge body equipped with powerful armaments, such as the large 6-barrel swivelling cannons on its back. On the ground, the Monster II is driven by an anti-gravity using hovercraft system, and uses a linear system on the deck of a spaceship.

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Ya•Yu•Yo ゆよ Row

Yariwei [Zero]

A carved wooden love-stick that's a custom of Mayan Island. The men of the island point the Yariwei toward the woman that they like, and profess their love. Properly speaking, even though it is an article personally made by the man who will profess their love. During the Unification War period, the shrine maiden Sara Nome makes them as sightseeing souvenirs, and they seem to have been her way of making a living.

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Jan Neumann [Plus]
Caption: [Jan Neumann] He has a cool manner that wasn't suitable for his age. However, while Jan was being led on by Isamu, Jan began to express his emotions in an honest manner.

The YF-19 development chief belonging to Shinsei Industry. Jan was a young man who could be called a genius, and was 17 years old at the time of the Super Nova Project. He is a hacking nerd who loves the YF-19—that Jan designed himself—as he is also a mecha enthusiast. In addition, Jan was also a big fan of Sharon Apple, and even launched a hack on Sharon's system during a concert. He hides a bold fire, and when the order came down that the project was aborted, Jan rode into Macross City with test pilot Isamu Dyson to protest, and stumbled into the Apple Insident*. Jan played a part in resolving that incident.

* Translator's note: deliberate spelling error due to restrictions by the website's host.

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Ya•Yu•Yo やよ Row

Yūri Yui [Other, 7]
Caption: [Yūri Yui] She was 17 at the time of the Milky Dolls kidnapping incident. She is a skilled person who carries out solid maintenance.

A Valhalla III mechanic who single-handedly undertook the maintenance of the Valkyries. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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