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Glossary 26A: Fairy - Lynn Minmei

• "Glossary Sheet 26." Macross Chronicle. 27 May. 2010: 25-26.
• "Glossary Sheet 26A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 27 May. 2014: 19-20.

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Ya•Yu•Yo やゆ Row

Fairy [F]

Sheryl Nome's recovery song when she took a holiday after she had suspended activities when she had felt unwell. It was also the song she used when she was working for charity to cheer up the depressed people immediately after the Macross Frontier Fleet was hit with a crisis due to the mass outbreak of Vajra. It's possible to say that "Fairy" is the representative song of the reborn Sheryl.

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Prophet Dainas [II]

A prophet who once gave songs to the Mardūk. It is said that the Revelations that he passed on to the dictator Ingusu family say: "A messenger from the blue one, he comes and achieves the salvation, confronts a second time, and destroys it. His name is Arusu." As a result, Ingusu thought of the Earth as the "star of Arusu", and was afraid of it.

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Yotchan [M]
Caption: [Yocchan] His parents run a soba shop, and he had a deep friendship with Minmei's uncle and his wife.

A child who lived on South Ataria Island. He lived across the street from the Chinese restaurant "Nyan-Nyan", and became emotionally attached to Lynn Minmei. He was later active as the manager of the "Super Dimensional Chinese Restaurant Nyan-Nyan", which expanded as a galactic-scale restaurant chain.

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Ra•Ri•Ru•Re•Ro りるれろ Row

Liza Hoily [D7]
Caption: [Liza Hoily] Even though she opposes her father Graham Hoily—who is fixated on the White Whale—she is concerned about her father and worries about him, as he has become a giant and is behaving recklessly.

The strong-minded female team member belonging to the Planet Zola Patrol Corps. She appeals to the commanding officer that they should deploy live ammunition instead of the Shock Guns—that have no lethality—against the Galactic Whale Poaching Group that continues to become more and more violent. She has enough vigour to conduct an undercover investigation of the Poaching Group single-handedly.

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Light The Light [7]

A song by Fire Bomber, and a solo number by Mylene Flare Jīnasu. In addition, it is also the song sung by City 7 Mayor Miria Farīna Jīnasu in a Sound Booster equipped VF-22S—as a substitute for a deathbed poem—when she had caught a cold and mistakenly thought she was at the end of her life.

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Riber Von Frühling [M]
Caption: [Riber Von Frühling] He was Hayase Misa's first love, and seems to have been a scholarly person who didn't like war.

A second lieutenant in the Unified Forces. He served at Mars Base in the Unification War period. When the base was withdrawn, the return fleet was destroyed by an Anti Unification Alliance strike, and Riber lost his life.

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Riber [Ai]
Caption: [Riber] The death of Riber caused Misa's inability to be active in love.

The second lieutenant who was the lover of 15 year old Misa. Having died on Mars, Misa couldn't get over Riber's death, and she became a person living in memories.

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Rapu Ramizu [M]
Caption: [Rapu Ramizu] Even though she had difficulty with Kamujin Kuravushera—who habitual defied orders—Rapu and Kamujin fell in love with each other after the First Interstellar War, and she found shelter with him in his rebel army.

A female officer who commands the Direct Defence Fleet of the Bodoru Main Fleet in the Zentrādi Forces*. She takes over the task of monitoring the Macross for Buritai. However, as Bodoruzā has completely eliminated the fleets that have been potentially tainted by culture, she is forced to stand on the side of the Macross and fight against Bodoruzā. She put a great deal of trust in her Lance Corporal First Class Miria Farīna.

* Translator's note: originally was "...who commands the Vanguard Fleet under the direct control of the Bodoru Main Fleet..."

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Lovely Concert 2010 [M]

A recital by Lynn Minmei that was held in the open air concert hall within the Macross. The concert was cancelled because the enemy invaded while it was being held, and the enemy's military gains extended right up to the venue. Lynn Kaifun—who protected Minmei—was injured during the invasion.

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Ram Hoa [F]
Caption: [Ram Hoa] She is a person with a sharp tongue who excels at data collection and analysis, and is in charge of fire control in addition to communications.

The youngest of the three Macross Quarter bridge operators. She often amuses herself by chatting with her senior, Mīna Roshan, and is often given a warning by Monica Lange, her other senior. Her skills are sound, and she performs rapid simulations and makes precise assessments of the situation.

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Laramia Lerenia [F]
Caption: [Laramia Lerenia] She died in battle after being hit with a direct hit, when the Frontier Fleet was attacked by the Vajra—who had Folded in from Gaul 4.

A Zentrādi belonging to Private Military Provider S.M.S.'s Pixie Flight. She is a taciturn woman with a boyish appearance.

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Ranka Attack [F]

Ranka Lee's singing voice emits Fold Waves that affect the Vajra. The Ranka Attack is a tactic named after the "Minmei Attack", where Ranka's singing voice is used to confuse the Vajra, and then they are attacked.

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Ranka Lee [F]
Caption: [Ranka Lee] The surprise live performance—that Ranka's friend Michael Blanc had encouraged her to do—is where she caught the attention of Vector Promotion's Elmo Kuridaniku, and it fulfilled her dearest wish to enter the entertainment world.

An idol singer who dashed into stardom with the role of Mao Nome in "Bird Human -Tori No Hito-", and is well-known in the galaxy as the "Super Dimensional Cinderella". Her appeal is attracting people with her innocent cheerfulness. As a matter of fact, Ranka is a survivor of the 117th Research Fleet—which was destroyed by the Vajra—and suffers from dissociative amnesia; in which she lost her memories due to the shock of the fleet's destruction and overreacts when people close to her are injured. After that incident, Ozuma Lee, who was in the Unified Forces at the time, adopted Ranka as his little sister. Also, Ranka's mother Ranshe Mei, a member of the research fleet, had the V-type infectious disease. Ranka, having been born from Ranshe, had a physical make-up that carried the same Fold Bacteria as the Vajra in her intestines, and shared sensations with them. Because of this power, Ranka was used by Grace O'Conner and the other as a tool to seize the Vajra Queen. However, as Ranka connects her heart with the Vajra via songs, it obstructed the ambitions of Grace and the others. In addition, Brera Sterne is her long-lost biological older brother.

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Ranka Lee's First Live Performance [F]

Ranka's first live performance—scheduled at the Tenkūmon auditorium—was postponed due to the daring Delivery Live [performance] that attempted to quell the rebellion of the 33rd Marine Corps on Gaul 4. However, it was performed again as "Ranka Lee's First Live Performance: the Revenge".

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Ranshe Mei [F]
Caption: [Ranshe Mei] She was a scholar who excelled in intuition and inventiveness, studied under Mao Nome together with Grace O'Conner, and conducted collaborative research related to the Vajra.

One of the researchers that participated in the 117th Research Fleet—she is Brera Sterne and Ranka Lee's real mother. Ranshe perceived that the Vajra are intellectual creatures, and objected to treating them as an object of experimentation.

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Launcher Pod [7, 7Gin]

Unique VF Gun Pods that shoot Speaker Pods instead of bullets. At the same moment that the Speaker Pod impacts the target aircraft, it is affixed by a stopper, the speaker opens, and music begins flowing directly into the interior of the aircraft.

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Ra•Ri•Ru•Re•Ro らるれろ Row

Reactive Armour [Zero]
Caption: [Reactive Armour] Roy Fokker's VF-0S was equipped with Reactive Armour, and he repulsed the Anti Unification Alliance SV-51 that attacked the carrier Asuka.

Optional equipment for the VF-0. It is strengthening armour to compensate for the vulnerabilities of the Battroid Form, while also aiming at increasing the firepower by being equipped with a large number of missiles. The armour uses explosive reaction armour that reduces damage by blowing off a part of the armour's surface with gunpowder when a projectile impacts it.

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Liatris [Other]
Caption: [Liatris] At 19 years of age, she is the oldest among the group members. Liatris was the first one to be rescued on the Planet Elysium.

She is a member of the five-woman idol group "Milky Dolls", and is the peacemaker among the members because she is very good at taking care of people. She is an adult woman with a composed demeanour. [Source: Macross Digital Mission VF-X]

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Livi Donen [7]
Caption: [Livi Donen] She manages the Riviera together with her coworker Ella Fitzgerald.

An operator belonging to the Resort Ship Riviera's escort vessel. She is in charge of controlling the within-ship environment and setting the auxiliary inter-space apparatus.

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Rigādo [M, Ai]
Caption: [Rigādo] There are many variations according to the application, such as a reconnaissance model, or missile equipped types.

A one-man Battle Pod widely used by the Zentrādi Forces. With a focus on mass-producibility, the Rigādo has a low cost and a simple structure. Accordingly, while it excels in maintainability, the Rigādo's performance is inferior to that of the battle-suits. The cockpit is extremely cramped, and many parts also needed to be manually operated, which was unpopular with the soldiers due to the heavy burden on the pilot.

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Resort Ship Riviera [7]
Caption: [Resort Ship Riviera] Along with the research and breeding of various marine organisms in the artificial ocean, there are also plenty of recreational facilities, such as aquariums and marine parks.

One of the companion ships that form the core of the Macross 7 Fleet. Although it is a farm aimed at harvesting marine products, the Riviera is a marine ship that has opened facilities on the artificial coast as high-class leisure facilities.

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Richard Birla [F]
Caption: [Richard Birla] He was aiming at a zero-time communications and transportation network that connects the galaxy—which is separated by Fold Faults—as well as to meet Lynn Minmei, whom he longs for.

A Zentrādi who built his fortune in the interstellar transportation industry and is the owner of the Civilian Military Provider S.M.S. Richard Birla is also one of the sponsors of the Macross Frontier Fleet, and has the dream of uniting the galaxy. For that reason, he wanted the Vajra's Fold Quartz—which is capable of Zero Time Fold Communication—and he jumped on the bandwagon with and assisted in the ambitions of Grace O'Conner and Leon Mishima.

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Little Girl [F]

A Fold Bomb developed by the L.A.I. Co. It rips out and annihilates space within a 50 km radius. It was used in the operation where the Vajra were herded into Island 3 by Ranka Lee's songs and Island 3 itself was annihilated, in order to wipe out the massive swarm of Vajra that had broken out in the Macross Frontier Fleet.

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Little Queen [F]

The name used by by Grace O'Conner and the others when they valuated Ranka Lee—who had a physical make-up that affected the Vajra—to be a Vajra Queen.

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Repulsive Field [F]

A repulsion field. It is a wide-area barrier on Island 1 in the Macross Frontier Fleet that can even withstand Heavy Quantum Reaction Cannons.

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Sauro-Bird [Plus]
Caption: [Sauro-Bird] The gigantic Sauro-birds—who live in the wooded regions—have a wingspread that reaches more than 20 m, and have become the symbol of Eden.

An indigenous species that inhabits planet Eden. Several varieties of Sauro-bird have been confirmed, and the "Palm-sized Sauro-Birds"—which frequently appears at the Star Hill viewing platform—are small Sauro-birds that aren't acquainted with humans and are popular with tourists.

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Lynn Kaifun [M]
Caption: [Lynn Kaifun] Kaifun appeared as the lead actor in "Little White Dragon", a movie that trusted in his skills as a master of the Chinese martial arts.

A pacifist young man who hates military personnel. He is the cousin of Lynn Minmei. During the Unification War, Kaifun ran out of his parents' home—the Chinese restaurant "Nyan-Nyan" on South Ataria Island—for the peace movement, and wandered the world. After the Macross left the Earth due to the Zentrādi attack, he lived in Minmei's parents' home. However, when Minmei returned home to visit her parents, Kaifun boarded the Macross as her chaperone. After the First Interstellar War, Kaifun became the public and private partner of Minmei as her manager. However, this caused antagonism between them, and he left her side.

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Lynn Kaifun [Ai]
Caption: [Lynn Kaifun] In the decisive battle with Goru Bodoruzā, Lynn Kaifun operated the control board and direct Minmei, who sang on a specially installed stage.

Lynn Minmei's older brother and manager. As his dream is to make her a big star, he was bitter about the scandal with Hikaru Ichijō.

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Lynn Minmei [M]
Caption: [Lynn Minmei] She had been taking singing and dancing lessons since she was a very young child, and from the beginning had the desire to be a star. There was opposition from her parents on her road to being an entertainer, and she rushed out of her home as if she were running away. Minmei visited her uncle and his wife on South Ataria Island and was caught up in the Zentrādi invasion. At that time, she met Ichijō Hikaru, with whom she later had a special relationship.

The legendary songstress who became the key to the end of the First Interstellar War. Minmei was the poster girl of the Chinese restaurant "Nyan-Nyan" in the Macross's residential area. However, she won the Miss Macross contest and entered the entertainment world as an idol singer. Minmei, who received wildly enthusiastic support and become the heart and soul of the Macross citizens, also had a great influence on the Zentrādi—her songs having been spread to the Zentrādi by Warera and the others who had infiltrated into the Macross as spies. As a symbol of culture, Minmei's songs made Warera and the others decide to go into exile, and her songs became the key to ending the war. After the First Interstellar War, Minmei toured around the Earth and became the support for the people rebuilding the world. However, she temporarily lost sight of the meaning of singing due to various factors, such as feuds with her lover Lynn Kaifun. Shortly afterwards, after making a comeback, Minmei departed on the first Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet Megaroad-01. After that, contact with Minmei came to an end when her fleet went in pursuit of music that was flowing from the central region of the galaxy.

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