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Glossary 27A: Lynn Minmei - Warera 25258

• "Glossary Sheet 27." Macross Chronicle. 10 Jun. 2010: 27-28.
• "Glossary Sheet 27A." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 10 Jun. 2014: 17-18.

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Ra•Ri•Ru•Re•Ro らるれろ Row Con't

Lynn Minmei [Ai]
Caption: [Lynn Minmei] She is the person who sang the Protoculture love song with the lyrics entrusted by Misa, and linked together the Zentrādi, the Meltrandi, and the human race.

An idol singer who made her debut inside the Macross and is tremendously popular. She was attracted to Hikaru Ichijō when she was rescued by him. After that, she was taken captive by the Zentrādi Forces and separated from Hikaru. When they met again, Misa Hayase was at his side. Even though she was filled with grief, Minmei—having been admonished by Hikaru—returned to herself as a singer, and sang to the Zentrādi and Meltrandi. That song moved the hearts of the giants, and helped end the war.*

Translators note: originally was "The song..." ("A" song is probably closer).

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The Lynn Minmei Story [7]

A 2-hour special TV drama that was produced in the Macross 7 Fleet. It scored an audience rating of 94%.

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Ra•Ri•Ru•Re•Ro らりれろ Row

Lucy McMillan [Plus]
Caption: [Lucy McMillan] With her cheerful and pleasant personality, she was attracted to unconventional Isamu.

A communication officer working at the New Edwards Base on planet Eden, and is a member of the YF-19 development team in the "Super Nova Project". She had an intimate relationship with test pilot Isamu Dyson.

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Luca Angeloni [F]
Caption: [Luca Angeloni] He showed great talent in the fields of tactical AI programming and electronic devices, and also had a side where he gave names and was partial to specific devices.

The son of the distinguished L.A.I. Co. Even though he is a student of the Aerospace Department's Pilot Course at Mihoshi Academy High School, he enlisted in the Private Military Provider S.M.S. On top of that, Luca also holds the title of Special Advisor in the L.A.I. Technology Research Division. Although he is a charming and pure boy, he tries to be ruthless because he cannot protect his upper classmate Nanase Matsūra—whom he has fallen in love with—and makes every effort to protect the Macross Frontier Fleet.

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Ra•Ri•Ru•Re•Ro らりるろ Row

Rei Lovelock [7]
Caption: [Rei Lovelock] He is a person who is thoughtful and imperturbable, and is a worldly-wise man who brought together unique band members.

The leader of Fire Bomber, in charge of keyboards and song arrangements. Rei was an ace pilot in the Unified Forces Pink Pecker squad, but he lost his best friend due to an error in judgment and was discharged from the military. During his subsequent wanderings, he met Basara Nekki and formed a band with hope of living in Basara's songs. In addition, from the standpoint of his former Unified Forces, Rei played a part in Project M and gave the Fire Valkyrie to Basara—which also served as the combat testing of the VF-19.

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Reiko Stefani [7]
Caption: [Reiko Stefani] She is a beautiful woman with long hair, and has a fondness for gossip—just like the other operators.

One of the Battle 7 bridge operators. She sat with Miho Miho and the others in the same vehicle when they evacuated the seriously damaged Battle 7.

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Ravens [Other]

The 727th VF-X unit. Wilbure Garland is the commanding officer of this Unified Forces counter-terrorism special forces unit. [Source: Macross VF-X2]

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Raymond Marle [Plus]
Caption: [Raymond Marle] When he learned that his subordinate, Marge Guldoa, had used an illegal chip in Sharon, Raymond tried to cancel the concert in Macross City. However, he was shot dead by Marge.

The head of Venus Sound Factory, to which Sharon Apple belongs.

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Leon Mishima [F]
Caption: [Leon Mishima] He is a calculating person who tried to use Grace. However, Leon was used by her.

The Presidential Chief of Staff in the New Unified Forces* that were dispatched to the Macross Frontier Fleet. He is a young man with ambition, and colluded with Grace O'Conner and the others. Leon assassinated President Howard Glass and became the fifth President. However, he was charged with conspiracy by S.M.S., and Leon's ambitions collapsed.

* Translator's note: was only "Unified Forces" in the original ed.

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Rex [7]
Caption: [Rex (center)] A beautiful, spirited, stalwart woman. She likes Basara, and is sometimes teased by her team members about it.

The leader of Team Rex, a group of woman-only bikers. She's a stalwart woman who is idolized by her friends. Even though she was repulsed by Fire Bomber when they first met, together with the other team members she became a fan when she saw Nekki Basara risking his life and singing.

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Ra•Ri•Ru•Re•Ro らりるれ Row

Roy Fokker [Zero, M]
Caption: [Roy Fokker] He has a broadminded character that loves alcohol and women, and is a great heroic figure that also takes care of his subordinates.

An ace pilot renown as the ace-of-aces in the Unified Forces. Roy served as a test pilot for the Variable Fighter, and at the end of the Unification War he led a VF-0 squad and went to war in the "Bird Man Incident"—he lost his former lover Aries Turner at that time. Roy headed Skull Squadron in the Macross, but was injured in a battle on the Earth and lost his life as he didn't tend to his injuries. In addition, before he became a soldier, Roy belonged to the stunt flight team that was presided over by Hikaru Ichijō's father, and he loved Hikaru like he was his real younger brother.

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Roy Fokker [Ai]
Caption: [Roy Fokker] The bridge operator Claudia LaSalle was his lover. Roy was a loving person despite his non-serious attitude.

The ace pilot who is the leader of Skull Flight*. Roy went to rescue Hikaru and the others that were attacked by the enemy in the Saturn Sector. Even though Roy stormed into the Zentrādi ship, enemy soldiers surrounded him, and he was taken prisoner. When he escaped, Roy was unexpectedly hit by Kamujin 03350 and sustained a serious injury—they both perished as they mutually struck each other.

* Translator's note: unclear if is a typo or not, but the kanji for "Flight" is used, not the one for "Squadron" (which is used in the preceding definition for the Zero/M incarnation).

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Rōikanu [Zero]

The first man in the Mayan Island folklore. Its said that he was created when the "Bird Man" cut off the Fish Man's tail fin and legs sprung out from that opening in the Fish Man's body.

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Rōiwaka [Zero]

The wife of Rōikanu in the Mayan Island folklore. Its said that the "Bird Man" decapitated himself for Rōikanu, who had lamented that he lived alone, and the blood that flowed out became the female Rōiwaka.

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Laura Continental [7]
Caption: [Laura Continental] Her hobby is watching horror-based 'virtua' movies, and her specialty is equestrian soccer.

One of the Battle 7 bridge operators. She was terrified to see how the Varōta Forces absorbed Spiritia during her first battle.

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Lawrence [D7]
Caption: [Lawrence] He likes his colleague Liza Hoily, however she doesn't notice him at all.

A scholar who belongs to the planet Zola Patrol Corps and studies the Galactic Whales. As the natural vibration frequency of the Galactic Whales changed with Basara Nekki's songs, Lawrence hypothesized that the Galactic Whales are intelligent beings with intentions. However, his hypothesis was verified by the response of the White Whale to Basara's songs.*

* Translator's note: originally was "(And) his hypothesis was verified... ."

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The Rothscha Company [D7]

Traffickers—led by Rothscha—who sell a wealth of weapon procurements through dark connections.

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Captain Robert [Zero]
Caption: [Captain Robert] Receiving a directive from the highest decision-making body [in the Unified Forces], Captain Robert did not hesitate in carrying out "Operation Iconoclasm"—an operation to destroy the revived "Bird Man" with Reaction bombs.*

*Translator's note: quotation marks added to "Bird Man" in the revised ed.

The captain of the Unified Forces aircraft carrier Asuka. He received orders to obtain the AFOS—a Protoculture relic—and was dispatched to the seas near Mayan Island.

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Rory Doseru [M]
Caption: [Rory Doseru] He was the leader of the 3-man reconnaissance unit, and was the first to decide to defect to the Macross.

A member of the 8th Reconnaissance-in-force Squadron under the command of Buritai. He couldn't forget the culture of the Macross that he had witnessed during reconnaissance, and he defected to the ship. After the First Interstellar War, he worked and lived [on the Earth], and later married [Macross] operator Vanessa Laird.

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Rory 28356 [Ai]

One of the troops that invaded the Macross in a Nūjaderu-Gā. He was astonished by the songs of the Minmei Doll that he had recovered, and backed away from it.

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Long Range Pack [F]

A VF-25 optional armament for long-range support attacks that Michael Blanc's Valkyrie was equipped with. In addition to the Sniper Rifle, a dedicated FCS is added to the VF-25G's avionics bay, and a Gunner Kit is built into the EX-Gear of the pilot—who is a sniper—to accurately transmit the shot timing of the learned pilot to the FCS fire control booster.

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Wa•Wo•N をん Row

Works [F]
Caption: [Works] Precision work is possible with its 5-fingered manipulators. The Works has been engaged in such roles as transportation and fire fighting.

A Destroid for work operated by the Macross Frontier Fleet. As it is based on the Cheyenne II, the Works has plenty of output and been roped into all sorts of heavy work.

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YF-19 [Plus]
Caption: [YF-19] The canards and forward-swept wings have excellent manoeuvrability in an atmosphere, however the YF-19 was an aircraft that was difficult to handle.

The prototype presented by Shinsei Industry in the "Super Nova Project", which determined the next all-regime fighter. Clearly different from conventional VFs, such technologies as a Pinpoint Barrier System and Active Stealth were installed in the YF-19, and it was able to make Space Folds by itself with an optional Fold Booster. Even though the YF-19 is a high-end model that one could say is the culmination of reliable existing technologies, its performance was too high and that resulted in a lack of pilots who could handle the fighter. However, its intrinsic performance was fully teased out due to Isamu Dyson taking up the role of test pilot, and eventually the YF-19 beat the rival YF-21 fighter and won the next main fighter position. Conformal-type FAST Packs that have little effect on the YF-19's aerodynamic performance were developed as supplemental armaments.

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YF-21 [Plus]
Caption: [YF-21] It was a high-cost Valkyrie because it was equipped with a variety of innovations—foremost being the BDI System that enabled the control of both the Valkyrie itself and its weapons with the brainwaves of the pilot.

The General Galaxy prototype that voraciously incorporated new Zentrādi technologies and competed with the YF-19 in the "Super Nova Project". Like the YF-19, a Pinpoint Barrier System and Active Stealth were installed in the YF-21, and it has a Fold Booster and FAST Packs as supplemental armaments. Also, due to such things as releasing the limiter so that the Valkyrie's full performance could be pulled out and lightening the airframe by purging the dead weight, the YF-21 achieves astonishing high-manoeuvrability. However, that is a double-edged sword that puts g-forces on the pilot that exceed the limits of the human body. Even though the YF-21 lost the next main fighter position, the usefulness and potential performance of its innovative systems were recognized, and the redesigned VF-22S Sturmvogel II was officially adopted as a special forces Valkyrie.

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YF-24 Evolution [F]
Caption: [YF-24 Evolution] The basic design of the YF-24 Evolution was transmitted to each fleet by the New Unified Forces. In the Macross Frontier Fleet, the within-fleet Shinsei Industry Armoury and L.A.I. reworked the basic design, and completed it as the VF-25.

The YF-24 is a prototype Valkyrie from the development project jointly set up by Shinsei Industry and General Galaxy in the search for the next-generation Variable Fighters. The YF-24 is a Valkyrie that incorporated the new technologies of the next generation, such as ISC, EX-Gear, linear actuators, and versatility from optional equipment. However, in addition to the difficulty in the development of ISC—which has been attracting attention as the trump card for exceeding the limits of manned Variable Fighters—the YF-24's development was suspended as the urgent need for a next generation VF disappeared as a result of the excellent VF-171 as a substitute Valkyrie. After that, Shinsei Industry continued to independently improve ISC, and named the Valkyrie that they completed the YF-24 Evolution.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "After that, Shinsei Industry continued to independently improve and miniaturize ISC, and the Valkyrie that completely attained it is the YF-24 Evolution."

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Planet Eden [Plus]

The first habitable planet discovered after the inauguration of the Humankind Dissemination Plan. Eden is in the Groombridge System, which is a dozen light years from the Solar System. Eden is also a popular tourist destination.

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Planet Zola [D7]

A remote planet inhabited by the Zolans in the 67th Planetary District. It is a planet that the Galactic Whales seasonally migrate to—there is a lot of bacteria on the planet due to that migration.

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Planet Rax [F]

A habitable planet discovered by the Macross 5 Fleet. However, it imploded due to the Protodevilun Gigiru rampaging out of control. Protoculture ruins lay dormant on the planet.

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My Boyfriend's A Pilot [M, F]

Lynn Minmei's debut song. It was released at the same time as her debut on the "Sunday Show" on MBS—the broadcasting station in the Macross.

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Warera Nantesu [M]
Caption: [Warera Nantesu] When they infiltrated into the Macross, Warera unknowingly wore women's clothes, and had a really hard time.

A member of the 8th Reconnaissance-in-force Squadron under the command of Buritai. After performing reconnaissance in the Macross, Warera was charmed by culture and successfully defected to the Macross. After the First Interstellar War, he worked in such places as a laundromat and a toy store, and lived in Macross City.

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Warera 25258 [Ai]

One of the Zentrādi who infiltrated into the Macross and retrieved within-ship footage and objects. During the peace, he was miclonized and attended the meeting in the Macross as an ambassador of goodwill.

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