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History: 7 01A Fire Bomber
"History 7 01A: Fire Bomber." Macross Chronicle. 11 Dec. 2008: 23-24.
"History 7 01A: Fire Bomber ." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 05 Feb. 2013: 15-16.

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Illustrated by Takuya Io

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Fire Bomber: the rare rock group that shakes the galaxy

* Translator's note: original's "watashi no uta wo kike~!!" changed to "atashi no uta wo kike~!!". Or "Listen to my (gender neutral) song!!" to "Listen to my (feminine) song!!"

Related Matter: Akiko Lips Label
A music office that has taken up residence in Macross 7's City 7. Fire Bomber belongs to it. Fire Bomber was discovered by the label's president, Houjou Akiko, and they jumped in one bound to the top artist position. Akiko Lips Label seems to be an office that succeeds at actively discovering young talents and planning such things as the management of events.

Houjou Akiko*
A young beautiful woman who is Akiko Lips Label's executive producer. She has the relationship of old friends with FB's leader, Ray Lovelock, and there's a rumour that the two of them were previously going steady.

*Translator's note: B&W character illustration changed to colour one.



The Results of Fire Bomber's Activities


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*Translator's note: B&W band member images changed to colour images.

Nekki Basara
Date of Birth: 2024.08.15
Birthplace: unknown (he himself doesn't have a memory of it)
Blood Type: B type
Size: height 184 cm, weight 75 kg
Musical Instrument: vocals and guitar
Hobby: space walks, siestas, listening to my song
Favourite Food: extremely spicy curry, kim chi, tom yum goong
Favourite Artist: myself (or when I've seriously sung)
Special Skill: singing songs while sleep-talking

Mylene Flare Jiinasu
Date of Birth: 2031.02.02
Birthplace: in the Space Carrier Red Moon while it was voyaging in the neighbourhood of the Eta Carinae Nebula.
Blood Type: Bc type (c is the blood type of Zentraadi Miclones)
Size: height 153.3 cm, B 78 W 52 H 82
Musical Instrument: vocals and base
Hobby: driving in the galaxy, synchronized swimming, fencing
Favourite Food: katsudon, pizza, mango purine
Favourite Artist: Alice Holiday
Special Skill: able to talk with her spirit with the galactic long-haired mouse (Gyararashi) Gubaba. Always perfect at the game whack-a-mole.

Bihiida Fiizu
Date of Birth: presumed to have an Earth-equivalent age of 20. *as of 2045
Birthplace: unknown
Blood Type: unknown
Size: height more than 2 m
Musical Instrument: drums
Special Skill: talk with drum sticks

Ray Lovelock
Date of Birth: ?.09.30 (refers to himself as 28). *as of 2045
Birthplace: unknown
Blood Type: O type
(Size: *) height 187 cm, weight 82 kg
Musical Instrument: keyboards
Special Skill: fishing

* Translator's note: missing on both versions of the sheet

The Path Fire Bomber Took

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1 Unsigned Period

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2 Major Debut

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3 Formation of Sound Force

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4 Pause in Activities

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5 Resumption of Activities

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