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History 7 02A: Attack of the Varohta Forces
"History 7 02A: Attack of the Varohta Forces." Macross Chronicle. 18 Sept. 2008: 23-24. "History 7 02A: Attack of the Varohta Forces." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 26 Feb. 2013: 15-16.

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Illustrated by FUDIROH

Caption: The Macross 7 Fleet sustains an attack from a mysterious military force. On the opposite side of the strange enemy army that steals a person's life energy is the form of the Protodevilun, who are said to have once destroyed the Protoculture...

Attack of the Varohta Forces: the Macross 7 Fleet's first large-scale battle and a chance meeting with a different species

* Translator's note: the original's "sub-captain (later City 7 mayor) Miria Fariina Jiinasu, who was a Zentraadi ace," changed to "City 7 mayor Maria Fariina Jiinasu, who was a Zentraadi ace".

Related Matter: the Secret Manoeuvring of the Protodevilun
In the background of the Varohta Forces that attacked the Macross 7 Fleet exist the Protodevilun, who drove the Protoculture to ruin in ancient times. Although they were sealed in an ice planet that's in the Varohta star system, they were awoken because the energy field that was keeping them sealed was weakened in an experiment by a research group. The Protodevilun seized Varohta. The Protodevilun constructed their own army, and repeatedly attacked Earth emigrant fleets seeking spiritia.

Caption: It's guessed that the Blue Rhinoceros squadron, which escorted the research group of the ice planet, was seized as is by the Protodevilun and became the core of the Varohta Forces.

Caption: Probably because the Protodevilun don't have enough spiritia for them to act with their original bodies, they also existed to command the possessed humans in the Varohta forces.



A Record of Attacks by the Varohta Forces

Armaments of the Varohta Forces

Caption: (...)

Left: Fz-109A Erugaazorun
An aircraft guessed to have been patterned on the Unified Forces' VF-14 with unknown technologies introduced into it. Despite its heavy armour and armaments, it has nimble manoeuvrability.

The First Attack of the Varohta Forces

Caption: (...)

1 The battle between the vanguard ship and the unidentified craft
Preparations to sortie the carrier-borne craft are hastened on a report from the vanguard ship Bolognese that the enemy craft are attacking.

2 The battle at the first defence line
VF-11 squadrons and Diamond Force sortie at the same time that the enemy craft rush into the first defence line. The attack becomes a battle.

Caption: Although the enemy craft are intercepted by the VF-11, the Macross 7 Fleet's main fighter craft, the enemy craft have superior performance as a variable fighter. One after another the VF-11 are rendered non-functional in the battle.

3 Fighting in the vicinity of City 7
City 7 completes the shell-down procedure and the enemy craft press hard on the main units of Macross 7. After fighting for a while, they withdrawal.

Caption: The red VF that appears from City 7, suddenly begins singing songs and confuses the battlefield.* Although it didn't have an affect on a great number of people, the red VF became a combat obstruction for Diamond Force.

* Translator's note: "songs" not in the original edition.

Varohta Forces' Invasion Diagram
1 Varohta Forces
3 Macross 7

Table of Contents
Varohta Forces
Macross 7
Space Destroyer
Attack Carrier
Space Carrier
Diamond Forces
Red VF
Varohta Forces' Invasion
First Defence Line
Second Defence Line

Related Matter: The VF-19 Kai and Nekki Basara
The red VF-19 is the aircraft of Nekki Basara, the vocalist and lead guitarist of the rock group "Fire Bomber". At first, the VF-19 was a state-of-the-art fighter that hadn't been deployed to the armed forces. In spite of that, there is a reason why a mere rock singer has it. It's said that one of Project M's plans was for the aircraft to be entrusted to a man who has prodigious VF control skills as an early test run of the VF-19. In addition, Rei Lovelock, who is one of the project members, is not certain how to find out about Basara's VF control skills.

Left: VF-19 Kai
The VF-19 that's been customized for Basara. Speaker pods are shot into opponents from the gun pod and songs are directly delivered to them.


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