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History 7 03A: The Drifting City 7
"History 7 03A: The Drifting City 7." Macross Chronicle. 30 Apr. 2009: 23-24.
"History 7 03A: The Drifting City 7." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 09 Apr. 2013: 15-16.

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Illustrated by Takuya Io

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The Drifting City 7: The City 7 Capture Operation by the Varohta Forces
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* Translator's note: last paragraph altered in the revised edition.

Column: The Course of the Drifting City 7 and the Principal Incident
The Varohta Forces hadn't intended to sink City 7, which was separated from its escort fleet, and City 7 stopped the attacks from Gigiru's fleet and the Protodevilun while preserving the civic life within it.

2045 A.D.
City 7's Forced Fold (the first time)
City 7's Forced Fold (the second time)
The Protodevilun Sivil Sneaks into City 7
City 7's Forced Fold (the third time)
Terrorists Occupy City 7's City Hall
City 7 Approaches a Star
City 7 and Battle 7 Link Up



The Details of the Drifting City 7

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Related Matter: The Consecutive Abducting of City 7
Just before City 7's forced fold, the covert operatives of the Varohta Forces that snuck into the Macross 7 Fleet abducted twenty or more people a week. The abduction of City 7 seems to have been their objective as they concealed their operation to seize the city and abducted the personnel needed to seize it, such as the people in charge of the fleet navigation systems and the Fold Section workers. Although the abductions themselves progressed smoothly, by kidnapping Mylene Jiinasu, who is the daughter of the Mayor and the Captain of the Battle 7, and is a Fire Bomber member, not only the police but also Fire Bomber began to search for the abducted people. As a result, after the location of the kidnapping victims was calculated by Fire Bomber, the transport that Nekki Basara's VF-19 Kai placed the victims into took part in the Varohta operation and played a major role in its conclusion.

Caption: Fire Bomber specified Mylene's position with a special search method which song and the empathic abilities of the alien creature Gubaba.

Caption: Nekki Basara took part in the recapture of the power room because the covert operatives of the Varohta Forces aimed at the life force of the City 7 citizens.

City 7 Before and After the Forced Fold
Chart Table of Contents: City 7, Battle 7, Miria's VF-1J, VF-19 Kai, Transport Craft, Gigiru's Unit, Covert Operatives of the Varohta Forces

1. The Raid by Gigiru's Unit

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2 Preventing the Transport Craft's Withdrawal

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3 The Forces Separation of City 7 and Battle 7

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4 Recapturing the Fold System

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