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History 7 06A: Sound Force Formation
"History 7 06A: Sound Force Formation." Macross Chronicle. 17 Sept. 2009: 19-20.
"History 7 06A: Sound Force Formation." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 08 Oct. 2013: 17-18.

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Illustrated by Takuya Io

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Sound Force Formation:
The civilian cooperative unit "Sound Force" sets out with many difficulties in store


Related Matter: The Reorganization Of The Macross 7 Fleet's VF Squadrons
The Macross 7 Fleet Unified Forces was in the process of being exhausted from the prolonged fighting. However, as dealing with the Varohta Forces was urgent business, the defensive capabilities were maintained with such things as reshuffling and reorganizing the VF units. Also, it was useful for the preservation and restoration of combat capabilities for the pilots who had had their spiritia absorbed and were rehabilitated to be return to the front lines.

Right: Diamond Force
In addition to Captain Kinryu's request to leave the squadron, and Gamlin being promoted to Captain and assuming the position of commanding officer, two newcomers joined Diamond Force. They commenced full-time defensive duties of City 7, under the direct control of Mayor Miria.

Right: Emerald Force
Captain Docker, who had returned to duty, was made the commanding officer of this VF unit, and the unit was equipped with the newly produced VF-19. They were in charge of guarding Sound Force, who were on the foremost line.



The Formation And Internal Circumstances Of Sound Force

Caption: (...) Changed: original's "Captain Maximilian" changed to "Captain Max".

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Related Matter: Gigiru And Sybil
Sound Force's first battle was combat with Gigiru's ship, which had attacked the Macross 7 Fleet in order to search for Sybil. Gigiru's attachment to Sybil is assumed to have been because the Evhil Series, which is the primary form of the two, are actually blood relatives.

Right: Gigiru
Even though he is a Protodevilun that specialized in close-range hand-to-hand combat, Gigiru's real form was sealed away at the time time of the Varohta War. He has a general conduct rule that centres on Sybil.

Caption: Sybil
The infiltration and intelligence model Protodevilun. As her attachment to the Anima-spiritia in her specification is strong, her concern for Gigiru has decreased.

The Attack Of Gigiru's Unit And Sound Force's First Battle

Table Of Contents
Gigiru's Ship, Gigiru's Unit, Sound Force, Diamond Force, Emerald Force, Macross 7

Sound Force's Birth And First Battle
(...) Changed: original's "Captain Maximilian" changed to "Captain Max".

Caption: (...) Changed: original's "Basara's songs" changed to "the power of Basara's songs".

1 The Decision To Form Sound Force

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2 The VFs Of The Varohta Forces Appear Within City 7

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3 The Formation Ceremony And Basara's Careless Remark
(...) Changed: original's "Captain Maximilian" changed to "Captain Max".

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4 The First Battle And Problems Of Sound Force

Caption: (...) Changed: "with the other members" added in the revised edition.


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