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History 7 08B: The Battle Of Planet Rax
"History 7 08B: The Battle Of Planet Rax." Macross Chronicle. 15 Apr. 2010: 19-20.
"History 7 08B: The Battle Of Planet Rax." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 25 Mar. 2014: 15-16.

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Illustrated by Jun Wada

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The Battle Of Planet Rax
New Protodevilun Countermeasures Appear

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Related Matter: The Sound Energy System
The Sound Energy System is something that converts Song Energy into such things as beams and physical forces that can be confirmed by sight. Using the system as an intermediary, the songs themselves manifested high results against the Protodevilun.

Caption: The mechanism that efficiently uses Song Energy in three-dimensional space reached a point where it was accompanied by such things as luminescent phenomena.

Song Energy Higher Dimension Converter
The device that converts Song Energy. It was developed by the Macross 7 Fleet's military physician Dr. Chiba.



The Strengthening Of The Protodevilun's Combat Capabilities

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Related Matter: The Protodevilun Gurabiru
When the battleground in the Varohta Campaign moved to Planet Rax, the Protodevilun Gurabiru awoke by himself. Even though his intelligence is low, Gurabiru, who was based on the non-humanoid model extra-large model multipurpose tactical hand-to-hand combat beam-weapon Evhil Series, has the highest class of combat capabilities even in the Protodevilun. He has the Super-Light Speed Movement ability, and tormented the Macross 7 Fleet throughout the Varohta Campaign.

Right: Gurabiru
Gurabiru boasts of a hugeness with an over-all height of 300 m in normal times, and a normal operating mass of about 18,000 t. He can destroy a battleship with a single blow even with only his physical strength.

Caption: The right arm Pentacle Beam Gun is endowed with a destructive power that's 10 times greater than that of the Macross Cannon.

Caption: Even though his real appearance is Gabigura when Gurabiru is combined with Gabiru, they are usually separated because of the problem of energy consumption.

Gurabiru's Awakening And The Battle At Planet Rax Chart
Legend: Gurabiru, Stealth Frigate, Macross 7 Fleet, Battle 7, Sound Force
White Boxes: The 4th Planet In The Varohta 3198 XE Star System, Planet Rax

The Battle Immediately Following The Macross 7 Fleet's Descent To Planet Rax
1 The Investigation Of Planet Rax And The New Systems


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2 Gurabiru's Awakening
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3 The Sound Energy System Experiment In The Live Performance

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4 Sound Force Repels Gurabiru

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