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History 7 09A: Operation Stargazer
"History 7 09A: Operation Stargazer." Macross Chronicle. 20 Aug. 2009: 19-20.
"History 7 09A: Operation Stargazer." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 11 Mar. 2014: 17-18.

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Illustrated by As'maria

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Operation Stargazer
The Decisive Battle Of The Operation To Capture The Protodevilun Homeworld

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Related Matter: The Strongest Long-Range Invasion Weapons
VFs that have high stealth performance were combined with Reaction Weapons and Fold Boosters and used in this operation. These were extreme armament forms with long-range movement abilities, the ability to penetrate into the enemy camp, and absolute fire power; and they had performance that stood out in the point of surely destroying only the tactical target.

Caption: A Northampton Class Stealth Frigate and Fold Boosters were also used in this operation.

Left: VF-17S
A heavy VF that values passive stealth. The VF-17 can be internally equipped with Reaction weapons in its weapon bays.

Right: VF-22S
The VF-22 excels in Active Stealth performance and payload. The Max aircraft participated in this operation.



The Intentions Of The Protodevilun Side

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Related Matter: The 4th Planet Of The Varohta 3198XE Star System

The 4th planet of the Varohta 3198XE Star System, which became the Protodevilun's homeworld (their stronghold), was an advanced science planet in the Protoculture's Interstellar Republic era, where the Protodevilun -whose abilities had deteriorated due to a lack of Spiritia- were sealed. Even though the Protodevilun were weakened, even the Protoculture couldn't bear to destroy them, and all they could do was seal them up on the planet.

Caption: The chambers for sealing up the bodies of the Protodevilun. Even though they weren't able to move their bodies due to insufficient Spiritia, the Protodevilun were able to possess humans.

Caption: The sealing chambers were installed in the recesses of a cave, and the insertion of VFs into it became an unconditional requirement of the operation.

Caption: The advanced science planet was transformed into an intensely cold planet by the Entropy Control Field that was extended when the Protodevilun were sealed up.

Operation Stargazer Chart
4th Planet Of the Varohta 3198XE Star System
Legend: Sound Force, Landing Forces, VF-22S, Stealth Frigate, Varohta Forces, the movements of each force

The Invocation Of Operation Stargazer And The Movements Of The Protodevilun
1 The Unified Forces Headquarters Orders The Capture Of The Enemy's Homeworld


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2 The Start Of "Operation Stargazer"

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3 The Obstructed Forces That Stormed In

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4 Max's Aircraft Participates In Battle And The Failure Of The Operation

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