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History 7 09B: Operation Stargazer
"History 7 09B: Operation Stargazer." Macross Chronicle. 15 Oct. 2009: 23-24.
"History 7 09B: Operation Stargazer." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 01 Apr. 2014: 15-16.

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Illustrated by K2 Shoukai

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Operation Stargazer
The Escape From The Varohta Star System

(...) 1st & 4th paragraphs changed

Related Matter: The Protodevilun Homeworld Base Facilities
The Base Facilities of the Varohta Forces were built on the 4th planet of the Varohta 3198XE Star System (the Protodevilun Homeworld), where the Sealing Chambers of the Protodevilun's real bodies were placed. As the Protodevilun themselves didn't have science and technology, this base is thought to have been built by the humans that were placed under mind control.

Caption: Varohta officers and soldiers (soldiers of the Unified Forces that had been placed under mind control) were deployed in the base facilities, and they carried out the management and administration of the armed forces.

Caption: The Varohta Forces armament system was close to that of the Unified Forces, and they had also installed a ship dock that supported VF equipped ships.*

Translator's note: originally was: "The Varohta Forces had also installed a ship dock that supported VF equipped ships, as their armament system was close to that of the Unified Forces.



The Truth Becomes Clear And The Footsteps Of The Final Decisive Battle

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Related Matter: The Protodevilun's Weakness
Even the Macross 7 side understood that the Protodevilun absorb the Spiritia of other living things and use it as an energy source. However, the weakening of the enemy Protodevilun being connected to stealing their Spiritia appears to not have been recognized by the Macross 7 side. The Macross 7 Fleet, which understood that in this operation, hastened the development of weapons with the same system as the Varohta Forces' "Spiritia Absorption Beam".

Left: Sealing Chamber
Even the Protoculture couldn't bring down the Protodevilun, and they could only exhaust their Spiritia and imprison them in Sealing Chambers.

Caption: The Spiritia Absorption Beam, which is standard equipment on the Variable Craft of the Varohta Forces, was also able to extract Spiritia from the Protodevilun.

Caption: The Macross 7 Fleet implemented Spiritia absorbing Beam Gun Pods. They were used in the final aspects of the Varohta Campaign.

Escape From The Protodevilun Homeworld Chart
4th Planet Of the Varohta 3198XE Star System
Legend: Macross 7, Gabiru, Panzer Zorun (ridden by Gamlin Kizaki), Varohta Military Vessel, Each Units Movements

Sound Force, Landing Forces, VF-22S, Stealth Frigate, Varohta Forces, the movements of each force

The Captured Protodevilun Homeworld Attack Forces And The Escape From Enemy Territory
1 The VF Units Are Restrained By The Varohta Forces


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2 Captain Max And Others Plan An Escape From The Base

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3 The Recovery Of The VFs And Linking Up With Gamlin

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4 Escaping The Base In A Seized Warship

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