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History: F 01A: Sheryl Nome Concert
"History F 01A: Sheryl Nome Concert." Macross Chronicle. 11 Jun. 2009: 21-22.
"History F 01A: Sheryl Nome Concert." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 19 Feb. 2013: 17-18

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Sheryl Nome Concert: the "Galactic Fairy" that overwhelmed the Frontier

* Translator's note: "singer-songwriter" in the original changed to "diva" in the Revised Ed..

Related Matter: Activities other than singing
Because of her established reputation, Sheryl worked on various jobs besides her singing activities. She was vigorously active in Frontier, notwithstanding the apparent differing directionality of her activities before and after the raid on the Galaxy Fleet.

A Miss Macross Frontier Judge
After her first performance in Frontier, Sheryl participated in the Miss Macross Frontier as a special judge.

Caption: Sheryl encouraged Ranka Lee, who was nervous backstage. Although she seemed to have had an emotional attachment to Ranka, Sheryl seemed to have judged impartially.

Filming A Documentary
After the Galaxy Fleet disappeared, Sheryl worked on the Documentary of Sheryl to keep Galaxy in the minds of the people in Frontier.

Caption: Sheryl filmed in such places as Mihoshi Academy, which she had moved into. In the documentary, Sheryl also showed the inner suit of the EX-Gear.

Caption: Although the first performance of Sheryl Nome's live performance tour in the Frontier Fleet had to be interrupted due to a Vajra attack, she was successful in the Frontier Fleet thereafter due to her skills as a singer and performer.*

* Translator's note: "thereafter" added in the Revised Ed..

Illustrated by Mamezuka Takashi / Supervised by Ebata Risa (STUDIO G-1NEO) / Colour coordinated by Nakayama Kumiko / Finished by Murakami Tomomi (Hiyori) / Digital effect by Sitou (Shitou?) Megumi



Sheryl's Performance in the Frontier Fleet

Caption: (...)

The representative songs of Sheryl Nome
Welcome To My FanClub's Night!
What 'bout my star?
Sagittarius ☆ 9 PM Don't Be Late
Diamond Crevice
Northern Cross

Caption: (...)

Caption: (...)*

* Translator's note: "What 'bout my star? @ Formo" in the original changed to "What 'bout my star?" in the Revised Ed..

The Galaxy Concert Tour Venues

A Summary of the Galaxy Concert Tour's Live Performances

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The Initial Performance

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Caption: (...)

The Good-bye Performance (...)

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Related Matter: Musical Activities Other Than Live Performances
Sheryl is proactive in musical activities other than live performances, and she was active in various areas during her tour and even after it, when she was residing in the Frontier Fleet. Although her coverage in the media disappeared for a certain period of time and it seemed like her passion toward singing had also cooled, her activities resumed after the disappearance of Ranka Lee.

Caption: Although she temporarily stopped singing, she encouraged the citizens who had become frightened in a Vajra attack, and appeared in the public arena once more.

Caption: Sheryl introduced "Northern Cross" in President Leon Mishima's inauguration ceremony. It was at a time that she knew of the Vajra restraining ability of her own songs.

Musical Compositions Provided to Movies
Sheryl offered a song from one of her albums as the theme song of the movie "Bird Human ~Tori no Hito~". Ranka's "Aimo ~Tori no Hito~" was used for the song during the movie.

Caption: Sheryl visited Island 3's artificial island where the movie was in the middle of filming, and proposition the director to furnish the movie with her music. At the time, the director was worried about songs appearing during the movie.

Frontier Charity Performance
After Ranka's disappearance, Sheryl, who resumed her singing activities, carried out a charity performance in the Frontier Fleet. The song that she sung on this occasion had a lot of "fairy" in it.

Caption: After resuming activities, her exposure in the media also increased. Vector Promotion's Elmo, who had scouted Ranka, served as her manager.

Gaul 4 Sympathy Call
A sympathy call performance was carried out at the request of the 33rd Marine Unit, which was the Zentraadi unit stationed at Gaul 4. However, Sheryl collapsed because of the effects of the V-type infectious disease, and she couldn't sing.

Caption: Immediately following her disembarkation of the passenger craft, Sheryl collapsed. After returning to the Frontier Fleet, Sheryl was hospitalized at the military hospital and disappeared from center stage for a while.

Participation in the Campaign to Capture the Vajra's Main Planet
Sheryl participated in the battle to capture the Vajra's home-world knowing that one of the effects of her songs was that the Vajra were restrained. She shouldered a part of the operation to restrain the Vajra and so forth with song.

Caption: Sheryl sung "Sagittarius ☆ 9 PM Don't Be Late" on the bridge of the Battle Frontier; and after Ranka returned, the two of them sang the "Nyan-nyan Service Medley".


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