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History: F 02A: Vajra Raid
"History F 02A: Vajra Raid." Macross Chronicle. 05 Mar. 2009: 17-18.
"History F 02A: Vajra Raid." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 23 Apr. 2013: 17-18

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Illustration by: Kaito Oomoto

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Vajra Raid: The Unknown Life-form that the Macross Frontier Fleet Encountered

Related Matter: The Fourth Macross Frontier President
The political system of the Frontier Fleet is a parliamentary democracy/presidential system that places a president who is superior to the three powers of government* above the parliament, which is composed of such things as a senate (the president's chief-of-staff is dispatched from the Earth's New Unified Government). At the time of the Vajra's attack, President Glass was the fourth president of the Frontier Fleet.

* Translator's note: the three powers of government being legislative, executive and judicial.

Left: Howard Glass
The president of the Frontier Government when the Vajra attacked. Having been informed of the existence of the Vajra, he coordinated with Richard Bilra, the owner of S.M.S., to advance countermeasures against the Vajra. Leon Mishima, the president's chief-of-staff, was the fiancee of Katherine Glass, the president's daughter.



The Record of the Vajra's Raid

How the Vajra were Encountered
New Unified Forces patrol craft encounter the Vajra
> the New Unified Forces dispatch an unmanned ambush attack squadron
> the Vajra shoot down the unmanned ambush attack squadron
> the New Unified Forces dispatch a VF-171 company
> the Vajra penetrate the first defensive line
> Code Victor-3 is announced
> S.M.S. is dispatched
> the Vajra penetrate the last defensive line
> the Vajra penetrate into Island 1
> S.M.S. exterminate the Vajra in urban warfare
> the surviving Vajra group hides itself in Island 3's foundation block
> S.M.S. mops up the surviving Vajra group

Vajra Invasion Chart
Macross Frontier Fleet

left column: Island 1, Escort Vessels, Patrol Craft
centre column: Unmanned Ambush Attack Squadron, VF-171 Company, S.M.S.
right column: Vajra, Vajra Invasion (orange arrow), First Defensive Line (yellow line), Last Defensive Line (orange line)

The Macross Frontier Fleet and the Vajra Engagement

1 The Unmanned Ambush Attack Squadron Battles the Vajra

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2 The VF-171 Company Battles the Vajra

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3 S.M.S. Battles the Vajra

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4 The Vajra Penetrate Island 1

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5 The Remaining Vajra are Mopped Up

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