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History: F 03A: Ranka Lee Live
"History F 03A: Ranka Lee Live." Macross Chronicle. 05 Feb. 2009: 23-24.
"History F 03A: Ranka Lee Live." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 02 Jul. 2013: 17-18

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Illustration by: Gotou Keiji
Colour Coordination by: Nakayama Kumiko
Finishing Touches by: Nobori Haruko (Hiyori)
Composition by: Saitou Megumi

Caption: (...)

Ranka Lee Live
The Young Lady's Singing Voice That Enchants People


Related Matter: The Public Entertainment Activities That Became The Groundwork Of Ranka's Break
Even though Ranka seems to have become famous overnight, she experienced the lowest layers, even though it was short. she started with the Miss Macross F Contest and live roadside performances, and although she was scouted by the president of Vector Promotion, Elmo Kuridaniku, due to her small and weak professional circumstances, her first jobs were only simple ones, such as shop front sales promotions of 7-coloured carrots. Among that, she won a minor role in the film "Birdman". The director fell in love at first sight with the song that she casually sung, and Ranka was selected as the substitute for the actress in the Mao Nome role, which was the sub-heroine of the movie - as the original actress had been injured in an accident. In this way, Ranka began to climb the stairs to becoming the Super Dimensional Cinderella.

Caption: Even though Ranka continuously leaked soft sounds at times in the harsh lowest level, she overcame it with her inborn positivism.

Caption: She not only had an uninhibited performance in the role of Mao, she sang the featured song "Aimo ~ Birdman" (original title "Song Of The Wind"), and attracted attention to herself.



Summary Of Ranka Lee's Live Performances

Ranka Lee's Representative Tunes
- Aimo ~ Birdman
- Carrots Loves You Yeah!
- Cat Diary
- Interstellar Flight
- Aimo O.C.
- Your Sound
- Blue Ether
... etc

Summary Of The Guerrilla Live Performance At Gaul 4

Right: hypothesized base

Interstellar Flight


First Live Performance Summary

Up: Tenkumon [Sky Gate] Plaza

Up: In front of the Tenkumon [Sky Gate] Plaza Hall

Interstellar Flight

Up: Tenkumon [Sky Gate]

Aimo Anniversary Concert Summary

Left: Mihoshi Academy Concert Venue

Interstellar Flight

Your Sound


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