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History: F 04A: Galaxy Fleet Rescue Operation
"History F 04A: Galaxy Fleet Rescue Operation." Macross Chronicle. 28 May. 2009: 19-20.
"History F 04A: Galaxy Fleet Rescue Operation." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 16 Jul. 2013: 15-16

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Illustration by: Jun Wada

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Galaxy Fleet Rescue Operation
The Galaxy Fleet is attacked by the Vajra.


Related Matter: Ranka Lee Heads Toward The World Of Show Business
Ranka Lee, who later becomes the most important person concerning the Vajra, was scouted at this time by "Vector Promotions", a small entertainment agency. Ranka began walking down the road to being a genuine singer, and that was connected to something that held great significance for her and the entire galaxy.

Right: Ranka Lee
At that time she attended Saint Maria Academy. Even though she experienced an appearance in the Miss Macross Frontier Contest, she was still unsigned.

Caption: The president of Vector Promotions, Elmo Kuridaniku, heard her singing and scouted her. He's Zentraadi.

Caption: In her childhood, Ranka was in the 117th Research Fleet. Due to such things as having contracted the V-type Infectious Disease, she's a girl who has a deep relationship with the Vajra.



The Barrier Of Fold Faults

Caption: In order to circumvent the Fold Faults and communicate, the search party set up relay pods, which became communication relay devices, at each defold.

Caption: The Vajra carrier that appeared in this battle disregarded the Fold Faults and defolded.

The Galaxy Fleet Rescue Operation Which Was Obstructed By Fold Faults
Even though the Frontier and Galaxy Fleets were cruising in locations that were close in a straight line distance, as several Fold Faults were confirmed between them, it wasn't even easy for them to communicate with each other. Naturally, even the search for the Galaxy Fleet was difficult - it had been attacked by the Vajra - , to say nothing of the rescue, and although they finally met two ships that had withdrawn from the Galaxy Fleet, they could only rescue one of those two ships. Even though the search for the Galaxy Fleet continued thereafter, its whereabouts remained unknown.

Table Of Contents
Island 1, Vajra, Vajra Mothership
RVF-171 Squadron, Kaitosu
S.M.S., Darufimu, Galaxy Fleet
* on chart, not in table of contents: Fold Fault

Related Matter: Fold Quartz And The Vajra
The rare Fold Quartz material was used in the earrings that Sheryl Nome wore. Even though this substance reacted to Sheryl's and Ranka's songs and caused an effect in the actions of the Vajra, its special characteristics weren't made public at this point in time.

Right: Sheryl's Earring
Sheryl had them as mementos of her mother. On the other hand, she entrusted one to Saotome Aruto of S.M.S., who was facing combat.

Caption: The owner of S.M.S., Richard Birla, who harboured an interest in the Vajra, also owned a Fold Quartz ring.

Caption: Sheryl's and Aruto's earrings resonated to the songs of Sheryl and Ranka. The Vajra stopped moving, and Aruto escaped in that opportunity.

The Rescue Of The Galaxy Fleet And Genuine Combat With The Vajra
1 Reporting The Crisis Of The Galaxy Fleet


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2 The Search Party Encounters The Withdrawing Galaxy Fleet Ships

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3 S.M.S. Sorties

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4 The Annihilation Of The Vajra

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