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History: F 05A: Gaul 4 Insurrection Incident
"History: F 05A: Gaul 4 Insurrection Incident." Macross Chronicle. 09 Jul. 2009: 21-22.
"History: F 05A: Gaul 4 Insurrection Incident." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 01 Oct. 2013: 15-16

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Illustration by: Fudiroh

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Gaul 4 Insurrection Incident
Planet Gaul 4 became the galactic hot spot.


Translator's note: 2nd paragraph's "Also, the whereabouts of the Galaxy Fleet on the net ~" was revised to "Also, the whereabouts of the untraceable Galaxy Fleet on the net ~".

Related Matter: The Zentraadi Who Have Similar Appearances
In the 33rd Marine Corps, which was dispatched to Gaul 4, the form of persons that resembled Zentraadi at the time of the First Interstellar War were seen, like Ogotai, who resembled Buritai, and Temujin, who had an appearance similar to Kamujin. This is because the Zentraadi have a background where they originally proliferated by cloning, and it seems that importance was attached to cloning the officer class, who had especially great abilities.

Caption: Major Ogotai, the 33rd Marine Corps leader. He has an appearance that resembled Buritai. Also, his adjutant had an appearance that resembled Exedoru.

Caption: Temujin commanded the rebelling unit. Not only his outward appearance, but also his aggressive personality resembled Kamujin.



The Division In The 33rd Marine Corps

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Related Matter: The Ups And Downs Of The Incoming And Outgoing Idols
The Gaul 4 Insurrection Incident was an event that became the start of Sheryl's seclusion and Ranka's onslaught. Ranka's popularity quickly rose after it, and Sheryl's physical condition deteriorated due to the V-type Infectious Disease. Also, Grace O'conner was forced to modify her plans because of this incident.

Ranka Lee's Onslaught
Ranka, who acquired immense popularity from her film performance and this incident, became increasingly busy from such things as the decision to hold her first live performance at Tenkuumon.

Caption: So that work offers for such things as gravure model photos come, Ranka reduced her attendance at Mihoshi Academy.

Sheryl Nome's Seclusion
Sheryl not only decreased her exposure in the media, but confirmed that the V-type Infectious Disease that she thought she had recovered from, was progressing. After being forced to bed on Gaul 4, she was in a state where she wasn't able to sing in the presence of the general public.

Caption: From the appearance of Ranka, Grace decided to discard Sheryl. After returning to Frontier, Sheryl was accommodated in the hospital.

The Fold Fault That Separates The Fleet From Gaul 4

Table Of Contents
Macross Frontier, S.M.S., the shuttle Sheryl rode
* on chart, not in table of contents: Fold Fault, planet Gaul 4

The Insurrection Incident And Gaul 4's Secret
1 Sheryl Departs For The Gaul 4 Sympathy Call Performance


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2 Temujin Restrains Sheryl

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3 Ranka Suppresses The Uprising Unit With Song

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4 The Aircraft Ranka Boards Crashes. The Encounter With The Macross Ship

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