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History: F 07A: The Vajra Outbreak In The Frontier Fleet Incident
"History: F 07A: The Vajra Outbreak In The Frontier Fleet Incident." Macross Chronicle. 03 Sept. 2009: 23-24.
"History: F 07A: The Vajra Outbreak In The Frontier Fleet Incident." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 14 Jan. 2013: 15-16

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Illustration by: Jun Wada

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The Vajra Outbreak In The Frontier Fleet Incident
The Frontier Fleet Was Driven Into A Desperate Situation

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Related Matter: The Damage To S.M.S.
The attack of the Vajra Group that broke out within the Macross Frontier Fleet extended throughout the whole area of the Fleet, and Island 1's S.M.S.'s headquarters also became a battleground. As a result, the Vajra invaded inside the headquarters, and not only the facilities, but also more than a few personnel suffered damage.

Caption: The Second Form Vajra that broke through the outer wall penetrated into S.M.S.. They tried to destroy the macronization tank that Captain Kuran Kuran had entered.

Left: Michael Blanc
Second Lieutenant Michael Blanc was entrusted with Skull Squadron's No.2 aircraft. He was seriously injured and was thrown out into space in the battle with the Vajra, and went missing.



The Frontier Fleet Approached Its Limits

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Related Matter: Sheryl Nome Determined To Make a Come-Back
Because of reasons such as Ranka becoming famous, Grace's betrayal, and her eminent death in the near future, the "Galactic Fairy" Sheryl Nome was intending to stop her activities as a singer and cast aside her singing. However, because of Saotome Aruto's words and the fleet falling into a desperate situation before her very eyes, she made the decision to sing again.

Right: Sheryl Nome
After Gaul 4, the opportunities for Sheryl to appear in public also rapidly decreased. When the Vajra attacked and she took refuge in a shelter, Sheryl saw people who were succumbing to anxiety, and she decided to sing again.

Caption: Ranka's former manager Elmo Kuridaniku was also in the shelter where Sheryl brought the disorder to a close with songs. He later became Sheryl's manager.

Caption: Sheryl sang "Diamond Crevasse" in front of the people who took refuge in the shelter, and calmed the disorder. With this opportunity, Sheryl hoped to sing once more.

Ranka Was The Key To The Activities Of The Vajra
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Table Of Contents
Island 1, Island 3, Vajra Carrier
VF-27, Macross Quarter, Vajra

Combat With The Vajra Occurred Both Inside And Outside Of The Fleet
1 A Massive Outbreak Of Vajra


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2 President Glass Is Assassinated

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3 The Annihilation Of Island 3 And The Vajra Group

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4 Ranka Lee Withdrawals From The Fleet

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