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History M 04A: The Zentraadi Invasion
"History M 04A: The Zentraadi Invasion." Macross Chronicle. 19 Feb. 2009: 21-22.
"History M 04A: The Zentraadi Invasion." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 28 May. 2013: 17-18.

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Illustrated by Tomotake Kinoshita

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The Zentraadi Invasion:
The Zentraadi arrive and the sudden outbreak of the First Interstellar War

Translator's note: the original's "B.J. Global" changed to "Bruno J. Global" and the original's "the Macross folded to the vicinity of Pluto" changed to "and instead of the the Macross folding to the moon, their target destination, they folded to the vicinity of Pluto".

Related Matter: The Zentraadi And The Macross
The Zentraadi, who showed up before mankind on the very day of the Space Launch Ceremony, weren't aiming for the Macross, and had only come to defold at Earth in pursuit of the Inspection Forces. Also, the situation began to proceed in an unexpected direction because Buritai Kuridaniku, the space fleet's commander, showed interest in the Macross.

Right: Buritai Kuridaniku
The commander of the Zentraadi Space Fleet that comes into contact with Earth for the first time. He shows interest in Earth's civilization, and before long bears an important part in the First Interstellar War.

Caption: The Zentraadi, who continued to repeatedly have interstellar wars, were not surprised by the encounter with Earthlings itself.



The Speculation On The Zentraadi Side

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Related Matter: The Damage On The Macross
Although the damage from battle was negligible, the Gravity Control System disappeared when the Macross first tried to surface, the Fold System disappeared when it folded, and the Macross defolded in an unexpected place.

Right: The Loss Of The Gravity Control System
Although the Macross tried to surface in order to depart at the request of the Unified Government's VIP, only the Gravity Control System broke through the deck and flew away.

Caption: As the Gravity Control System, which was centred on OTM, disappeared, the Macross was forced to surface with normal engines.

Right: The Disappearance Of The Fold System
Although the Macross exchanged attacks with the Zentraadi Fleet and folded as a last resort, after it was mis-transfered to the vicinity of Pluto, the Fold System was annihilated.

Caption: As a result, in addition to making it impossible to fold, the ship had to transform (the transformation) to fire the main gun.

The Offence And Defence Of South Ataria Island And The Departure Of The Macross

Yellow arrow: attacks from the Macross
Blue arrow: the movement of the Macross
Red arrow: the movement of the Unified Forces
Green arrow: the movement of the Zentraadi Forces
White boxes: to Pluto, South Ataria Island

1 The Macross Fires Its Main Gun

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2 The Space Fleet Battle And The Mobile Weapon Group That Descends To Earth

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3 The Offence And Defence Of South Ataria Island

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4 The Macross Heads To Pluto

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The Fighting Capabilities That Both Sides Committed To The Battle

Up: VF-1 Valkyrie
Thermonuclear turbine engine equipped VFs. They displayed combat capabilities that were superior to the Battle Pods.

Left: Rigaado
The standard Zentraadi Battle Pod. Such models as those equipped with missile or for reconnaissance were also committed to the invasion.


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