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History M 05A: The Battle Of Mars Sara Base
"History M 05A: The Battle Of Mars Sara Base." Macross Chronicle. 04 Mar. 2010: 21-22.
"History M 05A: The Battle Of Mars Sara Base." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 04 Feb. 2014: 15-16.

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Illustrated by Kaito Oomoto

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The Battle Of Mars Sara Base
The Battle On Mars With "Ally Killer" Kamujin

(...) 1st thru 4th para Changed

Related Matter: Mars After The War
Even though Mars appears to have had only an abandoned observation base placed on it during the First Interstellar War, the human race expanded onto it after the war (at that time, it's thought that the terraforming technology that was cultivated in the Earth Regeneration Project was appropriated to Mars). As a result, urban areas such as "HG Welles City" were established on Mars.

Right: Gamlin Kizaki
A soldier who participated in the Unified Forces that escorted the Macross 7 Fleet, came from Mars' HG Wells City. His nickname in his student days was "the Martian".

Caption: [7] The nickname "Martian" wasn't only because he came from Mars, but is also said to be connected to the extent of his forehead.



The Zentraadi Tactics

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Related Matter: Sara Base At The Time
The Sara Base that was built on Mars was a large Unified Forces observation base. The reason why it was unmanned during the First Interstellar War was because the members had withdrawn, and the development of Mars itself seems to have been interrupted. In addition, it's said that the members withdrew during the Unification War, and those members were struck by an Anti Unification Alliance attack while returning, and were annihilated.

Caption: It seems to have been an observation base that watched for an alien invasion. In addition to groups of warehouses, there were several towers and so on in the above-ground facilities

Caption: Facilities extended not only above ground, but also underground, and a reactor was installed there.

Caption: It was also the base were First Lieutenant Hayase Misa's first lover, Second Lieutenant Riber, was dispatched to.

Kamujin Fleet's Attack And The Battle At Mars
Buritai Fleet, Kamujin Fleet, Guraaji, Rigaado, VF-1, Macross
On Chart: Mars

The Battle With The Zentraadi On Mars
1 The Arrival Of Kamujin's Fleet And The Start Of The Operation


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2 The Macross Descends To Mars
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3 The Gravity Mine Manoeuvre And The Kamujin Unit's Offensive

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4 The Macross Withdrawals From Mars

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