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History M 09A: The Battle To Return To The Earth
"History M 09A: The Battle To Return To The Earth." Macross Chronicle. 23 Jul. 2009: 23-24.
"History M 09A: The Battle To Return To The Earth." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 22 Oct. 2013: 17-18.

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Illustrated by Tomotake Kinoshita

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The Battle To Return To The Earth:
The Macross's return to Earth after 9 months.


Related Matter: The Infiltration Zentraadi Who Received A Shock From Culture
Main Fleet Commander-in-Chief Bodoruzaa, who had come into contact with First Lieutenant Hayase and others, had the 3 My-Clonized Zentraadi sneak into the Macross, in order to obtain reaction weapons and warship repair technology. Even though the 3 had received forced education concerning the Earthlings, they were often bewildered when Earth's culture was actually before their very eyes.

Right: The Zentraadi That Infiltrated Into The Macross From the left: Warera, Rory, and Konda. After returning from living in the Macross, they took the chance to spread culture among the Zentraadi.

Caption: As they don't have the concept of "plain clothes", they wore women's clothes by mistake, and they also displayed regrettable actions such as entering the women's restroom.



Bodoruzaa's Intentions And The Movements On The Front Line

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Related Matter: The Reception That Celebrated Their Returning Alive From The Enemy Fleet
A large-scale reception was held in the Macross to celebrate First Lieutenant Hayase and Vermilion Squadron's safe return. Although it was a government event, Lynn Minmei was also a guest, and it was crowded with a great number of civilians.

Right: Lynn Minmei
After being chosen as Miss Macross, Minmei gained great popularity as a new singer. In addition to presenting bouquets in the reception, she sang "My Boyfriend's A Pilot".

Caption: The four people that safely returned received promotions of one rank. Also, the 3 Zentraadi who had infiltrated into the Macross were at the reception, too.

Breaking Through The Net That Encircles The Macross And The Descent To Earth

Chart Captions:
Moon, Earth
Blue Arrow: the movements of the Macross
Red Arrow: the movements of the Zentraadi Forces

Obtaining Enemy Intelligence And The Operation To Break Through The Encircling Net

1 Zentraadi Internal Intelligence Is Brought To The Macross

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2 The Macross Forcedly Breaks Through The Encircling Net

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3 Kamujin Ignores Orders And Attacks
(...) Changed

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4 The Macross Returns To The Earth

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