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History M 17A: The Factory Satellite Capture Operation
"History M 17A: The Factory Satellite Capture Operation." Macross Chronicle. 01 Apr. 2010: 25-26.
"History M 17A: The Factory Satellite Capture Operation." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 01 Jul. 2014: 15-16.

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Illustrated by Tomotake Kinoshita

Caption: After the conclusion of the First Interstellar War, Earth's mankind carried forward their military build-up while watching out for an invasion by the next Zentraadi main fleet or the Inspection Forces. The Factory Satellite Capture Operation was carried out as a part of this build-up.

Factory Satellite Capture Operation
The Human Race Continued To Be Afraid Of The Zentraadi Threat.

The Unified Forces initiated the Zentraadi Automated Factory Satellite capture plan in October, 2011, when more than one and a half years had passed since the conclusion of the First Interstellar War. This was one of the plans that followed a series of projects which were enacted from April through May the previous year, such as the plans to Regenerate the Earth and establish the New Unified Government.
The group of plans for 2010 and the ones for 2011 had differing characters and goals. The 2010 plans were mainly ones that were aimed at founding a new order immediately after the First Interstellar War, and rebuilding the environment that people lived in. The main axis of the plans for 2011 was placed on defence from external enemies. This Factory Satellite Capture Plan, which augmented their military strength, could also be understood as one of the goals of "the improvement of the survivability of the species"; due to the expansion of the borders that mankind lived within, and the spread of mankind in the galaxy due to the Mankind Seeding Plan -which was drafted in September, 2011.
Despite not being soon after the end of the First Interstellar War, the defence policy was hastily made by the New Unified Government. In the background of the defence policy existed external enemies, who were imagined to be impossible to oppose, even if all of the efforts of the Earth were invested into it. Certainly, those external enemies were of a super-large-scale power, such as the Zentraadi Main Fleets and the Inspection Forces.
Even though it was the Earth that just managed to repel the Bodoru Main Fleet in the First Interstellar War, a catastrophically heavy blow was received, and it was concluded that the Earth couldn't endure another invasion by a main fleet-scale enemy. Even though the New Unified Government and the Armed Forces intended to build up the military as one of the measures to stop an invasion, it was necessary to concurrently regenerate the survivors' living environment. The problem they had was the absolute shortage of such things as man power and materials. The thing that the New Unified Government zeroed in on to solve this problem was the Zentraadi Factory Satellite. On top of such things as space battleships and battle pods, Factory Satellites also automatically produced Zentraadi soldiers. The Factory Satellites were expected to have an exceedingly promising existence at Earth. Thus, with the discovery of an automated spaceship-producing Factory Satellite, the Unified Forces dispatched the Buritai Kuridaniku commanded Noputi Baganisu 5361 and VF squadrons to capture the Factory Satellite.

Related Matter: The Appropriation Of The Factory Satellites
After 2011, Factory Satellites were frequently secured, and they contributed to the augmentation of military strength. The Factory Satellite that could be called the representative of that was the Kimerikora #74710020692 Zentraadi Fully Automatic Armoury, which conducted the production of the Quadoran Rho. It was later improved into the "Kimerikora = Rhea Arsenal" Factory Satellite for the Quadoran Rhea, and was placed in planet Eden's Lagrange IV.*

Translator's note: originally was: "After 2011, Factory Satellites were frequently secured, and they contributed to the augmentation of the military strength. The factory satellite that could be representative of that is Kimerikora #74710020692/GG Zentraadi and General Galaxy Armoury Satellite, which carried out the production of Quadoran Rhea. This was a Quadoran Rho Factory Satellite that had been improved upon, and was placed in Planet Eden's Lagrange IV."

Right: [F] Quadoran Rhea
A model of the Quadoran Rho with improved performance model. It is manufactured in a a Factory Satellite that has been improved upon, and is deployed to such organizations and the New Unified Forces and S.M.S..



Social Unrest After The Great War
The latter half of 2011, when such things as the Factory Satellite Capture Plan and the Mankind Seeding Plan were drafted, was also a time when the social unrest after the great war came to a head. A representative event was in August, 2011, when riots by malcontent Zentraadi broke out in many parts of the world.
Among the Zentraadi that surrendered to Earth after the First Interstellar War were those who couldn't become accustomed to cultural life and wanted to participate in war, and those who rioted. As there were a considerable number of Zentraadi who were giant size among those who rioted, the Unified Forces couldn't help but to suppress them with such things as VFs and Destroids - which advanced the destabilization of society.*
In this way, the riots that started with dissatisfied Zentraadi came to threaten the New Unified Government as "domestic trouble" that queued up with "external trouble", which were such things as Zentraadi Main Fleets and the Inspection Forces.

* Translator's note: originally was: "(...) which embodied the destabilization of society."

Caption: In contrast to the Zentraadi who caused such things as riots and pillaging incidents, the armed forces didn't refuse to suppress them with such things as VFs and Destroids.

Caption: The Zentraadi who harboured dissatisfaction were incited by Kamujin Kravshera and Rap Ramizu, and they attacked Macross city.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "The dissatisfied Zentraadi were incited (...)"

Related Matter: The Zentraadi That Were Admitted Into The Unified Forces
Many of the Zentraadi that surrendered to the Earth side assisted in the reconstruction of the Earth, by engaging in such things as construction work. On the other hand, there were more than a few Zentraadi who were admitted into the Unified Forces. The Zentraadi that participated in the Unified Forces were almost invariably giant sized, and they shouldered a part of the Unified Forces making good use of their former equipment, such as Zentraadi warships and Battle Pods. The participation of the giant Zentraadi in the armed forces continues even in the 2050's.

Caption: Buritai and the ordinary Zentraadi served in the armed forces in giant size, and in the beginning, Ekisedoru served in a My-clone size.

Caption: [F] Even after that, Zentraadi officers and men were seen in such places as the Macross 5 Fleet, S.M.S., and the 33rd Marine Force.

Chart Captions:
Noputi Baganisu 5631, Unified Forces Mixed Unit*, Zentraadi Warships, Factory Satellite, Rigaado
On chart: Earth

* Translator's note: originally was: "VF squadron" with 3 VF-1 (the revised edition has 2 VFs and 1 Rigaado)

The Joint Factory Satellite Capture Plan By Earth's Mankind And The Zentraadi
1 The Assignment Of The Factory Satellite Capture Plan

In October, 2011, the Unified Forces, which was compelled out of necessity to build up its armed forces, planned the capture of a detected Zentraadi automated spaceship manufacturing Factory Satellite. Buritai and a great number of veteran officers and men, who had experience in the First Interstellar War as military personnel formerly attached to the Macross, were invested into the top secret operation. The officers and men who linked up in space headed toward the Factory Satellite by Space Fold.

Caption: Even though the participating vessel was only the Noputi Baganisu class commanded by Buritai, the VF squadrons of Ichijo Hikaru and others were also invested in the operation as ship-borne aircraft.

2 The Discovery Of The Remains Of An Inspection Forces Battleship
While headed for the Factory Satellite, Buritai's warship found the wreckage of an Inspection Forces battleship. As it was thought that it was the second time that Earth's mankind had encountered the Inspection Forces (the first time was the fall of the ASS-1), Major Hayase Misa requested that it be investigated. However, as the capture of the Factory Satellite was given priority, and in consideration of the possibility that the wreckage was a trap, the investigation was put off.

Caption: The Inspection Forces battleship is presumed to be one that was just attacked and destroyed immediately after the First Interstellar War. The threat that surrounded the Earth was realized again.

3 The Battle At The Factory Satellite
Buritai's warship, which had Space Folded again, arrived at the Factory Satellite. Even though Buritai demanded that the Dagao commanded Factory Satellite Defence Fleet surrender when they arrived, Commander Dagao refused. Buritai received his refusal, and caused agitation in the enemy ranks with such things as songs, a kiss and an infant. As a result, the Factory Defence Fleet surrendered, after falling into a state of confusion which caused some of them to kill each other by mistake.

Caption: The defence fleet was in chaos due to Komiria, who was displayed by Max and Miria. The fleet then destroyed themselves with friendly fire.

4 Securing The Factory Satellite And The Space Fold
Buritai's warship, which accepted Commander Dagao's death in action and the capitulation of the defensive fleet, secured the Factory Satellite and Space Folded it to one of Earth's Lagrange points. However, it didn't seem to result in an immediate gain in combat capabilities, as the remaining facilities also broke-down within a short time, as the Factory Satellite had been damaged in the battles with the Inspection Forces that had extended over many years.

Caption: Even though the Factory Satellite had Space Folded to the Earth sector of space, its operating ratio was remarkably low, and it couldn't even satisfactorily produce Rigaado.


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