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History M 18A: The Macross City Battle
"History M 18A: The Macross City Battle." Macross Chronicle. 10 Jun. 2010: 19-20.
"History M 18A: The Macross City Battle." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 08 Jul. 2014: 15-16.

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Illustrated by Takuya Io

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The Macross City Battle
The Systematic Opposition Of The Malcontent Zentraadi

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Related Matter: Macross City After That
Macross City didn't only incur great damage in the Zentraadi attack led by Kamjin, it is also considered to have suffered a Zentraadi Malcontent attack again in Nov. 2030 (the Second Macross City Defensive Battle). Although Macross City suffered the "Sharon Apple Insident*" in 2040 and the threat of the Vajra that approached in 2059 even after that, the city continued to develop as a symbol of the Earth.

Caption: [Plus] The human beings in the whole area of Macross City were brain washed in the Sharon Apple Insident*, and it extended into a situation where even the Macross floated [in the sky].

* Translator's note: I know it's a spelling error. But due to the hosts TOS...

Caption: [F] In the insurrection by the Macross Galaxy Fleet, a swarm of the Vajra alien creature Defolded in the sky over the city.



The Organized Zentraadi

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Related Matter: The Earth And The Zentraadi
Although the Macross City Defensive Battle showed the danger of the Malcontent Zentraadi, as the relationship between Earthlings and the Zentraadi is excellent on the whole, interstellar weddings are also not unusual (both races also board the Emigrant Fleets). As a result, inter-species children have been born in great numbers, like Komiria Maria Fariina Jiinasu and Mylene Flare Jiinasu -who are Maximilian Jiinasu and Miria Fariina's children-, and the fusion of Earthlings and Zentraadi has deepened.

Left: [F] Michael Blanc
Zentraadi and Zolan blood is also drawn in the inhabitants of the Macross Frontier Fleet at the time of 2059, and they are the people who embody the progress of the Mankind Sowing Project.

Caption: [7Gin] The children of Max and Mira are especially famous, and are active in every field.

The Background Of The Surprise Attack On Macross City

The Surprise Attack On Macross City
Chart Captions:
SDF-1 Macross, Zentraadi Medium Gunship, Macross City

The Progression Of The Macross City Defensive Battle
1 Kamjin Makes The Ship Sortie


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2 The Notification Of The Mankind Sowing Project
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3 Kamjin's Ship Makes A Surprise Attack On Macross City

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4 The End Of The Defensive Battle

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