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History: TF 01A: The First Vajra Engagement
"History TF 01A: The First Vajra Vajra Engagement." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 18 Jun. 2013: 15-16

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Illustration by: Kyata

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The First Vajra Engagement:
The meeting and the fight with the existence that was once revered by the Protoculture


Related Matter: The New Unified Forces And S.M.S.
The low degree of training of the New Unified Forces was exposed in the fight with the Vajra; it was because of policies that didn't want to expose the New Unified Forces valuable human life to danger, and a reliance on unmanned fighter aircraft for combat. Although the Private Military Organization S.M.S. was originally an organization that provided "support" to the New Unified Forces, as their equipment and degree of training exceeded that of the New Unified Forces, they were invested into special situations that the New Unified Forces couldn't cope with.

Caption: A pilot who boards the VF-171. As they had only a little bit of actual combat experience, there were pilots who appeared to be frightened in front of the Vajra.

Caption: S.M.S. had the latest equipment, such as the VF-25. S.M.S. itself appears to have been originally formed assuming an anti-Vajra fight.



S.M.S. Bravely Fought To Protect Island 1

Vajra Invasion Diagram
Captions: Vajra, Macross Frontier Fleet

Table Of Contents:
Island 1
New Unified Forces Interception Force
S.M.S. Skull Squadron
Escort Vessels
Orange Arrow: Interception
Red Arrow: Vajra Invasion

The Vajra And The Invasion Of Island 1

1 The Ambush Attack Of the Unified Forces

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2 S.M.S. Mobilization

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3 The Penetration Of Island 1

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Related Matter: The Vajra And Mankind
In 2048, the 117th Large-Scale Research Fleet was destroyed by a Vajra attack, in the Gaul 4 sector of space. This was mankind's first encounter with the Vajra. Although it could be said that the Vajra were dangerous, the Fold Quartz that was created within their bodies was useful as a resource.

Right: Large Vajra
They individually linked using Fold Waves, and were also able to interfere with the control of such things as missiles and unmanned aircraft.

The Doubts That Hang On The "Galactic Fairy"

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