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History Zero 02A: The Struggle For The Birdman
"History Zero 02A: The Struggle For The Birdman." Macross Chronicle. 30 Oct. 2008: 23-24.
"History Zero 02A: The Struggle For The Birdman." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 14 May. 2013: 15-16.

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Illustrated by Kaito Oomoto

Caption: Mayan Island was dragged into the dispute concerning the Eiphos, and was reduced to a battlefield. The villagers who were swallowed up in the battle between the garrisoned Unified Forces units and the landing Anti Unification Alliance units were mercilessly trampled on...

The Struggle For the Birdman: The Dispute That Was Historically Sealed

Related Matter: The History That Was Altered
One could go so far as to say that Lynn Minmei may not have existed. For instance, even if more than 50 years pass from the era that she lived, Minmei is regarded by the young people of that era as an already legendary person. It's easy to fabricate "the fact that Minmei existed in the past" with today's technology.
There are cases where the chronological order might be looked at again with the discovery of historical facts. For instance, there are various theories on the year and month of the conclusion of the Unification War. Although January 2007 served as that date at first, after the ban was lifted on the Birdman Incident, the date became December 2008. Though it's uncertain whether the change is due to the information confusion because of the First Interstellar War or that the Unified Forces falsified it for some kind of goal, research will continue in the future, and there's no doubt that "new facts" will eternally continue to materialize.

Caption: The Birdman Incident is treated as a military secret for a long time, and such things as the existence of the Variable Fighters that were loaded with conventional engines was also concealed.



The Record Of The Birdman Incident

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The OTM Armaments That Were Sent Into The Incident

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Left: VF-0

Down: SV-51

The Transition Of The Birdman Incident

Timeline: 2008
- The Anti Unification Alliance makes a surprise attack on the Unified Forces carrier Asuka. The Variable Fighter units of both camps clash in the skies over Mayan Island.
- The Unified Forces carrier Asuka pulls up the body of the Eiphos from the coastal waters of Mayan Island.
- The Anti Unification Alliance attacks the carrier Asuka in order to steal the body of the Eiphos.
- The Anti Unification Alliance discovers the head of the Eiphos in the coastal waters off Mayan Island.
- The Variable Fighters of the Unified Forces seize the head of the Eiphos and withdrawal from Mayan Island.
- The Anti Unification Alliance use fuel-air bombs for the invasion of the jungle area of Mayan Island. They seize the head of the Eiphos.
- Both camps' pieces of the Eiphos combine together, forming the "Birdman", and it starts attacking both camps.
- The Unified Forces use reaction weapons on the Birdman in Operation Iconoclasm.
- The Birdman folds somewhere.

The Skirmishes Between Variable Fighter Squadrons In The Skies Of Mayan Island

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Related Matter: Mayan Island And The "Birdman" Legend
Mayan is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Although there is a power generator and satellite antennae in the village, the islanders, who live by holding onto the benefits of nature, manage a livelihood that is greatly separated from that of scientific civilization. Also, legends that concern the Birdman are handed down in the village, and for generations, the family of the shrine maiden, who guides the wind, has led the islanders. In addition, in the Unification War era, as most of men have left to work away from home or were recruited into the war as soldiers, only elderly people and women and children appear to stand out on the island. History was moved by the Unified Forces pilot who was washed ashore onto this island

Caption: An island in the South where time passes calmly. The village is on the beach that is overlooked by the sacred mountain Rohikanu.


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