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Mechanic: 7 Citizen 01A: City 7 Aircraft And Vehicles
"Mechanic: 7 UN 13A: Macross 7 Fleet Vehicles." Macross Chronicle. 13 May. 2010: 07-08.
"Mechanic: 7 Citizen 01A: City 7 Aircraft And Vehicles." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 29 Jul. 2014: 11-12.

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City 7 Aircraft And Vehicles*
The Equipment Of The City-Spaceship That Protects The Citizens' Peace

* Translator's note: originally was: "Macross 7 Fleet Vehicles"

Right: City Police Machine
The tilt-rotor aircraft that's operated by the City Police -the police organization in City 7- has a mechanism to transform from Flight Mode to Patroid Mode. Pictured is the one for ground use; City Police Machines for space, which have exchanged the rotors, also exists.

Aircraft Explanation
A police organization to defend peace, called the City Police, was placed in the Macross 7 Fleet; and they undertook their professional duties by operating exclusive equipment. One of them is the small, variable City Police Machine, a multipurpose aircraft that features all-purposefulness due to it being able to transform. The Emigrant Fleet had been made gigantic, and at the time when disposal sale Variable Fighters (VFs) and Destroids had also become widespread among the general citizens, such advanced equipment was also necessary for the police organization.

Caption: In coordination with such things as the patrol cars and the Variable Armoured Vehicles, the City Police Machine shouldered the prevention of crime and maintenance of public order in the fleet, which centred on City 7.

Caption: The City Police Machine, which was endowed with a transformation mechanism, occasionally fought against enemy VFs, as it was also able to operate optional firearms in its hands.



Operation Record
The duties of the City Police are identical to a typical police organization, such as crime prevention and criminal investigation; and the City Police Machine was applied to patrols both inside and outside of City 7 during peace time. However, during serious violent activities, the City Police Machine might be equipped with the firearms that it supports, and it was operated to intercept the Varohta Forces when they infiltrated City 7; which started with the Vampire Incidents. Also, there was a case where the pilots of the patrol craft fell victim to the Protodevilun Sybil, as they were the first people that she came into contact with when she raided City 7.

Caption: Even though they were occasionally operated in order to deal with the Varohta Forces that were active within City 7, the performance gap with the warplanes was hard to fill, and the City Police Machines suffered great losses.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "(...) City 7, the performance gap with the VFs was hard to fill, and the City (...)".

Left/Down: Cockpit

Up/Right: Handle

Left/Up: The aircraft's nose is a spherical cockpit, and their are two crew. The seats and console are fixed in a state where they float on arms.

City Police Machine
It is a tilt-rotor aircraft that has two duct fans (the aircraft performs vertical takeoffs and landings by tilting the rotors). It is able to convert by transforming only the arms in VTOL and High-speed Flight Modes, and is able to operate carried firearms.

Down: High-speed Flight Mode

Up: The form where the arms are stowed away and the City Police Machine can fly at high speed. It is equipped with a revolving flashing light and searchlights in the lower part of the nose.

Down: Normal Flight Mode

Up/Down: The City Police Machine is equipped with patrol car lights on the top of the fuselage. In addition, the posture control verniers that are located in the tail of the airframe can fire in every direction.

Left/Down: Three-wheeled Patroid Mode

Right: The waist block turns 90 degrees down, the forelegs unfold, and it changes into a three-wheeled state. The braces of the duct fans fold up.

Unified Forces Armoured Vehicle / Armoured Fighting Vehicle
One of the armoured vehicles that was used by the Unified Forces is a High-speed Six-wheeled Car, which has a radar dome installed on the top of the car body. Another one is the tracked Armoured Fighting Vehicle. The former was used when the [bridge officers] withdrew from the Battle 7 in the final battle with the Protodevilun.

Down: Armoured Vehicle

Up/Down: As a large-sized vehicle, whose front wheel diameter reaches approximately the same size as a man, the Armoured Vehicle is furnished with hatches on the sides and rear of the vehicle's body. However, armaments haven't been added to the vehicle.

Left: The radar dome on the top of the car is a huge one, with a diameter that exceeds the width of the car, and it is attached to the car through a base.

Up: radar base

Down: Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Up: The Armoured Vehicle, which is furnished with a 4-barrel gun turret and dozer blade, has a pair of tracks. It is considered to be an infantry fighting vehicle.

Patrol Car
The patrol car used by the City Police. It was active in maintaining public order in various incidents, such as the Vampire Incidents and the terrorist hijacking of the City Office.

Up/Right: The 4-wheeled car has a straight-lined shape. It is furnished with patrol car lights on the top part, and the letters "POLICE" are written on the sides of the vehicle.

Caption: A group of Patrol Cars running at full speed within City 7. Even though the Patrol Car was powerless in the attacks by the Varohta Forces and the Protodevilun, they supported the straightforward actions of the City Police.


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