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Mechanic: 7 Citizen 02A: Macross 7 Fleet Aircraft
"Mechanic: 7 UN 12B: Macross 7 Fleet Aircraft." Macross Chronicle. 06 Aug. 2009: 07-08.
"Mechanic: 7 Citizen 02A: Macross 7 Fleet Aircraft." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 18 Feb. 2014: 07-08.

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Macross 7 Fleet Aircraft*
The diverse group of aircraft that was operated by the Macross 7 Fleet.

* Translator's note: "Macross 7 Transports" is written in English on the sheet.

Caption: A large-output Transport Helicopter that has four tilting ducted fans. The cockpit is shared with the City Police Machine.

Down: Transport Helicopter

Aircraft Explanation
In 2038 AD, the Macross 7 Fleet left the Earth and voyaged in the Galaxy. More than one million people live in the approximate one thousand vessels that compose the fleet, including military personnel and civilians. Even though the "Milky Road" highway is maintained in space for ship to ship movement, various aircraft were developed and operated for such things as within-ship flight and operation on planets. Among those, several helicopters that used tilting ducted fans were produced, and in addition to the movement of materials and personnel, it is confirmed that these aircraft specialized in such things as the transport of giant-sized Zentraadi and journalism.

Left: News Helicopter:

Caption: A helicopter for covering events that is equipped with antennas and cameras. It is owned by the TV station based within City 7.



Transportation Helicopter
The helicopter, which is used for the transportation of materials within an atmosphere, features four large tilting ducted fans. As those ducted fans are movable, they enable high-speed flight by tilting the ducted fans in the direction of movement. The main body is a simple structure, with only a cockpit and the frame. When materials are transported, each container is installed on the underside of the aircraft. When Exsedor was transported, a special unit was installed on the helicopter with a monitor and chords to suspend his head and body.

Caption: Exsedor thought that the mysterious ruins, which appeared along with the waking of Sybil, concerned the "Protoculture". He used the Transport Helicopter so that he could personally examine those ruins.

Down: The high-speed flight mode tilts the tilting ducted fans 90 degrees. It is an arrangement that improves the flight speed, as all of the generated thrust is transmitted in the direction of travel.

When Equipped with the Exsedor Transportation Unit
Down/Right: The appearance of the transport helicopter when equipped with the Exsedor Transportation Unit. The unit is equipped with a lot of wires that are installed onto Exsedor's shoulders and head.

Left: An illustration overlooking the upper part of the helicopter. One can grasp that the Exsedor Transportation Unit is installed jointly with the center of the helicopter's body.

Left/Right: A close-up illustration of the wires and Exsedor. The wires have excellent durability so that they can suspend Exsedor under the helicopter.

News Helicopter
Thrust is created by two tilting ducted fans on the helicopter that's owned by the TV station. It features a lot of information and data collection instruments, and has several mobile cameras and microphones installed on the underside of the cockpit and bottom of the aircraft, and radio transmission and reception antenna on the top of the aircraft. With such systems, news can be promptly transmitted to TV stations that quickly gather the news, and the helicopter was heavily used when serious incidents occurred.

Left: An illustration looking over the rear of the aircraft. It possesses excellent turning abilities due to the ducted fan structure of the tail.

Caption: It was used to cover Fire Bomber's surprise concert, and their live performance was carried "live" in the TV program "Coffee Break".

Related Matter: The Aircraft And Spacecraft that the TV Station Utilized
In addition to the news helicopter, the TV Station in the Macross 7 Fleet had diverse aircraft and spacecraft to enable it to offer news, entertainment and so on. The TV blimp is a type with two large displays installed on it, and it seems to have been used to widely convey important news as well as being used for advertising. Also, with the retention of such vehicles as the Studio Ship, which is an editing studio inside of a small spaceship for filming in space, the TV Station could cope with coverage and filming in extensive circumstances.

Caption: Several Studio Ships and a lot of cameras were used for the filming of the "Minmei Attack", which became the climax of the TV movie "the Lynn Minmei Story".

Down: Studio Ship
The cockpit is installed in the end of the long and slender projecting bow of the ship. There is studio equipment in the main hull, and staff, such as the director, attentively watch the filming.

Down: TV Blimp
Displays are installed on both the left and right sides of the blimp. One can see the letters "M.B.S. T.V." painted on the sides.

Right: On the front of the aircraft, a "face" was painted to attract the attention of passersby walking on the ground.


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