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Mechanic: 7 Citizen 03A: City 7 Civilian Vehicles
"Mechanic: 7 Citizen 01B: City 7 Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle. 06 Aug. 2009: 05-06.
"Mechanic: 7 Citizen 03A: City 7 Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 02 May. 2014: 07-08.

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City 7 Civilian Vehicles
The Vehicles For Use Both Inside And Outside The Fleet, Which Are Used In The Macross 7 Fleet.

Main User:
Rei Lovelock

Right: Truck
A tractor-trailer type shuttle whose rear is a large cargo space. The cargo space has enough room for a VF in Battroid form to be able to be loaded into it.

Down: Tractor-Trailer type Shuttle
A tractor-trailer type shuttle whose rear is a large cargo space. The cargo space has enough room for a VF in battroid form to be able to be loaded into it.

Up: Large Tractor-Trailer
As a civilian truck, the tractor-trailer is set in the largest class of vehicles. Even more than the size of the tractor, it features a gigantic trailer.

Vehicle Explanation
In the Macross 7 Fleet, the vehicles that were furnished with the functions of space boats, in order to come and go between each ship within the fleet, were the main means of transport. Their variety was truly diverse, and they had various uses that corresponded to their purpose, from large vehicles to small two-wheeled ones. The civilian trucks and space motorcycles that are explained here are also a part of those vehicles. It's possible to say that those that come and go on the "Milky Road" space highway in these vehicles indicate the vigorous city activity within the fleet.

Caption: The vehicles were used as a means of seamless transportation within the fleet. The trucks especially shouldered the distribution of goods, and contributed to the maintenance of the Emigrant Fleet.

Caption: The space motorcycle was extensively used from hobbies to one's livelihood. There were also those who drove dangerously among the bikers.

Up: Space Motorcycle A sports type (European type) space motorcycle. Furnished with verniers in the rear, it exhibits excellent controllability, running both in space and on a road surface.

Main User:



Operation Record
The vehicles used both inside and outside of the ships bore the burden of the Macross 7 Fleet's transportation, along with such vehicles as space ships. Shops where one can rent a vehicle according to one's intended use also exist, and Fire Bomber's Rei Lovelock borrowed a Tractor-Trailer type Shuttle in order to move the band, along with Basara Nekki's VF-19 Kai, within the Fleet. On the other hand, space motorcycles were the favourite vehicle of female biker group "Team Rex", who had a friendship with Basara Nekki. It's confirmed that the type of space motorcycle varied according to the group member.

Caption: Fire Bomber used a Tractor-Trailer type Shuttle when they headed toward such things as a concert in Three Stars, and the filming of "the Lynn Minmei Story".

Tractor-Trailer Type Shuttle
A vehicle used both inside and outside of the ships, which combines a windowless, airtight towing vehicle, and trailer. Even though Fire Bomber transported Basara's VF-19 Kai with this shuttle, an Fz-109 Elgazorn's thrust penetrated into the rented vehicle, and seriously damaged it at the Three Star concert.

Down: Pictured when the tires are deployed for running within the ships. When in outer space, the tires are stowed inside the vehicle.

The Cargo Area
The shuttle has a cargo area with a large load space, and there is a double hatch in the top. Set in the center of the lower part of the side is a hatch and arm for putting the space motorcycle, which the shuttle is equipped with, outside the vehicle.

Down: When the hatch is open.

Inside the Cargo Area
Left: Console panel

Right: Elevator

Up: The interior of the cargo area is furnished with movable panels that support a Battroid mode VF. Also, there is a console for the motorcycle elevator and other operations in the side.

The cabin is laid out with the control and passenger seats in the front. In the rear are such things as seats, a table and a monitor. The cabin can accommodate about 5~6 people.

Up: Console

Large Tractor-Trailer/Truck
A large tractor-trailer that's used between such places as the Three Stars and City 7. The truck was used by staff to transport the materials for Fire Bomber's live concert. Even though only one freight vehicle was taken by the staff, it's still understood that a great variety of these vehicles existed.

Right: Large tractor-trailer

Left/down: It's a huge vehicle whose bumper height is almost the same as a man's height. The size of the cargo area is also extraordinary.

Left: Truck

Left/Up: The large tractor-trailer is equipped with movable nozzle and wheel posture control rockets in the rear, and it has landing nozzles in the underside.

Space Motorcycle
Team Rex's motorcycles are European types (the style where one rides with a forward-bent posture), which stresses handling. The general-use motorcycle that was loaded aboard the Tractor-Trailer Type Shuttle is a Scooter type of motorcycle.

Down: Rex's motorcycle

Left/down: The figure below is the handlebar of Rex's motorcycle. The figure on the right is a close-up of the area of the verniers.

Down: Mi-ke's / Koretto's motorcycle

Down: Ba-man's / Ti-mu's motorcycle

Up: Space-use verniers

Up/right: ordinary motorcycle


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