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Mechanic: 7 Citizen 03B: City 7 Civilian Vehicles
"Mechanic: 7 Citizen 01A: City 7 Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle. 17 Sep. 2009: 07-08.
"Mechanic: 7 Citizen 03B: City 7 Civilian Vehicles." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 22 Jul. 2014: 07-08.

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City 7 Civilian Vehicles
The Milky Road compatible vehicles can run in outer space.

Down (yellow): Akiko's sports car
Caption: The sports car owned by Fire Bomber's producer, Akiko.

Down (red): Mylene's convertible
Caption: The sports car that Mylene owned features a body that's tinged with roundness.

Up (blue): Gamlin's sports car
Caption: The roofed sports car that Gamlin owned features a large rear wing.

Body Explanation
The 37th Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet Macross 7 (Macross 7 Fleet), which is composed of several large military vessels, uses passenger vehicles for the movement of people.* The standard passenger vehicles -which are used in this era- handle the space highway "Milky Road". They not only move within ships, but are also used to move between ships. The majority of the passenger vehicles that are owned by civilians are models that can handle the Milky Road, and their user-friendliness is extremely high.*

Translator's note: originally was: "(...) uses passenger vehicles for the movement of personnel."

Caption: The models of vehicles that are able to handle the Milky Road can be called new automobiles that have evolved to match the era.

Caption: A licence is needed to drive cars in the fleet. However, Mylene acquired her licence when she was 10 years old.

Main Users
Mylene Jiinasu, Gamlin Kizaki, Akiko Hojo



Operation Record
Within the Macross 7 Fleet, a lot of vehicles were used for commerce, private and military business. The civilian ones, such as the sports cars and wagon types, had various designs and functions, and weren't just simple transportation - they appear to have come into existence as one culture.

* Translator's note: originally was: "(...) vehicles were being used for commerce, (...) "

Caption: The vehicles take a form where a normal engine is used within ships, and rocket engines are used in outer space. In addition, one of the features of the vehicles is the VTOL thruster nozzles that are installed in the underside.

Mylene's Convertible
It's a Fellini-made convertible that was given as a present to Maximilian's daughter, Mylene, on her birthday. It's a small, light lightweight sports car.

Left: the front

Up/right: Verniers for use in outer space are installed in various places in the body. In addition, the seats are covered by a canopy for such things as rainy weather or outer space.

Down: the rear

Caption: Mylene loved the car, as her hobby was driving. One can confirm its appearance running around City 7.

Gamlin's Sports Car
The sports car that Gamlin Kizaki loves uses a gull-wing form.* A rear-view monitor is installed within the vehicle.

* Translator's note: originally was "(...) Kizaki loved uses (...)".

Caption: The car was used as Gamlin's private legs. Gamlin used it during his date with Mylene.

Down: the underside
The circular form parts that are installed in the underside are flight thrusters.

Internal Structure
Monitors are installed in such places as the ceiling, rear-view mirror and dashboard. The vehicle is loaded with systems that can instantaneously confirm the situation behind and around the vehicle.

Down: ceiling

Left: steering wheel

Right: door

Left: car interior

Akiko's Sports Car
The sports car that Akiko Hojo owns was used for both work and personal use.* It is a small type of car that does tight turns well.

* Translator's note: originally was: "(...) owns was being used for (...) "

right: rear

Up: underside

Caption: The car was operated as transportation for the popular producer.

Sports Car
A sports car that four to five people can ride in. It has a specification where it is equipped with a monitor and an in-vehicle telephone.

Left: Car interior
With passenger vehicles from this era, the left-hand drive is mainstream, and this vehicle has also been set up with the driver's seat on the left side.

There are types that six to seven people can ride in, and they are also suitable for transporting baggage. Various types of these vans were operated in the Macross 7 Fleet.

Caption: The van that Ray Lovelock owned was also Fire Bomber's transportation.

Left: Van A

Down: Van A interior

Left: Van B

Right: Van B interior

Left: Van C interior

Up: Van C

Related Matter: The Van That Was furnished With A Spiritia Absorption Device
A remodelled van that was used so that the Protodevilun could snatch mankind's Spiritia. It is equipped with a dedicated Spiritia Absorption Device.

Caption*: The van is arranged so that the spiritia absorption device crops up from the roof and aimed at the spiritia of Mylene et al.

* Translator's note: originally was: "Up/Right".

Down: the absorption device


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