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Mechanic: 7 UN 03B VF-11MAXL Kai
"Mechanic: 7 UN 03B VF-11MAXL Kai." Macross Chronicle. 11 Jun. 2009: 05-06.
"Mechanic: 7 UN 03B VF-11MAXL Kai." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 03 Jun. 2014: 01-04.

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Translator's note: the original page was only 2 pages. The following indicates new content not on the original sheet with [o].

Illustrated by Hidetaka Tenjin

The Sound Energy Development System that makes Mylene's singing voice roar in space-time.

Caption: (...)

[o] Aircraft Explanation

[o] Main Pilot:
Mylene Flare Jiinasu

[o] Caption: (...)

[o] Data (Sound Booster):
Attached t: Earth Unified Forces
Length: 10.2 m
Width: 10.18 m
Empty Weight: 6,250 kg
Standard Operating Mass: 8,150 kg
Engine: 2x Shinsei / P&W / Royce FF-2550J*, 1x Macross 7 Technology Group Trial Made Ramjet Booster attached to the FF-2550J (used when in atmosphere as well as when scrambling)
Auxiliary Engine: P&W HMM-7 High-high Manoeuvrability Vernier Thrusters
Thrust: 1x 61,500 kg (the FF-2550J's maximum instantaneous thrust in outer space), 1x 29,700 kg (the fuel for the Ramjet Booster is consumed in about 2 minutes 30 seconds at maximum thrust)
Airframe Design Strength: +45.0 G, -35.0 G
Emergency Speed: Mach 7.9+ (at 10,000 m altitude in a standard atmosphere) (maximum emergency speed jointly using the Ram Jet)
Maximum Speed: Mach 4.5+ (at 10,000 m altitude in a standard atmosphere) (fueled jet only)
Maximum High-Altitude Speed: Mach 29.5
Takeoff And Landing Distance: 0 m (VTOL capable)
Combat Ceiling: unlimited (if its an Earth-class planet, the booster is able to rendezvous with Mylene's aircraft in satellite orbit)
Sea Level Rate Of Climb: 79,500 m/min
Combat Radius: almost unlimited (in atmosphere)
Crew: unmanned/control by remote control (AI self-controlled in emergencies)
Equipment: no fixed armaments, totally automatic Docking System, space-time resonance type Sound Energy Oscillation System, 1x large output Sound Energy Conversion Amplification System

* Translator's note: the "2x FF-2550J" is most likely a typo that should be '1x FF-2550J' (as per the 'Thrust:' content).

[o] Size Comparison:
VF-1J, Sound Booster, VF-19 Kai


Reverse Left [Pg 03]

When Equipped With The Sound Booster Set
(...) changed

Up: Sound Booster

Up: Docking System

Sound Booster System Open Mode

Sound Booster System Close Mode

[o] Related Matter: The VF-11MAXL Kai Transformation System
Even though the transformation mechanism of the VF-11MAXL Kai emulates that of the VF-11 - the aircraft it's patterned on-, as the main wings have been changed into wide delta wings, they move greatly when transforming to Battroid, and add to the area that composes the back unit. Also, although the head is exposed and rotates 180 when the VF-11 transforms to Battroid, the head doesn't go that distance in the VF-11MAXL; instead, after the head is exposed, the face guards unfold.

1. the nose and what's behind it unfold, and compose the chest and loins.
2. the arms expand, and the head is exposed.
3. the face guards unfold.
4. the main wings fold up, and the transformation is complete.

Translator's note: on original, but not on the revised page:
Down/Right: The booster adopts a flat composition to unite with the back shape of the VF-11MAXL Kai. It has a 10.2 m length, a 10.18 m width, and weight of 6,250 kg. Even though it is smaller than the other Sound Boosters, its engine is one appropriated from the mass production model of the VF-19 itself, and the booster surpasses the other two boosters in the maximum speed and manoeuvrability aspects.


Reverse Right [Pg 04]

New Cockpit
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Caption: (...) changed?

Left: Energy Conversion Backpack

Down: Cockpit (when in Fighter/GERWALK)

Down: (...)

Up: (...)

Left: (...)

Down: Cockpit (when in Battroid)
(...) changed?

Fold Booster
(...) changed?

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Caption: [7Gin] (...)

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Left/Right: (...)


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