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Mechanic: 7 UN 11A: Escort Ships Of The Macross 7 Fleet
"7 UN 10A: Macross 7 Fleet." Macross Chronicle. 05 Mar. 2009: 05-06.
"7 UN 11A: Macross 7 Fleet." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed.. 17 Sept. 2013: 07-08.

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Escort Ships Of The Macross 7 Fleet
The battleship group of the fleet escort force, which protects the Emigrant Fleet.

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Warship Explanation:
The fighting power to only be able to deal with unexpected situations was demanded in the Super Long Range Emigrant Fleets that began pushing out into the galaxy, as the galaxy is unknown. Furthermore, various military vessels were included in the fleets, as in the case of the large-scale Emigrant Fleets that have several non-combat warships, and the escort fighting capabilities that were considered essential, inevitably also grew. In the 2040's, military vessels such as the Escort Battle Carrier, the Stealth Carrier, and the Stealth Frigate, whose duties are primarily as escorts, form the Emigrant Fleets, including the Macross 7 fleet. Each military vessel is one that was sooner or later developed from the Unified Forces ships at the time of the First Interstellar War, are able to independently fold navigate, and their stealthiness and ship-borne craft operational capabilities have also been enhanced. The Emigrant fleets were defended by an escort fleet formed from these ships.

Caption: In the Macross 7 fleet that encountered the Varohta Forces in 2045, intense combat developed on countless occasions, and the escort fleet was forced into frantic defensive battles. However, the result was a good deal of damage to the escort fleet.

Caption: The combat warships don't only serve as Emigrant Fleet escorts, they also occasionally operated as the combat capabilities of investigation fleets that went ahead into space regions that haven't been investigated. The special investigation force that was sent to the Varohta star system's 4th planet is one such fleet.

Confirmed Main Warship Names:
Escort Battle Carrier: Uraga, Brampton
Stealth Carrier: Maizuru, Guantanamo, Momoi
Stealth Frigate: Bolognese, Stargazer

Size Comparison:
Escort Battle Carrier CV-404 Uraga
Stealth Carrier ARMD-362 Maizuru
Stealth Frigate

Related Matter: Operation In The Gigantic 5th Generation Emigrant Fleet
The military vessels called the Uraga and Maizuru classes, which survived combat in the Macross 7 fleet, were also deployed in the Frontier Fleet that voyaged at the end of the 2050's. The operation method where they form the defensive line centring on the residential ships also hasn't greatly changed.

Up:[F] Uraga class two-level style water and space dual use carrier.



Uraga Class Escort Battle Carrier
The Uraga Class is a stealth battle carrier, which features a two-level style deck that is endowed with the ability to operate 65-75 ship-borne craft. Also, it boasts the combat abilities of the Cruiser Class, and is endowed with the facilities to serve as the flagship of a small-scale fleet. As it is a class of newly produced warships, its mass-production cost is also high, and there are Uraga Class ships that are operated as defensive stations connected to the core ships of the Macross 7 fleet. The same type of warship in the Macross 7 fleet includes the likes of the resort ship Riviera's CV-404 "Uraga", and the amusement ship Hollywood's CV-406 "Brampton".

Total Length: about 550 m
Operational Weight: 25,500 t
Maximum instantaneous combat acceleration: 1.75+ G
Engine: General Galaxy Impulse Drive Engine
Fold Engine: Otec / Shinnakasu Fold System (auxiliary gravity field control system)
Standard Armament: Bifors Anti-Ship Anti-Air Beam Gun, Bifors CIWS Laser Phalanxes, Bifors Anti-Air High-Manoeuvrability Missile Systems, many others.

Caption: The shape of the ship somewhat resembles that of the New Macross Class Battle 7. Arranged in the ship's stern are such things as the main nozzle, hanger-style gate, and the docking system.

Caption: The Uraga Class is endowed with an integrated performance that is balanced with a high carrier-based aircraft operational capability. The Uraga Class played an active role as a vital point of an Emigration Fleet's escort vessels, where it also easily handled patrol missions.

Guantanamo Class Stealth Carrier
Of course it is named the Advanced ARMD, because its a stealth warship that developed upon the design of the ARMD Class Space Carrier. Just like the ARMD class, it has excellent productivity because of its characteristic simple construction, which has propulsion engines and combat equipment added to a fighter dock. In addition, because 40-50 ship-borne aircraft could be loaded onto it, it was operated as the mainline carrier in the Macross 7 Fleet. In addition, the Guantanamo class was also likely to serve as the defence station of the core ships in the fleet, the same as the Uraga class. The CV-299 "Guantanamo" was docked with the agricultural ship Sunny-flower.

Total Length: about 400 m
Operational Weight: 9,500 t
Maximum Instantaneous Combat Acceleration: 1.45+ G
Engine: General Galaxy Impulse Drive Engine
Fold Engine: OTEC / Shinnakasu Fold System (auxiliary gravity field control system)
Standard Armament: Bifors CIWS Laser Phalanx, Bifors Anti-Air High-Manoeuvrability Missile System.

Caption: ARMD-362 Maizuru

Caption: Though the ARMD-375 "Momoi" of this class was sent as rescue when the location of City 7, which had gone astray from the fleet, was confirmed, it was half damaged in battle with Sybil.

Caption: The Guantanamo Class features a diamond-shaped hull structure with four decks. Moreover, the warship's bow and the lower side of the main nozzle in the warship's stern are large docks. The Guantanamo also has an excellent carrier based aircraft deployment ability.

Northampton Class Stealth Frigate
The Northampton has excellent mobility and stealth performance in a frigate that shoulders the main force of the Emigration Fleet's escort fleet. The number of frigates deployed is extremely large. Remodelled frigates also exist, such as fighting strength enhanced, reconnaissance, and early warning types. In Emigration Fleets, the frigate is operated as the fighting strength of the first defensive line on the outer edge of the fleet. There are many case where the two above-mentioned kinds of carrier groups shoulder the second defensive line inside the first. In addition, it is likely to be operated in detached fleets, such as a small "pilot fish" fleet that precedes on and observes the course of the emigrant fleet or fleets that search for planets for securing resources.

Total Length: about 250 m
Operational Weight: 1,200 t
Maximum instantaneous combat acceleration: 1.95+ G
Engine: General Galaxy Impulse Drive Engine
Fold Engine: Otec / Shinnakasu Fold System (auxiliary gravity field control system)
Standard Armament: Bifors Anti-Air Anti-Ship Beam Guns, Rammington Anti-Air Laser Guns, Bifors Anti-Ship Missile Systems, others.

Caption: The vanguard fleet "Bolognese" and the "Stargazer", which executed the operation to rush into the Varohta's 4th planet, are known as this class.

Caption: An improvement in its stealthiness is aimed at with the warship's diamond structure and straight line form. The upper part of the centre of the warship is the bridge, and the openings right under it are nozzles.


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